Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Attendance to True Family

Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak
August 8, 1993 Kodiak, Alaska

Members and leaders know about following and attending Father, but not many know about Mother. Think about the difficulty of Mother's life, even externally. She has to adapt to Father's schedule. Father sleeps less than three hours per night, so what should Mother do? They have almost no time for private or family life. Father is always spending time with the members. Even early morning, Father's time is completely devoted to the public mission. There is limited time even for Mother to receive Father's guidance.

Furthermore, when is Mother's private time? Her schedule is so busy, since she always adapts to Father's schedule. Mother is responsible for setting a clear standard, order and tradition at East Garden among all her children and grandchildren. Mother's pace of walking is very fast for a woman. She has been trained by Father to follow his pace. She has an amazing leadership capability, and the content of her sacrifice is so great.

When Father is actively speaking, it is very difficult for Mother to sit and listen, calmly and quietly, with everyone watching her face. Even so, she does it for hours at a time. Members of the Unification Church have been revived on Mother's tour, not just from her speeches but from her internal guidance in meetings afterwards. From now on, we will learn more and more things directly from Mother. Especially now, during this Completed Testament Age, we have to attend Mother as she stands more on the front line. The internal heart is most important. Without internal respect there is no true attendance.

We should always attend True Parents with two hands. The proper posture is to extend the right hand, palm up, and the left hand, palm up beneath the right hand and supporting it.

To live closely with True Parents is not always joyful. Our standard, even after the blessing is not as high as that of True Parents. How distant we are from True Parents' original ideal! We have unworthy feelings. However to focus on our unworthiness makes it difficult for us to attend them. Good attendance is being an object to God. How do we make ourselves God's objects? How do we deny ourselves to become zero? By joining the absolute heart territory. I am often prodded by True Parents. I try to keep my heart free of complaint, and although I don't succeed one hundred percent of the time, I try to keep my mind calm and peaceful.

I consider myself like a slave whose owner paid too much for him. I belong to True Parents. Father paid so much to liberate us. Only as an absolute object can we survive.

Please manage your life simply. To have many concerns about material things, family and children complicates our life of faith. Keep your life simple. Become an absolute object to True Parents. Reach the zero point quietly. Heavenly Father always watches our heart and checks our internal attitude to see if we are truly God's eternal, unchanging objects.

Attendance to True Children

We should at least know the True Children's names, but we tend to use the general terminology "True Children." They are different ages, but age doesn't matter. They are all our elders, and therefore, we use "nim" at the end of their names. Westerners value individuality and freedom and, therefore, are more horizontal in their relationships. For people of all ages English-speakers use the same word: "you."

You need a more vertical attitude in order to understand True Children. They were born into True Parents' direct lineage. Because of this, they suffered a lot. True Children have the right to the Kingdom of Heaven, but they live in the fallen world. How their pure hearts struggle with the evil in the world! They don't even know why they get angry at unrighteousness. Their understanding of True Parents is so deep. They know them automatically. In our case it is the opposite: we receive so many things from True Parents, but they still have to work so hard to gain our acceptance of them.

True Children experience a very difficult childhood until they are able to understand Father's worldwide mission. True Parents never spent time with them, but rather spent time with members. Until 1988, True Children had to eat dinner at a small table in the kitchen.

Their pure hearts are far greater than ours. Their emotions are not like that of fallen people, because they are not actors. They do not adapt to each situation. They express themselves only from their original mind. Don't push them. Don't expect them to respond to your unworthy conditions. True Children are always one step from anger, on the brink of blowing up. Before approaching them, clean up your mind, your nature, your unworthy conditions and prepare yourself.

When you say, "I love the True Children," you are talking about your own enjoyment of them, or your concepts about them. In that case, it would be better to leave them alone. Their feelings toward Unification Church members are one step before anger, so imagine their attitude toward secular people in their school. True Children get teased or made fun of by other students who know they are Reverend Moon's children. They cannot bring friends home from school to East Garden. They need their parents, but their parents are constantly guiding us, never spending time with their own children. How much resentment they have to so-called Unificationists. It is not an easy situation.

When Mother came back from her speech late one night, her youngest daughter, Jeung Jin Nim, was waiting up for her, but she could not be with Mother since Mother was with so many others. She came back once later, and again even later, but Mother was too busy. The True Children's troubles are mostly due to us. With repentance and sorrowful feelings, we should meet them if we are called.

We and all mankind need not just True Parents but also True Children for our salvation. Engrafting is not possible without the model branch. In order to become true children before True Parents, we need True Children as a model. Before True Children were born, elder members joined and became adopted sons. Then when True Children were born, they became our elders, and through them we can become true children.

True Parents are the owners of love. Their hearts are comforted and liberated by True Children. Without True Children as their object, True Parents would be sad, and they could never give us complete salvation. True Parents' hearts could never be comforted enough through us. True Children are our second Messiahs. Change your attitude toward True Children. You are not their subject. True Parents are.

Don't check, evaluate or judge True Children. Even after being blessed, fallen people are not qualified to approach them. Their original mind, their depth of heart, their filial piety is beyond our imagination.

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