Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

The Meaning of True God's Day

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

This is from unofficial notes of the True God's Day 1997, Morning Speech in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Today is the 30th celebration of True God's Day. 29 times True Father has explained the meaning and significance of True God's Day and our attitude. I would like to reduce what I remember from the last 29 times True Father spoke on True God's Day. Also, I would like to add how precious, glorious and wonderful our True Parents are. On this day Heavenly Father should receive glory, True Parents make his heart happy. True God's Day first appeared on this earth through our True Parents. Mankind has celebrated so many holidays centered on themselves, on self-centeredness. They celebrate their own days. However, we do not had a day to celebrate Heavenly Father. There were so many people who said they were following Heavenly Father. This testifies to the fact that they were so far away from Heavenly Father's heart and situation. Every nation has their own national celebration, birthdays, etc. There was no True God's Day in human history. That is a sad reality. How loving, grateful and happy Heavenly Father must feel toward True Parents who have established this glorious day which is specifically made to glorify Heavenly Father, who deserves so much. For the sake of human history, how wonderful and glorious it is to have this kind of day, to finally have this long awaited day Heavenly Father deserves. It absolves our sins and shortcomings of the past. We should be truly grateful for True Parents to have started this God's day in Human history.

What is the meaning of True God's Day. According to True Father's words, it should be the day when Heavenly Father feels the most joy and glory. Unless we understand the significance and heart of Heavenly Father and his desire to establish and feel joy from the fulfillment of the purpose of creation, we cannot understand this day. We have to understand and be more grateful that True Father not only teaches the significance of this day, but they did so after substantiating this teaching. True Parents are literally True Parents and true ancestors of humankind. All significance of True God's Day must begin from True Parents, it can only begin from them as the ancestors of human beings.

Last year True Parents gave us the motto to truly love and be proud of True Parents. As it is verified by our True Parents' deeds, True Parents have loved and been proud of our Heavenly Father first and showed us the way to fulfill this motto in our lives. During this past year, how much True Parents have accomplished and have testified to Heavenly Father and loved him. There is so much to talk about True Parents's accomplishment in this area. One aspect of this is the establishing of National Messiahs. Almighty God took 4000 biblical years in order to send one messiah to this earth. Why did it takes so long? Because this world is stubborn, the sovereignty of nations is in Satan's hands. That is why it took so long to indemnify and prepare the proper foundation to receive the messiah.

However, as we know, True Father came after the failure of the first messiah. It took 2000 years for True Parents to finally come. The significance of True Parents's sending National Messiahs to 185 nations means that True Parents have already vertically clarified and fulfilled all the victories before Heavenly Father and Satan vertically and are able to expand horizontally to 185 nations. When we understand that Heavenly Father took 2000 to bring True Parents on this earth and that True Father, even after the failure of the prepared foundation, to send National Messiahs in such a short time, it is incredible, so glorious!

When we first received blessings and such grace from True Parents, how wondrous it was! When True Parents proclaimed National Messiah, what a grace we received from True Parents. Tribal Messiahship was limited to the tribe, but National Messiah is in the national realm. It represents sovereignty and is so far beyond the limits of Tribal Messiah. Before sending the 185 National Messiahs, there were 160 mission nations, True Father directed them to expand to 185 nations as quickly as possible. There are 185 nations registered with the UN. Without anyone knowing, True Parents have prepared and invested in a foundation of 185 nations. The significance of sending out 185 National Messiahs horizontally as a second body of True Parents and expanding horizontally on a global level to all the possible nations of the world. Not only one messiah in each nation, there are four National Messiahs: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel representatives completely all possible foundations in all four directions and nullifying any possible attack by Satan in all four directions.

The messiah is the commander in chief who is charge to destroy Satan and Satan's foundation. Satan will try his utmost to prevent the foundation to receive the messiah and will try to prevent the messiah from accomplishing his victory, but when the messiah is victorious, Satan has to recognize that victory.

True Parents during their lifetimes have won the victories of driving Satan away and into a corner. If the National Messiahs succeed, then Satan will be completely driven out and have no place to stay. Such an accomplishment is unprecedented and could not even have been imagined by other religious leaders in history. Moreover when we revived the providential history of Heavenly Father and the restoration course, even Heavenly Father did not have such an accomplishment as this one centered on National Messiahs..

Also, True Parents founded the Family Federation for World Peace and established it in 185 nations last year. In 1991, True Father began talking about the worldwide foundation. He began to establish the Women's Federation for World Peace. One year ago he began to talk about international organizations. Through Women's Federation for World Peace True Father began to talk about the Youth Federation and other organizations, but he began to explain that the final organization would be the Family Federation for World Peace.

From July 31 to August 1 the founding inaugural convention for the Family Federation for World Peace True Parents laid the foundation for the victorious foundation to eliminate any accusation from Satan. True Parents were able to establish the culminating organization in God's providence last year. Upon that foundation True Mother leading the way has traveled throughout the world and led the establishment of the Family Federation for World Peace in 185 nations.

You may have made preparations in your own country, but you have no idea what True Mother had to go through to travel throughout the world in such a short time. You don't know her investment. As I had the honor to accompany True Mother, I thought there was no other who could make such an incredible investment in the world. There are so many time differences, different cultures, and many other obstacles. But I am not talking about the external aspects only. We have to understand that we did not know True Mother's role in the dispensation. True Mother must establish absolute unity in every aspect with True Father. Wherever she goes, she must keep that vertical axis wherever she goes. That is incredible. There is no other person who could have taken the responsibility other than True Mother herself. True Mother has to fulfill and accomplish the failed responsibility of the bride position in Christianity. True Father had to drive True Mother toward that responsibility, but True Mother was able to fulfill all the necessary worldwide conditions without any exception for True Father. Because True Mother was absolutely united with True Mother, everywhere so many miracles happened. We were able to witness such miracles.

Even though the woman's plight has improved throughout the world, there is still a problem. But True Mother, wherever she went, inspired world leaders to lower themselves and honor True Mother and bow before her. That was one of the significant aspects of her worldwide tour.

The message True Parents have proclaimed in this worldwide tour was so revolutionary. No one dared to oppose or argue against such a declaration by our True Parents. Through True Mother's investment and the accomplishment of the inauguration of Family Federation for World Peace, True Father proclaimed Nov. 1 a special ceremony to complete the resolution of the indemnity conditions. Humankind must be so grateful for this.

One other significant graces we received last year through our True Parents was the Chung Pyung providence. All the worldwide membership must be grateful for this grace. There is no time to explain the details, but unless True Parents connect to the spiritual world and accomplish total victory, the victorious providence in Chung Pyung would not have been possible. Through our fallen nature and habits, spirits were able to attach themselves to us, but through this special grace we are able to root them out. How grateful we must be!

Moreover it is significant that not only spiritual world is mobilized, but the angelic realm as well. After the fall of man the angelic realm became a higher realm in a sense than that of man. Now Daemonim is now able to open the providence of using the angelic realm. That is one step higher in terms of the spiritual providence. There is no way to express our gratitude to Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim.

In our church history there were previously spiritual phenomena that occurred. However, previously we were not able to completely resolve the problem of evil spirits. Now this is the providence that Daemonim and Heung Jin Nim is leading that the spirits are not only liberated from us but are able to be trained in spiritual world and prepared to descend on earth in returning resurrection. Of course, the Divine Principle explains that the spiritual world must receive Divine Principle education through the physical world, but now the providence has advanced so they can receive this education in the spiritual realm. That is an incredible development.

Heung Jin Nim's filial piety was a condition for True Parents to send him as their representative and all kinds of spiritual phenomena are occurring now. If all the evil spirits are separated from us and are able to return to a more original life and all the spirits are able to be educated, this pushes away Satan's foundation leaving no foothold for him to remain.

As National Messiahs were able to receive 40 day workshops before anyone else and to resolve spiritual problems. This is a wonderful grace! Now when I went to Chung Pyung in the front row there was one empty row prepared for Jesus and the other religious founders. Former President Eu was also present there. What do you think the religious leaders would do after such a workshop? They would go back and spread the word in their own religious world. Also, Daemonim said that if the church leaders who receive this workshop are able to unite and receive the workshop well, then they can connect with these religious world and receive spiritual phenomena more easily. Now we must think more carefully. We don't need the realm of separation between physical and spiritual worlds. We are now so closely connected.

It has already been claimed that the spirits who were liberated will be able to participate in the coming blessing. That is incredible! Principally speaking, unless True Parents themselves are in the spiritual world to clarify all things, this kind of phenomenon would not be possible. But Heung Jin Nim's filial piety and True Parents's tremendous love, this phenomenon is able to take place in the spiritual world. So, imagine, if we accomplish the task of 3.6 million couples plus a blessing in the spiritual world, then what kind of influence and foundation True Parents will be able to establish! They will drive away Satan. This is only possible through absolute unity of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Monim with True Parents.

The significance of True God's Day. In the many teachings True Father gave on God's day, he reflected on God's original ideal and the fulfillment of it. The ideal of creation in essence is the realization the ideal of true love. True Father taught that even though Heavenly Father is almighty, absolute, eternal and unique, the only ideal he cannot establish by himself is the ideal of true love. He needs a love partner. The nature of true love is to give infinitely, unconditionally like an outpouring. Human beings and all things are God's objects of love. They are God's image partners of true love. The core and most essential relationship of love is the father-son relationship, the parent-child relationship, as True Father has often expounded. We must fulfill all the different positions of all aspects of true love. Fulfillment of true love happens only through experience. We are to experience the 4 realms of heart and in so doing experience different aspects of God's love.

Originally Adam and Eve were like twin brother and sister. As they grew, they received Heavenly Father's parental love and responded to that love with children's love. No matter how much Heavenly Father wanted to convey the ideal of love to us, we can acquire this love only through experience which is represented in our growth period. In that period we experience the different realms of heart in order to fulfill the ideal of true love. Even orphans who grow up in orphanages, no matter how well cared for they are, do not receive parents love. God's programmed us to grow up receiving True Parents's love. As we receive parents love and experience it with children's heart, we are also to experience the heart and love as brothers and sisters in the growth period.

Brothers and sisters individually have nothing to do with each other unless there is the mediating love of parents. As we grow up, we add the love and heart of brothers and sisters to our children's love. By experiencing the fraternal love and heart, that becomes a foundation for our horizontal conjugal love. As we develop our brothers and sisters realm of heart, our heart will naturally expand toward more conjugal love, toward longing for the opposite sex. That develops naturally. We have received through God's heartistic design on the expansion of the brothers and sisters realm we expand toward conjugal realm. God gave us that inclination.

As Adam and Eve grow toward maturity, they were to grow in this conjugal love. We are created as substantial object as well as substantial body of Heavenly Father. Adam is a son of God and, at the same time, a substantial body of God. Invisible Heavenly Father can only substantially express true love through our substantial body. In that sense, Eve was the daughter of Heavenly Father and, at the same time, represented Heavenly Father's body and was the bride of Heavenly Father.

God created us to experience 4 different realms of heart, 4 different types of love. We experience different types of love in the different realms of heart. As Adam and Eve horizontally unite in the center point and culminate their love horizontally, True Father's love will meet vertically seeking the shortest vertical distance. True Father says the point at which all our physical and spiritual senses point toward and meet is the central palace of true love, true life and true lineage. It is even the original palace of our conscience

God's ideal of creation is not that he wants to be lofty and separated from his children. He wants to substantiate love together with Adam and Eve. He wants to dwell together with and unite with and be one with Adam and Eve in accomplishing true love. As Adam and Eve consummate their conjugal love, that is not the end of God's love.

Because God's fundamental love is his parental love, then Adam and Eve must invest in parent's position. That is the culmination and substantiation of God's ideal of love. It is incredible grace to allow us to have our own children. When we have children, we do not know where the source of our love of offering our children comes from. But through this we experience parental love. The children who were born under Adam and Eve had to go through the same growth period as Adam and Eve and mature their love as well. Through this process Adam and Eve can become perfected beings who substantiate this ideal of true love.

The day Adam and Eve culminates their conjugal love, that first wedding day is the day God can substantiate and embody his presence in human reality. That is when God and man can truly meet. That is the culminating, settling point of the 4 realms of heart and of human growth. From that point, top, bottom, left and right, these four positions are all established and Adam and Eve become qualified to become master of all things.

God's Day when God will be most joyful is when Adam and Eve join in conjugal love and fulfill God's potential. That day will also be the true culminating point of children perfecting themselves. So that will be the celebration of Children's Day and Day of all things and Parents Day. So God's Day is all these days together, the day of culmination of love. True God's Day is a joyous day when Heavenly Father can truly assume his substantial body. This God's day should also be the most joyous, most glorious day for humans as well.

However, due to the fall of man, all these ideals and possibilities were shattered to pieces. Had our ancestors perfected themselves and found the settling point of the 4 realms of heart, the fall of man would not have been possible. The fall of man occurred before they experienced the 4 realms of heart. Fallen man experienced them to some extent but Heavenly Father never experienced them. That was the agony, the han of God. In the middle of the growth period be aware of the arch-angel .. going through the fallen process. In the beginning our human ancestors did not begin with God's true love, but Satan's love. Our love should have been indivisible but Eve through the fall process divided her love toward the arch-angel and Adam. That began the process. Eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil shattered and totally went against God's love and ideal of creation. This was such a fallen consequence!

The original palace of true love, true life and true lineage was lost and was connected to Satan's false love, life and lineage and began fallen history. Because the original sin engaged the lineage, that is why original sin was handed down from generation to generation. Because restoration requires a change of lineage, that is why restoration has taken such a long time. There is no time explain the mainstream of God's providence. Not only is there no time, but there is a shortcoming in my knowledge of providential history. The true meaning can only be understood by True Parents. True Parents were able to explain so clearly that the fall of man entailed lineage and false love and also how to restore the lineage and the requirements of the change of lineage.

Through 6000 biblical years mankind was not able to discover the lineage aspect. Only through the advent of True Parents has that aspect been clarified for the first time. True Parents have become the True Parents of mankind. Sometimes the mention the toil of walking this path. But they never wanted to reveal the core of their difficulty. In order to arise as True Parents there is a blood, life and death struggle with Satan, the enemy, a terrible struggle to change the lineage through 8 stages from servant of servants on up. True Father has expounded on his course, but we can only grasp in conceptually, never experientially.

All the prepared foundations were lost and thrown back to True Parents. They had to bear the whole burden in the wilderness themselves. When all the prepared foundation crumbled and all the historical burdens were laid on True Father's shoulders, we cannot comprehend this situation. He indemnified all those historical failures. Sometimes True Father mentions his difficult course before establishing True Parentship, but our heart is still dull. We cannot perceive this. It is impossible for us to understand. That is why, even though we claim we are children of True Parents, we have such an unfilial standard. We cannot understand the core of their heart. We must understand that True Parents are bearing all the burdens in front of Heavenly Father. It is such a filial position. But to us the parents as parents do not want to reveal their burden. We say we follow True Parents for so many years, but actually the depth of our understanding of True Parents's heart is so shallow. They have faced life and death situations so much; we have to repent for our shortcomings.

There are so many things to lay the proper foundation. For example. True Parents matched 3 couples before their blessing. That is impossible for the human mind to understand. True Parents cannot explain fully all the hidden secrets and providential requirements. Without understanding True Parents's situation, we just followed along and were a burden for True Parents. How difficult it must be for our True Parents.

Now after so many years of True Parents's accomplishment, we can more easily understand the significance of True Parents. But in the 1960s they had to step by step educate us and guide us about the significance of True Parents.

Originally God's day should have been the day all 4 days were established together. But because this was all lost, True Parents had to go step by step, establishing each of the 3 other days, then finally establish True God's Day. In the midnight speech True Father spoke briefly about how True Mother had to live separate from True Father after their blessing for. True Mother in the beginning could not even eat at the same table as True Father. She was given the worst kind of food, barley. She had to fast often. There are so many stories about how True Mother was able to attain her current status.

In 1960 True Parents established True Parents position, but they could not stand as True Parents except on the family level. They had to establish True Parents on each level: tribal, national, world and cosmic. True Parents could not love their true children until they laid all the necessary conditions and providential requirements. That has been their course.

When Ye Jin Nim was born, all the church members were given milk and food representing being adopted by True Parents. Also Hyo Jin Nim. As True Children were born there was a special day of heart to inherit the heart of true children. True Parents in numerous conditions and ceremonies laid the foundation to allow us to be adopted into True Parents lineage, to receive blessing and the change of our lineage.

Parents Day, Children's day by 1963 were accomplished. But God's day was established in 1968. What is the reason it took 7 years from 1960 till Jan 1, 1968 to establish God's Day? The position of True Parents was established in 1960. It took 7 years to lay the necessary conditions for True Father and True Mother to stand in the necessary conditions, to become the most filial son and daughter, the most faithful husband and wife. Only by the end of 1967 were these accomplished.

In conclusion, as we welcome True God's Day, we should always try our best to understand the core of True Parents's course of suffering. It is difficult for us. It is our responsibility to have such a heart of gratitude and a heart of desiring to unite with True Parents and return glory to them for True God's Day..

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