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Blessed Wives Pioneer the Provinces of Korea

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 1, 1987

Father explains the providential significance of the blessed wives' pioneering mission.

On June 1, more than 3,000 Korean blessed wives from the 36 to the 6000 Couple Blessings went out, at Father's request, to do pioneer witnessing in either their own or their husband's hometown. Father asked them to remain in their towns until the end of 1988 and inspire the people that the unification of North and South Korea can come about, based on the ideals of God, liberty, and democracy. Because of the fall of man, Father explained, the wives -- representing Eve -- must go to the front line in order to restore the proper dominion. Father called these wives a group of living saints.

The wives will meet with the leaders and the local citizens of their respective districts and share with them the idea that the people of South Korea must be unified among them- selves before the unification of the North and South can ever be achieved. They will try to show what true patriotism is by offering their own example of self-sacrifice and public service.

Father asked the wives to alert their communities to the threat from North Korea and to prepare to receive members from around the world who may be coming to assist with the newly established Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland. On a practical level, many of the blessed wives will sell McCol, a barley drink produced by Il Hwa that is very popular in Korea, to help raise funds for the Federation.

The Significance of Home Church

Where is heaven? Heaven is where Satan has no place to work. Even after Jesus came, people's minds could not be completely one with God; in man's mind was a boundary where the Kingdom of Heaven met the satanic domain.

Now that borderline can be pushed further and further away -- even out of our bodies. Unless we chase Satan not only out of our minds but completely out of our bodies as well, we will be unable to enjoy heaven. Home church means heaven on earth in our daily surroundings.

That is the foundation of heaven on earth? Home church. This foundation of home church is being given to you as your own Kingdom of Heaven. Through home church you have a direct connection to your nation and to the world. Thus we can connect the mind kingdom to the body kingdom, to the home church kingdom, to the national kingdom, all the way to the world kingdom. Now we can look back clearly and see that Jesus intended to do exactly that, to push Satan completely away and make heaven possible in the environment, making the entire country and the world into heaven as well.

The Significance of Home Church

Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven
1/1/81, World Mission Center

There is a mind heaven and there is a physical heaven. Mind heaven is when the mind contains nothing that Satan can accuse. Physical heaven is when Satan cannot claim any part of our bodies. Thus, if we are completely out of Satan's claim, we are in heaven.

Beyond that, we need the environmental heaven, where we can step out of our house and walk through a neighborhood that Satan has no claim over. That is what Jesus set out to achieve....

The fall could take place because Adam and Eve did not yet have this environment set up. When this environment is established, heaven is secured up to the clan level. That is the essence of heaven. Heaven is formed primarily in the family. Doesn't it make sense that you would have almost instant family-level heaven once you secure the environment? That environment has to be created by winning over persecution. Without winning victory in home church, or victory over the environment, you cannot be filial sons and daughters of the True Parents, because you have no base to stand on. The environment gives you that base.

God will recognize home church as the foundation through which you can serve as filial children, as patriots, and even as saints. A saint is a person who lives on the world level, but God can recognize you as such on the foundation of home church.

In Search of Our Home
7/11/82, Belvedere

You cannot exclude home church from your home. If your home is within the same fence as your home church area, no one will be able to invade your boundary. The position of "fence" will be fulfilled by the good angels; they exist to protect God's world from Satan's invasion. Your home will thus be a safe, lace within the protective boundary of your home church.

Restored Family
1/21/79, Belvedere

Once you put up a barrier of love greater than that built by unfallen Adam and Eve, there is no way Satan will be able to overcome that fortress. In this sense, home church is really wall-building for your own protection. I struggled in the satanic world to win this stronghold, and now I am passing the secret to you so you can do just the same on a limited scale, which is home church. It is your world, and when you use this method to win there, God will acknowledge that your victory equals a victory over the whole satanic world.

You might wonder why God can't freely give you His blessing without your doing home church, but without it you have not erected that barrier against Satan. There is no guarantee of eternal stability without it. Home church work is like building your castle, which Satan has no power to destroy. The more difficult home church is to create, the greater your wall of love will be. Actually, difficulty is all to your benefit. It is a great privilege that the Unification Church members can do home church, simultaneously transcending national, racial, and cultural barriers. We can do home church as one unit on a worldwide scale. You and I will pass away from earth, but we will not have to finish the unfinished task later by coming back to earth. Once you finish the task here victoriously, you will go to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven, where you can enjoy life eternally with God.

Eternal Happiness
2/25/79, Belvedere

Expect some miracle in your home church. When other Christians come to support you, what will the world be like? The world will come to God very quickly. When we are successful, everyone will realize who is on the side of evil and who is on the side of good. After we become successful in home church, do you think anyone could remain in the evil realm for long? Home church is where the eternal foundation for happiness will remain on earth.

The Sound of the Bell of the Mind
1/28/79, Belvedere

Your 360 homes are your training center to open up your mind and heart of love. Once the love of God is consummated in your heart, you become the subject of your surroundings no matter where you go. 

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