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Korean response to the Unification Movement is more positive than ever

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 4-10, 1990
7-day Foreign Missionaries' workshop
Seoul, Korea

First of all, thank you for your support and your attendance at the historical occasion of Father's seventieth birthday. Even though by Heavenly Father's and True Parents' standard I feel our attitude of attendance is not enough, True Parents commented how happy they are now that the Korean media and general response to the Unification movement is far more positive than ever before. I can clearly see how different the past dispensation is from the present dispensation, especially before 1988 and after 1989.

You must understand the restoration course of governments from the Principled view: all external hierarchies must restore themselves to the heavenly side. Since my most recent responsibility in Korea as the president of the Segye Ilbo, I have understood the nature of this nation's government -- its power and how far away its viewpoint still is from the heavenly viewpoint. But its viewpoint toward True Parents and the Unification movement has developed to an amazingly good degree.

There have been 10 regimes in Korea since 1945, all of them having many serious problems and difficult experiences. But since this government administration took power, our movement has received permission to publish a daily newspaper and to create a university. These are not simple or easy accomplishments. In this country, newspapers are very powerful. On the first anniversary of the Segye Ilbo on February 1, 1990, many economic and social leaders sent their congratulations. Now that we have a newspaper, we are on a completely different level. Furthermore, now we have reporters and information sources that can give us the best information very quickly. This is very important for God's dispensation.

This country is becoming more and more democratic, which means additional freedom and flexibility. Because of this direction, the news media has increasing power. To those who have had negative feelings about us, the Segye Ilbo provides a powerful witness for us. Everyone recognizes the Segye Ilbo as being founded by True Father. One million copies are delivered daily in Korea. Although this is not direct witnessing through Divine Principle lectures, an important spiritual foundation can be created throughout Korea.

Korea's political situation is still changing and evolving. In the past, there were four main parties but now three of them have united into one, creating a two-party system. Prior to this very important development, the governing party had less than half of the Assembly seats. Though they represented the conservative direction, many of their policies could not be implemented. But now, the government and two opposition parties have created one party. This is good for our nation; it enhances the harmony of the whole country.

Because of North Korea, South Korea must maintain a very strong system. True Father is deeply concerned with the Unification of the Fatherland, so he created the Federation for the Unification of North and South. Its main purpose is to prepare for the future of a unified Korea. In general, the current international situation presents a disadvantage for Kim Il Sung. With the Soviet Union and East European countries opening up, he is losing East Bloc support. Also economically, North Korea has no power. True Father has predicted that Kim Il Sung has only one choice: to agree with South Korea in completely removing the DMZ and holding free national elections

I met many South Korean government leaders who aren't concerned about this point. They don't worry because: 1) South Korea has double the population of North Korea, 2) South Koreans basically don't like communism and 3) the South Korean economic situation is three or four times stronger than that in North Korea. So no one is afraid of North Korea. But this thinking is very naive! Father feels they are too reassured and taking too little time to prepare for reunification.

South Koreans must unite in order to remain strong. It is not an easy task to prepare for a reunified Korea because we need one unified thought. For three parties to unite is good from a dispensational viewpoint; our most important is for all leaders to recognize Father. Most leaders' focus is mainly to protect their political foundation. A governing regime is amazingly powerful, so it is not easy to influence such a situation. Before understanding the Divine Principle and recognizing True Parents, one's viewpoint is not dispensational, but we still have hope and will continue our efforts to educate them.

I am explaining these things to you in such detail because Korea is the central country in God's providence, even if no one recognizes this, and certainly these changes are God's Will. If South Korea had kept a four-party system for two or three more years, it would have been very bad for this nation. Fortunately, the government party is now strong and united, which is good for continuing to build a strong economic and social foundation in South Korea.

The Segye Ilbo has a very important providential role. True Father's idea is for us to become the number one national newspaper in just a few short years. That means we must organize nationwide distribution and advertising, which is difficult for a new paper.

What is our mission in the upcoming dispensation? This morning True Father's sermon focused on tribal messiahship. I prayed about what our national mission, goals and activities should be from now on. What should we focus on? We are very fortunate to have the direct guidance of True Parents. On any occasion, if we follow True Father's viewpoint then our mission can be accomplished.

In 1988 True Father waited anxiously for the Olympic Games. During these important games, Father announced year one of the Foundation Day for the Nation of Unified World. This means True Parents have already overcome all of Satan's negative conditions. Father achieved a victorious foundation not only on the individual level, but also on the world level. Satan's regime has no power to attack True Parents. As a result, 1989 was a very unique year, different from all other years. In our worldwide movement we were still struggling, with difficulties in every nation, but in the mainstream of True Parents' dispensation, Father gained the victorious foundation. Now, in 1990, things are much easier than before. Until 1988, True Father and the Unification movement were climbing the mountain with True Father pulling us over the rough spots. But in 1988 we reached the top of the mountain. From 1989, the journey is downhill with 1990 being even easier.

Role of the Tribal Messiah

This is not centering on the external ease or difficulty of our effort, but on the spiritual viewpoint. Although Satan's regime is powerful, Father is guiding us to be bold and confident; we are now strong enough! Although the conditions are not the same in each country, you must be absolutely confident internally, for you are the representatives of True Father who has already gained the absolute victory over Satan. Tribal messiahship means we inherit True Parents' victory and their path of authority.

This morning Father explained that true love's direction always takes the shortest line. Heavenly Father's position is above man as vertical true love. Because His nature is true love, then His relationship with man and woman is a straight vertical line. True love between man and woman also travels a straight horizontal line. When horizontal love travels the shortest distance, then this forms a 90-degree angle with God's vertical love. So tribal messiahs have to inherit this parents' position, giving true love unconditionally and directly to everyone. Then we will all belong to the tribe of true love.

The tribal messiah's territory is the eight step system of a family and relatives. Centering on true love, husband and wife are united as the one originating point. Then, between parent and child is one step. The relationship between siblings is two steps, because without parents there is no relation between them. Before one brother can relate with another, they have to go through their common parents. What about my uncle? He is only related to me through my father. And between my father and uncle originally there would have been no relation, except through their common grandfather. This means three steps between me and my uncle. My aunt would also be three steps. In this way, we can easily recognize our relationship to all the relatives in our family.

Father explained the meaning of tribal messiahship is to fulfill and embrace all eight steps of restoration; that is, all the close relatives under the great, great grandfather. Father emphasized, "Don't worry about world restoration; if all blessed couples complete their tribal messiah mission -- restoring all of these eight relationships -- then the world will be restored with no problem."

During this birthday celebration, Father mentioned several times that the New World Festival is the most important upcoming historical event. So between now and August 1991 we must prepare to our utmost. We must be concerned mainly about two points: 1) the most important event is the Blessing. Participants must attend a 40-day workshop with the emphasis on purity. (2) Father is emphasizing the sports events. So from now on you must prepare for the New World Festival. 

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