Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

A Commentary on the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Kingships

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak December 6, 1992

Headquarters Church Seoul, Korea

[Diagram included in original English version of this speech]

How have you been?

For some time now, Father has instructed us on a fundamental aspect of the Principle. On a number of occasions now, he has addressed the topic of "Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Kingships." Some members have expressed a desire to hear a more detailed explanation, so today I would like to spend some time to offer a commentary on Father's words regarding the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Kingships.

Actually, our consummation of the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Kingships signifies the perfection of ourselves and the realization of our most fundamental aspiration. It is, thus, important that we understand this concept correctly from a Principle point of view and put it into effect in daily practice.

Adam and Eve are as twins

You all remember the figure of the Four Position Foundation in the Unification Principle lectures. I would like this to be a time for us to take another look at the meaning of that figure.

In fact, God exists as the subject of dual characteristics, and as a masculine subject before humanity and all creation. God did not originally create people as perfected men and women who were complete objects before God. You all know that in order to become perfected people, it was necessary for man and woman to go through a period of growth after they were created by God. So, to consider the matter in a general way, the place at which humankind was original created was this point (A) which lies before God. Humankind had a growth period consisting of periods of formation, growth and perfection. In the Principle, we say that this growth period is the realm of dominion over results in the Principle. It is a period of growth in which we humans must grow by fulfilling our portions of responsibility.

Because God is the subject of dual characteristics, when He created human beings, He did so by developing His own masculine and feminine characteristics, that is, His two positive and minus characteristics. Father has said: "Adam and Eve are twins." This means that God created Adam and Eve in the position of twins, so that they would be the substantiations of masculinity and femininity. Until now, we had understood through Principle lectures that Adam and Eve grew toward perfection together, side by side.

Adam represents the right-hand crescent, and Eve the left-hand crescent

We thought that Adam and Eve were just supposed to go up like this, but as I listened to Father, I suddenly realized: "Aha, there's another realm here that we didn't even know existed." What does it mean that Adam and Eve were created in the position of twins before God? Twins are more than just siblings. With twins, one of them will experience a certain feeling, and the other will also empathetically feel the same thing.

This was the position in which they were created, but Adam and Even do not always go up side by side. Because Adam is the substantiation created to represent the entirety of the masculine characteristics and nature within God, the path that this man must actually travel represents the world of the right-hand crescent within the total cosmos of God's original plan. He only represents one side. Eve, too, is the substantiation representing all of the feminine and minus characteristics within God, and this makes her the substantiation representing the femininity and minus aspects in one side, the left-hand crescent, of God's ideal of creation.

When children are very young, there is little difference between the sexes. God's ideal that dwells within us, however, is that each is a person who represents one of the characteristics existing in God. One is a substantiation representing the positive, masculine characteristics of the right-hand crescent of creation and the other is in a position representing the minus and feminine characteristics of the left-hand crescent.

This means that Adam, as a man, had his own course to follow toward perfection. Eve, too, had her own distinct and independent path laid out for her.

Adam and Eve have different natures

As they grow older, the two begin to go in different directions, don't they? The nature and content of their paths are different. They're different from each other. Their growth does not take place this way, up along this bisecting line (B). Of course, from an overall point of view, they are go up like this through the formation stage, growth stage and perfection stage. In actuality, though, as Adam grows older, more and more he is travelling the man's path, the path of substantially perfecting his nature, and Eve is developing the world of the woman. In Father's terms, Adam goes the path of the substantiation of the right-hand crescent, and Eve goes the path of the substantiation of the left-hand crescent.

So, where is God during this time that Adam and Eve grow up as twins, with Adam eventually going more and more in this direction and Eve more and more in this direction over here? This world here is the visible substantial world where humankind must be perfected. It is a world developed horizontally centered on perfected humanity, a world created through the Principle that rests on the Principle foundation. It is this earthly world.

Then, what is the relationship between perfected humanity and God? This side is the invisible substantial world, isn't it? God is the invisible subject. That means God's world is the spiritual world. So, Father has termed this side the "upper crescent," and this part down here as the "lower crescent."

Looking at the cosmos as a whole, therefore, the upper crescent is the heavenly world and spirit world, while the lower crescent is the created world in which we live, the world of result. In this situation, God, the subject of the upper crescent, or spirit world, does not wish to be distant from humanity. Do you know how far down God wants to come? He wants to come all the way down to this position, where human beings have been perfected, so that he can become one with them. He comes down to this point, but He comes down in proportion to the degree of perfection achieved by people on earth--equidistantly.

When we say that Adam has grown this far, or that Eve has grown to this point, we are actually refering to the development of the degree of their love, or heart, through which they become able to receive God on earth. To say that human beings have grown to be this high here, means: "God of the upper crescent has come that much closer toward the earth." Please think of it as an equidistant, concurrent relationship. That is the way it works.

In childhood, the heart of the child is manifested

So, Adam must go his own path for the perfection of masculinity, and Eve must go her own way for the perfection of femininity. As they do, what are positions of their hearts in the context of the overall world of heart? God's parental heart is the subject, motivation and fountainhead of all the Four Great Realms of Heart. Adam and Eve, too, were created as twins with the heart of their Heavenly Parent as the motivation and root. The heart that they would feel while they are young with respect to the Parent who is their origin would be the heart of the child, wouldn't it? The heart of the child.

As Adam grows, he feels and experiences the heart of the son in relation to his Heavenly parent. Eve grows up feeling the heart of the daughter. Isn't this our first experience of heart? We humans fell, but even still, a baby is able to recognize its mother not too long after birth, isn't it? It knows how to recognize its own mother's bosom. Through the senses of smell and touch, and all other feelings, the baby can tell its own mother from other people. This is true even with fallen people, so you can imagine how it must have been for Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve, were created as objective substantiations and relational beings with respect to the love of the True Parent in Heaven, the motivating love of the Heavenly Parent. They first began growing up not so much through a connection of heart but through a primal motivation. The maturation of heart is a process of nurturing the heart of the son, the heart of the daughter. Adam and Eve grow up by experiencing God, their Father, from the position of His son and daughter.

As they begin to mature, they soon become conscious of each other's existence. Eve sees that there is someone who is not Eve, but is Adam. Adam sees that there is someone who is Eve. How is the relationship between the two established, then? What is it that Father always says? I also lecture the Principle quite often, but listening to Father's words on this subject makes me realize again how valuable our Principle really is.

The relationship between the two is formed on the basis of their experiences of heart as a son and a daughter of God. When Adam sees Eve, he says to himself: "Aha, here is another person who is loved by God, my Father." When Eve sees Adam, she realizes that this is someone else who is loved by God, her Father. That is to say that Adam and Eve, based on their experiences of the heart of the child, and deriving their motivation from that heart, begin to experience the heart of the older brother and the heart of the younger sister. Father terms this: "the heart of the brother and sister." In the context of the relationship between Adam and Eve, there is first the heart of the older brother and then the heart of the younger sister. That is what happens.

So, what is the heart that precedes experiences of the heart of the brother and sister and forms the basis upon which each can recognize the other? It is the heart of the son and the heart of the daughter. The heart of son and daughter.

What follows on the heart of the child

At this stage, it is still not possible even to imagine the heart of husband and wife. In the context of the perfection of the Four Great Realms of Heart, the essence is all there inside, but this process is necessary before it can be expressed and bear fruit.

As Adam and Eve grow little by little by little, they do not stay in this position. As they approach this spot, the heart of the son and the heart of the daughter that they feel in relation to God are already growing to this extent here. When they grow this much, then God is already responding to that by coming down this much in the upper crescent. He comes down this much in the upper crescent.

When the heart that they feel as children develops to this extent, then the heart of the brother and sister will follow that by developing far beyond where it was earlier in their childhood. Heart is something that we feel through our experience of it, isn't it? So, as they grow to this point then the heart that Adam feels toward Eve and the heart that Eve feels toward Adam enters a totally new domain from that which was experienced previously. Without their even realizing it themselves, they are pulled by curiosity, and they feel a heart that is not the heart of the brother and sister that they experienced previously but, instead, see each other as a man and a woman. If we speak of that in terms of reality, we can say, "It is the heart felt in adolescence." This is how it happens.

Perfection is God and humanity united in heart and love

In retrospect, what does it mean that Adam and Eve fell when they were in the perfection level of the growth stage, that they fell during this second stage? Even though they could not feel it completely, the fact that they were joined in conjugal love signifies that they were in a position where they could feel something. Don't you think so? In any case, when the child's heart of Adam and Eve grows before God to about the level of the growth stage, the heart of the brother and the heart of the sister develop further into something else. As the heart of the son and the heart of the brother, a new sprout begins to grow which is the heart of the husband. And the heart of the wife sprouts within Eve. This is how it happens.

Ultimately, the perfection of humanity is achieved through our unity with God in heart and love. So, therefore, human beings must rise to the top of the lower crescent. As we do this, God, in corresponding manner, will come down to the base of the upper crescent to meet us. That is the reason that in order to accomplish human perfection, it is necessary to rise to this point. When that happens, when Adam and Eve grow to spiritual maturity, attend God as their father and feel in their hearts that God is their father--when, that is, the child's heart within Adam and Eve develops to perfection--then at the same time Adam's heart as a grown brother in relation to a sister also reaches perfection and Eve's heart as a grown sister in relation to a brother reaches perfection. Then, when they go to this point C, the conjugal love in perfected Adam and Eve, the emotions felt between husband and wife are brought to perfection. Adam and Eve cannot stand in the position of a perfect subject and object with only the heart of the child and of brother and sister. As long as Adam and Eve feel only these two hearts, they relate only to God as their subject. They are a son and a daughter to God. Beyond that, transcending the heart of the son and daughter centering on God, they feel the heart of brother and sister.

When they are perfected to the level of feeling this conjugal love, the love of husband and wife, then for the first time Adam and Eve are able to enter the ideal objective realm. Before this, the heart of the son and the heart of the brother are felt in relation to a subject. They are emotions that rise vertically. They do not, in themselves, represent perfection. When they begin to develop a relationship between themselves, for the first time they begin to develop the heart of the husband and the heart of the wife. It is within this relationship that they turn to face each other. Isn't that what conjugal feelings are about? Our hearts are naturally predisposed toward the opposite sex.

If there is a direction, then they would not be going like this in this direction. They would have to change direction. With the heart of the husband and wife, Adam and Eve do not just go their respective ways representing the right and left crescents. They do not just define their own respective worlds and pursue their own respective identities and keep going in their own respective directions. Instead, they change direction to a vector on which they are pulled toward each other. They want each other and yearn for each other. In Principle terms, they open the way for establishing a reciprocal base between themselves. This becomes the stage for the perfection of the heart of husband and wife.

When that happens, when Adam and Eve are here, then Adam becomes a perfected substantiation and Eve becomes a perfected substantiation. They are perfected as substantiations representing the right and left crescents, respectively, and they move on to the next stage of beginning to feel the heart of the husband of the wife. They face each other with this motivation, yearning for each other. The place where they meet each other in this relationship is on the perpendicular line that bisects their respective positions.

When conjugal love is perfected

From this viewpoint, what can we say about the day on which the conjugal love between the two is perfected? It is the most historic of all days. That day, in the end, is the day on which the will of God in creating Adam and Eve as His children is fulfilled. It is the day the will of the Heavenly Parents is accomplished. It is also the day when Adam and Eve accomplish their own individual purposes as representative substantiations of the right and left crescents. Also, the day that human beings achieve this perfection is the day when they become perfect masters of all creation. Thus, on this day Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things are fulfilled. The day on which all this is accomplished is the day that God's overall purpose of creation is achieved, so it also becomes God's Day. This is all on the same day. Everything is accomplished on one day.

The center of the cosmos

So! When this happens, the result is that God, who is in the spirit world and is the master of the upper crescent, comes to dwell within the human beings who have become perfected substantiations in the lower crescent. Is that not God's purpose of creation? So, God descends to this pivotal point (C) and becomes one with humanity. The upper and lower crescents become as one.

Next, the point where the right and left crescents become one is here. The right and left crescents become one centering on this perpendicular bisecting line, don't they? Then, older brother and younger sister, older brother and younger brother--these stand ahead and behind each other, don't they? The forward crescent and the rear crescent meet each other as one. So, there can be only one point at which the upper and lower, right and left, forward and rear crescents all converge on each other. It is this pivotal point (C). Therefore, this point represents the center of the cosmos.

Everything becomes one at this point. The world that is formed centering on this central point of the cosmos where upper and lower, forward and rear, left and right crescents become one is, inevitably, a multi-dimensional world. Father has drawn this diagram to help us understand this more easily. He uses a dotted line to indicate God in the upper crescent, the spiritual world, the invisible substantial world, relating to the physical world. A dotted line. That is true for the relationship with humanity. He draws the rest of the diagram like this. He draws a solid line for the line where the substantiations of the left and right crescents--that is, Adam and Eve--come together after humanity has achieved perfection. This is God descending in correlation to the level of perfection achieved by human beings. That is to say that God descends, but he does so to the extent that humanity grows and matures. Father draws a dotted line to represent the point where the spiritual world finally converges with the physical world. This central point is where the spirit world, the upper and lower crescents come together. It is the point where God's spiritual providence is linked as one with all that happens on the earth, the point where we see the fulfillment of all God's heart in the ideal world of creation.

When human beings perfect the heart of the child, the heart of the brother and sister, and finally the heart of the husband and wife, and then become husband and wife together, then after they perfect the heart of husband and wife they automatically come to have children. With children, they perfect the heart of parents. These are the Four Great Realms of Heart. We humans are on a required course for perfecting the Four Hearts during our time on earth centering on God's love, that is, true love. This is God's ideal of creation. When a person has experienced these hearts, what more can there be? This represents the perfection of everything. Father has recently been instructing us centering on the content of the Four Great Realms of Heart.

So, what should we be constantly thinking about? To ascend from the heart of the child to the heart of the brother and sister, the heart of husband and wife and the heart of the parent means that we develop qualitatively from the heart of the child to a position of greater maturity.

We are the central existences of the cosmos

There is another point that we should consider in connection with the Four Great Realms of Heart. A moment ago, I said that this point (C) is the central point of the cosmos, and in our Pledge there is a reference to "As the center of the cosmos..." In the Pledge of the Families too, there is a line that says, "We families, the center of the cosmos..." We are in a position of having to go the way of Heaven's will, and Father always assumes that we are the central existences of the cosmos. We are not just ordinary existences. With this point (C) in mind, Father describes us as "the center of the cosmos," or "we families, the center of the cosmos."

We are not just isolated individuals. We are central existences of the upper and lower crescents, that is, the spirit world and physical world; central existences of the right-hand and left-hand crescents; and central existences of the forward and rear crescents. For this reason, we should take good care of ourselves. We need to realize again just how precious we are in the eyes of Heaven.

True love, the fundamental motivation of creation

That is the position in which we were created. Unfortunately, however, the fall occurred at this point, the perfection level of the growth stage. This is where the fall occurred. Look at the situation of fallen human beings, and you will notice something very interesting. The fall occurred centering on love, but God's true love is still the origin and motivation of creation. Because the true parental love is there at the root, there is still a relatively large portion of this heartistic world remaining even in the fallen world. There has been relatively little change in the heart of parents for their children, and that foundation is still intact. That is the parent's love for his child.

These days, relationships between husbands and wives are causing the most problems. It is the most complicated issue. A family needs to establish its own type of order. The moral deviation among young people, all the many problems of the family, and the moral and ethical problems of our society arise from complications in the relationships between husbands and wives, between the right and left crescents. This tells us that the fall was a love that violated the horizontal order.

The three stages of the Blessing

There is something in this regard that we blessed families who are going the way of restoration must consider very deeply. Human beings pass through the course of restoration through small conditions of indemnity. The indemnity conditions laid by humans are quite small, and we are blessed by means of the authority of God and the True Parents. They let us stand in the position where we can receive the Blessing. So that we can be blessed.

There are three stages in receiving the Blessing. The first stage is the engagement, then there is the Holy Wine ceremony and finally there is the Holy Wedding ceremony. There is the Blessing prayer at the Holy Wedding. Is it inevitable that there will always be such stages? That is the case whether we study Father's words or examine the process through which the Blessing has always been conducted. First, he offers an engagement prayer, then he matches us into pairs, conducts the Holy Wine ceremony and offers a Blessing prayer.

The reason for this is that the human fall occurred through a process in which Adam and Eve, while they were still in a state of imperfection, formed a conjugal relationship that should not have been formed, and consequently initiated a history of chaos. Because this is the way that the fall occurred, it is necessary that we go through the process of restoration in pairs. The pattern has to match.

Father may engage members through photographs or, as he used to, by meeting each member individually. In any case, we do not inherit the blood lineage of Heaven or become sons and daughters of Heaven by virtue of the engagement alone. Yet, this is a indispensable stage toward those goals. The reason is that everything in the course of restoration has to go in the reverse process of the fall. And it is necessary that there be a matching pattern at the outset. It is a course in which each couple stands in the position of fallen Adam and Eve. Each couple momentarily returns to Adam and Eve.

The Holy Wine Ceremony is a rite in which there is a conversion to the true love, true life and true blood lineage of Heaven. Two people have to go through this conversion together, after they have been engaged. They have to come over Satan's demarcation line and cross over to the demarcation line of Heaven. They have to be grafted on. They have to have God's true love and life bestowed upon them. This is the stage of the Holy Wine Ceremony. After that the two of them receive the Blessing prayer, by which they become able to establish an eternal ideal family. The Blessing prayer originally should have been received here at the perfection level of the growth stage. It should have been received here. How many times are we blessed, according to Father's words? Father says it is three times; three times. First, we are blessed on the level of the church. After this, we need to be blessed two more times as husband and wife, as we pass through the perfection stage. We must be blessed on the level of the nation, and then on the world level, before we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven that brings together all of heaven and earth. The reason for that is that, originally, the Blessing is received at this point.

Such a process still remains to be done. Not only that, but the important thing is that, in a sense, it is relatively easy for fallen humanity to go as far as the stage where they are permitted to be engaged by the True Parents and receive the Blessing. From our own individual standpoint, it may seem difficult to witness, experience various difficulties, fast and set various other conditions. However, if we consider God's overall providence, or the fact that we violated heavenly law and principle, even six thousand years is too short a time for us to set indemnity conditions of equal value in order to reach this point. That is why the Heavenly Parents set us up in the position of children based on relatively small conditions.

The Blessing is commencement, not graduation

We do not receive the Blessing based on conditions we ourselves set but, instead, through the grace and unconditional love that God and True Parents bestow upon us. So, in terms of indemnity conditions, we can get this far based on relatively small conditions of indemnity, but after we have received the Blessing it is our portion of responsibility to pass through the perfection stage. Wasn't this the period of Adam and Eve's portion of responsibility as they were growing up? Our own portion of responsibility extends beyond the perfection level of the growth stage and through the perfection stage. No one else can do it for us. No matter how intimate they may be with us, no one else can do it. So, actually, the really important part comes after we receive the Blessing.

Thus, the Blessing is not a graduation but a commencement. It is a graduation from the fallen realm, but as we have to go to the realm of perfection through our own portion of responsibility, we can say that this is the place where the race to Heaven begins in earnest. Once we have received the Blessing, we have to use all our sincerity in order to attain the perfection stage. This is something that if we do not do ourselves, no one else can do it for us. Whether it takes ten years, twenty years or thirty years, no one can do it for us. This is something that we have to do only through our own portion of responsibility.

Is this not the same as in the family? When a child does not fulfill his responsibility, the parent will scold him, and scold him again if necessary, until the child finally comes to his senses. But what is the point in a parent continuing to scold a miscreant child who does not do as he is told? At some point, the parent cannot just continue scolding. The child may feel that because he is not being scolded anymore he has graduated from the scolding, but that is a misunderstanding. A big misunderstanding.

So, whatever we may do, we must know that it is our portion of responsibility to go from here (the point where we receive the Blessing) to the point where we are finally able to complete our Four Realms of Heart. In the end, we have to attain the position where we are "the center of the cosmos."

The heart of the parent comes about when the hearts of husband and wife reach their culmination and converge at the central point of the cosmos. When Father speaks, doesn't he speak about the love organs? On what basis do we become one? What do we use to become one? As a practical matter, Adam and Eve achieving the central point of the cosmos means that they become one physically through the love organs, based on the heart of husband and wife. That happens at point (C).

From that standpoint, the human love organs are the temple of cosmic love, the temple of all ideals. God entrusted each love organ to the opposite sex. The organ that is for the man is possessed by the woman, and the organ for the woman is possessed by the man. In terms of husbands and wives, the two partners each hold the temple of love that is for the other partner.

So, when Adam is perfected and feels the heart of the husband and wife, he automatically goes toward Eve. Why? He goes looking for that which is his. He is looking for something that belongs to him. Eve, too, goes looking for that which is hers. That is right. Each partner is holding something that belongs to the other. What do you call the crime of someone misusing something that has been entrusted to them? It is called embezzlement, isn't it. It is embezzlement.

So because of this, human beings cannot commit the fall through love: they must always carefully cherish that which belongs to their spouse and use it only for the sake of the spouse. That is what happens at position (C), the position that is the center of the cosmos.

 Result of passing through the Four Great Realms of Heart

When this happens, we will have passed through the Four Great Realms of Heart and become a champion of heart. Considered from this standpoint, we are automatically destined to live in a multi- dimensional world. If we were to represent the human position as living in a multi-dimensional world in terms of Father's diagram, this would be the time axis, this would be the position in which God comes to dwell, and then Adam's and Eve's positions are here, and their children come to stand in this position. As time flows, God, Adam, Eve; Parents, then children; Grandparents, parents and children. This is how Father has explained it.

Let's look at it in terms of the Principle of Creation that we teach in our lectures. Once Adam and Even have become husband and wife and begin to have children, where do these children stand? This is where perfected Adam and Eve stand. This is where they are. When they bear children here, this is where those children will go. So, the positions originally occupied by Adam and Eve are not vacant. They have all moved up. Adam and Eve have moved up the right and left crescents. They are no longer here. They are perfected and come to this position. For human beings, passage through the four great realms of the heart signifies our perfection, doesn't it? That means then that these positions become vacant. So, if Adam and Eve come together at this point, and God dwells within them, then do they not become the substantiations of God? When those substantiations bear children bearing a resemblance to themselves, then those children will stand at this point. These children will follow the same course as they grow up. This could just as well be someone else's son or daughter. If it is a son, he will grow up along the right crescent, and a daughter will grow up along the left crescent, centering on the mother and father.

In that situation, when the son and daughter grow to maturity and marry, what happens next? Doesn't that mean that Adam and Eve, who now become grandfather and grandmother, rise to higher positions, to the position of God? Going to God's position does not mean going to the spiritual world, but even from a two-dimensional perspective, it signifies a rise in position. When the sons and daughters marry and pass through the ideal Four Great Realms of Heart, this point is attained.

Three Kingships

Finally, then, the grandparents, parents and children form the underlying time dominion in this way. If we say that this is the direction of historical progress here, then the grandparents and parents are here. If we consider everything just as it is but from a vertical perspective, then when the children of Adam and Eve become perfected and form their own families, then the positions of Adam and Eve becomes that of grandparents. They rise to that position, and are followed by the parents and children.

Ultimately, the position of the grandparents is such that they are the substantiations of God dwelling within the family. They are in the position of possessing God's kingship. The grandparents represent the past. They represent the complete world of God. They represent the upper crescent, and they occupy the highest position in our families, and so the kingship of the grandparents is established. What of the parents, then? They are in touch with the reality of our two-dimensional and horizontal world populated by five billion people, and they administer the family and handle its affairs. The parents' kingship encompasses not only the husband and wife themselves and the children of their specific family but also is the kingship of a family which represents the clan, tribe, nation and the entire world of five billion people. The parents are the persons responsible to handle and administer all the problems that exist in the world of reality. That is the kingship of the parents.

That doesn't mean that we can overlook the children just for the mere fact that they are children. Children, because they represent the future world and the next generation, possess the kingship of the future.

Thus, we pass through the Four Great Realms of Heart to form families bound together in love, with the grandparents, parents and children all having a relationship with God and representing the substantiations of the kingship representing God, representing the world of reality and five billion humankind and representing the future. All of them are royalty and have a relationship with the king. They are all royalty.

In more concrete terms, when Adam and Eve were growing up, they were already a prince and princess. Their sibling relations were that of royal siblings. Their conjugal relations were those between a king and queen. Everything is interrelated, so when we humans are perfected we become heavenly royalty before God. All blessed families need to lay the foundations on earth for becoming heavenly royalty. In the spirit world, that is the most valuable asset. So, all blessed families need to pass through the Four Great Realms of Heart and experience the Three Kingships. It is the persons who live in relationships based on these kingships that come to live as heavenly royalty. This is the ideal for all blessed families. It is the original ideal of God's creation. That is how we should see it.

We should understand God's ideal of creation from this perspective. Our objectives at all times should be considered in the context of the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Kingships.

Father always refers to this diagram when he explains the basic principle, and we should never forget this diagram. Fulfilling our missions as tribal messiahs, witnessing, guiding people to receive the Blessing, and own individual portion of responsibility to attain the realm of perfection are all aspects of achieving what is represented in this diagram.

So, where are each of us located on this diagram? To what extent have we perfected and experienced the heart of the child, the ideal heart of brothers and sisters, the heart of husband and wife, the heart of parents? We must ask ourselves, further, whether we have joined the Royal Family of Heaven. If we always think about these things, if the parents and children and siblings always form their relationships within the family centering on the grandparents based on the ideals expressed here, then there can never be any mistakes.

Also, by considering this diagram, we can understand the education of the "Three Subject Thought." True Parents' thought, true teacher's thought, true master/owner's thought, education by the True Parents, education by the true teacher and finally being educated in the obligations of a true master/owner are ultimately all accomplished in the family ideal represented in that diagram.

When these kinds of families with this kind of organizational structure form a nucleus and begin to develop, then a tribe, nation, country and world centered on such families will develop. There is nothing greater than that. The world of our dreams is the world in which the environment and structure of heaven are perfected automatically through such a process as this.

What is the reason that Father always lectures us on true love and about the love organs? Recently, he has spoken about all the basic Principle, but when I hear him explain that diagram, I cannot help but thinking, "Even in the early days of our church, Father raised us by giving us the goal to become central existences of the cosmos. Even before he set down the words to the Pledge, he was raising us to become central existences of the cosmos." We must all give thanks that we have been given the knowledge that this is the point to which all humanity must be restored.

And when our men have dealings with women, when they have dealings with someone in the position of an older brother to his younger sister, if both understand their value as representatives of their sexes, then I think we will have far fewer problems.

Isn't this what Father always says? When we have dealings with other members or when we are witnessing to people in the world, we should always have the heart that looks upon old men and women as ideal grandfathers and grandmothers, or as our mothers and fathers. We deal with others as older brothers, as younger brothers, or as children from the position of parents. All of this is a part of Father's education to us based on this diagram.

Also, when we live as husbands and wives, when the wife relates to her husband, the husband to his wife, or the parents to their children in the context of the nuclear family, we should always relate as representatives of the upper, lower, forward, rear, left hand and right hand crescents. When we do that, we will accomplish the family ideal and advance steadily.

The more we know about this principle, the more we see that our ideals are high and valuable but also logical and rational such that they cannot be refuted by anyone. We can be proud of this content as the highest form of truth. I am sure we all understand, although perhaps to differing degrees, how difficult and how arduous it is to work towards and sustain our positions as ideal husband, ideal father, ideal older brother and ideal son in order to become the substantiations of this truth. We are truly blessed to have such clear goals in our lives.

Joining the Family Federation for World Peace is registration in Heaven

Our work to witness on the neighborhood level, to fulfill our missions as tribal messiah, to save our country and our work for the Women's Federation for World Peace, Men's Federation for World Peace and the House of Unification for World Peace are, ultimately, meant to enable us to attain all of that. That is why the House of Unification for World Peace teaches this content. Blessed families who are trained in accordance with that ideal and build up experience so that they can graduate will be admitted to the Family Federation for World Peace. Also, Blessing candidates who have received this education and have been trained in its practice will be admitted to the Family Federation for World Peace. Registering your name with the Family Federation for World Peace is the same thing as entering Heaven. Father has said that this is the equivalent of each person finding his tribe and registering his name in Heaven.

As we continue on the course of restoration, God has brought us to the final great gate, and is giving us the final training. We should know that this is the time when He is giving us the final inspection, and live our lives in gratitude. Let us pray.

Dear God, our Father! December has come before we hardly realized. On this day when we have very little time remaining in this year, and in the midst of the time permitted us by our Father for the 40-day period of special dedication and activity, we cannot but feel repentant and chastened when we compare the position that is expected of us by heaven and the results we have prepared.

Father! Let us once again tighten the belts of our hearts, remind ourselves that our lives have value and meaning only in the position to which we are called for the accomplishment of Your will, and become people who are able to offer our full dedication for the will that is required by the fortune of Heaven and desired by our True Parents.

Help us to realize that we are in absolute need of God and True Parents. We feel so sorry that You still have to implore us, and True Parents are put in a position of having to ask us to fulfill specific goals.

Father! Help us to become people who will call upon the True Parents, on whom we must depend forever and ever and be in need of forever and ever, with reverence and devotion as we do our utmost to accomplish whatever we can in every possible way, so as to resolve Your bitter feelings [han] and the bitter feelings of True Parents. We beseech You, our Father.

Our True Parents are laboring to conform national fortune to the direction and position required by heavenly fortune. No matter where they go in the world, and no matter where they are, their thoughts are always with this nation and the people in this nation, praying in tears and offering their devotions. Let us hear the voices of our True Parents at every moment as they entreat us to take responsibility for the Korean nation.

Father! We are deeply sorry and remorseful. We cannot but be repentant that we are so incapable, so obtuse and so inadequate. We know, though, that You have chosen us. We have received Your calling, and we have come to know the heart that You have of wanting to work Your providence through us. So, we ask You to help us hold onto the Korean people and the country of Korea as we perform our tasks to the very best of our abilities.

We see how even candidates for the external political regime go without sleep and work desperately around the clock. Help us to be people who will work even more desperately and with even greater devotion for the sake of the will of Heaven, for the sake of the eternal blessing of the Korean people, and in order to bring the Korean people and the Korean nation into the heavenly fortune. Our Father, we earnestly beseech You.

Left to ourselves, we are unable to do anything. We are indescribably inadequate. Father, govern us, and be by our sides as we take each step. Father we ask You to speak Your words through our mouths. Help us to meet people with Your heart, Father, and with Your power. Help us to counsel their spirits and guide their lives.

We ask You to carry out Your dispensation in every place throughout the world where worship services are being offered on this sacred and holy day with the heart of the True Parents and in their name. Let Your protection be with Your sons and daughters who are working hard to visit home after home in order to evangelize their neighborhoods. Please do not leave them to work alone. We ask, Father, that You intervene for them and guide them. Let the commands of Heaven be decreed through them.

We sincerely beseech that You will carry out Your providence even more through the missionaries and the children of the Unification family all across the world who are yearning for their Father. Let their actions be such and their gatherings on this day be such that they shorten the time remaining before world restoration is accomplished.

Please bestow the same grace upon the numerous upright and religious and spiritual people and other devoted people who yearn for Heaven with a righteous and pure heart. May all of the spirit world, all of their virtuous ancestors, be enlisted in the effort to let them come into contact with the words of the precious heavenly gospel, the heavenly words of life. The time has come for the upper and lower crescents to be united as one. May all of the spirit world work for the providence on earth. We earnestly pray that the time will come as quickly as possible when the righteous hearts of all people are bound together to attend the True Parents.

Father! We pray that during the coming week You and the True Parents will be glorified, and will be attended by all people of the world. We thank You and offer this prayer in the holy name of our True Parents. Amen.

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