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Father's Foundation of Victory

Chung Hwan Kwak
September 1985

As we know, Father's 21-year course of restoration was completed in 1981. Up to that time he and True Mother had to lay the foundation of victory from the individual to the worldwide level. After 1981, however, our True Parents focused all their efforts on building the worldwide foundation here in America centering on the American Unification movement. True Father did his absolute best during the 40-year wilderness course through 1985. In reality, from God's point of view, the foundation in this country is not yet enough. Our Father has urged us many times to accomplish certain goals, but we haven't succeeded. Therefore, acting in accordance with the principle of restoration, Heavenly Father had to ask for Abel's sacrifice: Father's going to prison in Danbury.

There he was able to win a complete victory for God by never complaining, always praying for this nation of America, and always serving and forgiving his enemies even though he was innocent. In a sense his course was similar to Jesus' crucifixion. During his time in prison Satan had no grounds to accuse Father about anything.

Because of this tremendous victory, after August 20, 1985, a whole new level of the providence will begin. Up until now True Parents had to focus completely on establishing and fulfilling the worldwide foundation and never had time for themselves, their family, or their own country. But from now on, they can freely focus on these three things. I believe, therefore, that Father will emphasize more and more the restoration of Korea.

Meanwhile, each country has its own continuing responsibility and goals, and each member likewise has his or her own mission and responsibility. That hasn't changed. America, and every country, has a very important role to fulfill during the 40-year course in the wilderness. If these goals are not fulfilled by the end of 1985, the course will be prolonged until 1988.

What this means is that here in America, for example, we have to inherit True Parents' victorious foundation and fulfill God's expectations by uniting with our Christian brothers and sisters, developing CAUSA outreach, educating people in the Principle through ICC, and getting more involved in home church and social action activities.

On July 20, 1985, Father announced plans for a special IOWC movement in Korea for the restoration of the homeland. Although each of us has our own continuing responsibility, some members and leaders will be involved in this mobilization, simply because True Parents' activities are always a central focus.

Through participating in these activities in Korea, members will be able to inherit the eternal Unification Church tradition, centering on the True Family and their homeland. As blessed families from all over the world gather around True Parents in Korea, we can build the tradition of blessed family life together, and also the tradition of true interracial, international, and intercultural life.

For these reasons True Parents expect blessed families, and also older members, to become involved in IOWC activities in Korea. Several groups consisting of members from all over the world will go to Korea at different times, totaling up to 7,000 people. The World Mission Department will announce the details about the schedule for the mobilization and the selection of participants as soon as Father reveals more about these upcoming events.

I'd like to reemphasize one point: It is good to be excited when we hear about a new dispensation and new activities that Father initiates, but we should not forget Father's previous requests and our duty to fulfill our immediate goals. Therefore, brothers and sisters across the world, please focus on your present missions and ongoing formula courses until Father's special call reaches you. 

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