Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

My Pledge

Mrs. Sung Sook Kwak Lee

1. I pledge to become the best child of True Parents, among the second generation, by studying True Parents' speeches.

2. I pledge to do my best to make True Parents' speeches become mine and to let me become the substance and the incarnation of the speeches, through which I will let my husband, children and other members of my family become a heavenly family.

3. I pledge not to fall asleep whenever True Parents give speeches, and not to drop even one word of it through heartistic oneness with them.

4. I pledge to absolutely keep the tradition of pledge on every Sunday and the first day of every month, correctly with a sincere whole heart and mind.

5. I pledge to bring up my children not to be shameful children to God, but to become a heavenly loyal family through dedicating my whole mind and body, given by True Parents' speeches as good soil for them.

6. I pledge to pray and pay with a sincere heart, heartistically and materially, for True Family, my family, Lee's tribe and Kwak's tribe without forgetting the importance of tribal messiahship.

7. I pledge absolutely not to be a shameful ancestor and be accused.

8. I pledge to prepare my internal and external ability so True Parents can be proud of me.

9. I pledge to become a humble and consistent wife and mother through leading a heavenly, traditional exemplary life toward my husband and children.

10. I pledge to, voluntarily, become a living sacrifice to offer, sincerely, my family and my tribe to God.

11. I pledge absolutely not to let God be disappointed in me.

12. I pledge not to express outwardly my talk and feeling, but to save and moderate them to raise my internal personality.

13. I pledge to offer every meal at my home offering table to God and True Parents at home and lead a life of attendance at home.


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