The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Blessing Guidance

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 12, 2002

144,000 Clergy Couples means that if we achieve that goal, each state must achieve 3000 clergy couples. This is not simple. This is very serious. Also, Father asked Rev. Kwak that each state, and each nation have to have detailed daily report of results. According to Father's basic direction and idea this is the responsibility of every Blessed Central Family.

We should send the report together their blessing application forms. Father asked that we have a clear report from each and every state. All state leaders and Regional leaders and all blessed couples must be more serious about Father's direction.

We must not only do external activity. We must lay an indemnity condition. This 40 days we should make a condition. We must do a very detailed daily checking of each states results toward the goal.

We should not think that this is a burden. Why is this not a burden. Please think about the serious meaning of the blessing. Why Father waited for this holy wedding until the year 1960. Why did Father start with 3 couples before 1960. Why did he wait until 1961 for the 36 couples.

Because of Satan's accusation and power, it was impossible to give the blessing before this time. Before this the world was completely under Satan's dominion. True Father, he himself, laid the indemnity condition. This is miserable. This is the unknown personal course of indemnity. Parents life and parent course is beyond the children's knowledge. Parents have their own course that children don't understand. We must think of this tremendous indemnity course that had to be secured. First, Father engaged three couples. They represented the three archangels. They were conditional. How difficult was the way for True Parents to hold their own holy wedding ceremony. No one imagined how difficult. We, as early disciples, had completely no idea whatsoever what was going on.

Then suddenly Father engaged these three couples. This was absolutely like a war. Even the day before his wedding he went to the police department for interrogation. Satan tried to hit Father's body directly. Even during the 72 couples blessing Father was severely attacked. Because of Father's historical foundation the blessing became easier. Satan lost the conditions to prevent.

The official title for this blessing is the Interreligious Clergy Blessing, Satan already gave up. This is not being done by our own power or authority. This is simply through True Parents victorious hand. If we think that we are doing it. You will think it's a mission or duty. We will think True Parents victorious foundation is there. Blessing is 100 % grace. First you must change your concept. In front of Father's victorious foundation, Satan has no power to prevent the blessing. We should just do the work. Even practically speaking. Just 10 years ago 1992 Father began the Interreligious Blessing Ceremony. Because of this Father began the globalization of the Blessing.

Because of this the door was open for all religions to participate in the blessing without joining the Unification church. During the 430 couple Blessing preparation one spiritual son was attending the workshop for the blessing. He came back during the middle of the workshop. Rev. Kwak asked why he came back. He said I don't qualify. The standards were so strict at that time. Compared to other candidates, other sacrificial members were there.

Since, 1992 the standard is so wide open because of True Parents victorious foundation. Because of True Parents heart for all humanity, True Father committed to reach all humanity, Father wants to reach everyone without exception. We are so joyful and so lucky because of this. This is officially the Interreligious and Worldwide Blessing Ceremony. Now all of the people can join in with this celebration.

Why did Father suddenly mobilize Japanese and Korean National Messiahs? Why? The three historical nations must join together as one. Father, Mother and Elder Son to participate and win victory in this glorious dispensation.

We have to guide all our movement and all of our members to join this historical and most joyful movement in history. This whole nation of America must participate, we must keep this key. Why must we reach this 144,000? Father wants to reach this goal one week or two weeks before. Father wants to announce to the world with a press conference. Because this is such an historical moment.

Rev. Kwak has so much experience that with just one day of education leaders become completely convinced about the blessing. Rev. Kwak just traveled throughout the world blessing political leaders and blessing the Cain world. Now Father wants to bless the Abel world of religious leaders. Rev. Kwak is sending out his leaders worldwide.

American movement. You are so lucky. This kind of historical blessing is centering on America and Christianity. How lucky you are. If all blessed couples understand how much grace there is you will change your concept and reach this goal. What an honor for Christianity to play the central role in front of True Parents.

True Parents have an unwavering historical foundation. This kind of content is there. If we reach this goal then True Father's mind and Heavenly Father's mind and heart will be so happy. We then fulfilled our mission. Many American leaders and members all are concerned before God about the Elder son's mission. Think about the 144,000 clergy and their closeness with True Parents. They are linked directly to True Parents and bound together in their blood lineage. Not through the Unification Church but directly through their own church or religion. Heavenly Father wants to reach that level. 144,000 Clergy couples foundation is now set for this time to reach that level. Based on this understanding we have to try to develop and understand how this coming blessing ceremony is not Unification Church ritual but rather a cosmic ritual. This is not the Unification Church marriage ceremony but Cosmic Marriage ceremony. We have to develop a logical explanation and approach as to how we can accurately explain.

In my mind. When we introduce Father we should not introduce him as the Messiah. But as "True Parents". Adam and Eve lost God's blessing. They lost God's blessing and were expelled from the Garden. All descendants are responsible to restore True Parents blessing. We have to perfect men and women and God's perfected couples. We need restored Adam and Eve as the restored True Parents. This is the destiny of all foreign human beings. This is the cosmic blessing ceremony.

Externally, this is rededication but it means much more. Their belief and sincerity is not enough. Their divorce and separation is a tragedy. This is the tradition we inherited from Adam and Eve. This is not simply rededication. We must understand. They clergy represent an historical couple and must join together as an historical couple to restore the use of the love organ. Even some of our blessed couples, why did they make a mistake and fall. Why? Before blessing they listened to the DP. Why then did they fall? It was because of their determination and true understanding of the real meaning of the sexual organ. We need a reeducation of all blessed couples. This method has to reach all religious leaders. Why, because religious leaders must fulfill and be examples to the world. All people look to the clergy and all youth all look to the clergy to fulfill their responsibility to become religious leaders. It's my method. We must educate the religious leaders and let them stand as an example. First our family must stand up. It is for us these clergy that we must understand this content. Now centering on this event Father wants to completely change this country and change this world.

This is completely Father's mind. This organization that we have set up is centering on this visible blessing organization. Father's mind is not there with one ceremony on April 27th. Father envisions a worldwide ceremony in every state and every country on April 27th. Each state must have Satellite or at a minimum internet. Each and every country of the world will come. Who knows what religion will join in at this time.

I'm expecting a lot. At the beginning of the May 1992 blessing, the majority that participated were the Moslem faith. At that time we were not Globalizing the blessing.

If the Moslem brothers took off their turban they could be killed. Father permitted the turban knowing that the globalization. You will fulfill the 144,000 clergy couples. Every organization must be responsible.

Once you fulfill the 144,000 you will see a landslide of millions based on these conditions. Also, PR teams will continue to work. UN and DC ambassadors will work and bring them to the blessing. At a minimum 12 current congressmen must attend. Mainly it's a clergy blessing. However, ,most good elected officials are good religious people (deacons etc.). How many different religious leaders will attend there. All denominations, all religions. This is beyond religion. This is Heaven's Blessing.

My conclusion, this is already fulfilled because of Father's victorious foundation.

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