The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Our Life Has to Change Unprecedentedly

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 24, 2003

Rev. Kwak's Report at the Leaders' Meeting on 11/24

The providence has reached the final stage now. However, our consciousness is still far from Father's. For example, Father mentions "the national boundary", but then, what is "the national boundary"? We say just "boundary" in English, so there is no problem. But in Korean, we say, "national boundary," which means the border between nations. Why does Father say "national boundary" instead of saying "boundary"? A national boundary exists between two sovereignties. Among all the boundaries, the most serious boundary lies between God and Satan. Father has been leading His life thinking about God's sovereignty at all time.

So, Father's view is different from ours. For example, Even if we eliminate the boundary between America and Canada, the heavenly kingdom will not come; but if we eliminate the boundary between God and Satan, there will come the heavenly kingdom. Father said to us, "You have to change in the most dramatic way ever since the beginning of the world." Our members' life and thinking have to change unprecedentedly.

From the original point of view, Father belongs to no nation. However, He had to suffer a lot in the secular world in order to save and fulfill the world of true love. The highest level where Satan exercises his authority is the national level. Satan cannot transcend the national level. The best example was communism. They advocated international communism, but they could not attain it. They could not overcome the national interest of each nation. On the other hand, Father is on the level of world-ism, Godism. Everything he did this year is beyond the nation. Father is the first religious leader who removed the sign of religion. He, therefore, is beyond religion.

There remains less than 40 days this year. When we look back upon this year, there were "The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gate to the Cheon Il Guk" and "The Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the Peace and Unity of the Heavenly Parents and the Parents of Heaven and Earth" on 2/6. We opened the Cheon Il Guk, and did our "birth registration." When we started this year, we received the heavenly gift beyond the national level. This was the miraculous beginning which we cannot compare with any secular thing.

On 3/10, the Family Party was inaugurated. Father said that that party was the party with which we educate people rather than practice politics.

On 7/13, Father proclaimed, "The age of indemnity has finished." How eagerly God and True Parents have been looking forward to this day! However, due to the fall, God could not reach human beings directly nor could He cut them off. The restoration through indemnity made it possible for God to reach human beings. Therefore, the way of indemnity is what we should be thankful for because we cannot go back to the original state without going this way. But on the other side, it was a way of bitter grief and regret seeing from the viewpoint of God and True Parents.

Let us think about the meaning of the end of the age of indemnity from our situation. Originally, receiving the blessing and drinking Holy Wine should have happened only once. But we failed many times until now. Each time we failed, True Parents laid the conditions of indemnity in order to forgive us. The fact that the age of indemnity has finished means that the age to govern by heavenly law started instead of the age of forgiveness. In the age of indemnity, even if we could not fulfill our responsibility, we were forgiven. Father forgave us because we are "children" of True Parents. However, the age of indemnity changed to the age of governance by heavenly law; thus everything will be dealt with by heavenly law. Therefore, we have to make up our mind.

Then, on 8/20 of Cheon Il Guk 3, Father proclaimed the beginning of the Nation of the 4th Israel. Cheon Il Guk is internal, and the Nation of the 4th Israel is external. The external means blood. The exchanged blood lineage has started. Father proclaimed in front of the cosmos, "I proclaim that the Nation of the 4th Israel, which is the hope of the 1st Israel, 2nd Israel, and 3rd Israel, starts now." What is the mission of the Nation of the 4th Israel? It is to fulfill the hope of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israelis.

In order to create the heavenly kingdom concretely, we have tried to fulfill the hope of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israelis. First, there was the Jerusalem Declaration. Next, there was the Washington Declaration. Then, the Seoul Declaration on 8/15. We went to Gaza, then, Christianity and Judaism and Islam repented and bring reconciliation as the sons of Abraham. (The pronunciation of "Gaza" is similar to "let's go" in Korean.)

The UN was originally prepared as the world government after the Second Advent of the Lord came down to the earth. Father has mentioned about the mission of the UN since he established the Professors World Peace Academy in 1973. When President Bush visited Southeast Asia this time, he opposed Father's proposal in the Philippines because it was against the principle of separation of religion and politics. The Philippines proposal in the UN was the one which cut off more than 50 % of the original proposal. So, if Father had not inaugurated the Abel UN, there would have been serious consequences. Father now promotes the Peace UN together with the Cain UN and the Abel UN. And WANGO is the main supporting organization for the Peace UN.

Father mentioned the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity on 10/25, the 44th True Children's Day. The Heavenly Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity means God, True Parents, and ourselves respectively. God's ideal of Creation is the completion of these 3 generations. In other words, it will be completed by the fact that God will become the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity after the unity of 3 generations. In order for us to become the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity, we have to give birth to 3 children. What is the meaning of 3 children? If husband and wife give birth to 2 children, the population will be the same in the future. But, if they give birth to 3 children, God's blood lineage prospers generation after generation. This means that they will participate in God's Creation. God created only 2 people, Adam and Eve, but we can contribute to His Creation doing more than that.

Father also proclaimed the Peace Kingdom. The Abel UN has to inspire the Cain UN to follow God's will, and the Peace UN will come with the unity of these two. Then, when we attend God as Father, and create a worldwide family, there will come the Peace Kingdom. "Static Unified World through Settlement" will be created when I have absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. "Dynamic Unified World through Settlement" means to create the Heavenly Kingdom concretely on the foundation of "Static Unified World through Settlement." Finally, "Pure Love Unified World through Settlement" comes through the settlement of the family, and the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth will come.

This time, we established the Peace UN, so we are setting up an embassy in each country. Look at the Vatican City in Roman Catholicism. They have many embassies in the world through the power of Catholicism now; but in the beginning, they sent their ambassadors to only a few countries. We prepared 49 embassies in the world. The New Yorker Hotel is the HQ, and we set up an embassy in the Do-won building in Korea.

Father's direction is as follows:

1. We have to live our lives uniting with the messages from the spirit world. Those messages are the goal which we have to practice with our bodies and attain.

2. To propagate sexual purity, we have to promote No Alcohol, No Smoking, No Drugs, and No Free Sex in the secular world.

3. Tong Ban Kyok Pa. Tong Ban Kyok Pa in America is to reach the neighborhood and relatives. Without a relationship with us, they have no way to relate with Father. TP already gave us the authority of the blessing. We have to bless our relatives and neighborhood in order to wipe out Satan's blood lineage. We have to bless people carrying the Holy Wine and Holy Salt all the time. We have to be absorbed in this kind of life.

When Father was in Danbury prison, one prisoner committed suicide by hanging after despairing of the life in prison. Prisons are the hell in the present age. So, suicide in prison is the hell of hells. Father was so sad that he proclaimed the "Day of Opening the Heaven" after laying the condition to save these persons. Father always goes even to the bottom of hell in order to save human beings. He tries to open the way of salvation for all human beings regardless of whether he is a sinner or a man of character. We also have to become the representatives of True Parents, and become successors of the heart of True Parents.

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