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Blessing Directions

To: Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From: HSA-UWC International President, Chung Hwang Kwak
Date February 18, 1999

Re: Directions

I pray that the blessing of Heavenly Father and True Parents be with the leaders and members of every nation who are making an effort for "The Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Rooting Out of the Satanic Blood Lineage" and overcoming difficult situations in your area of the world. Please make careful plans to carry out the following directions.

1. The victory of the Blessing of 360 million couples on February 7 was a big victory for God and True Parents and a big joy to everyone who worked hard for this victory. True Parents have directed that we secure unmarried 400 million couples (800 million single people) for the Blessing Ceremony that will be held around Father's 80th birthday in the year 2,000. True Parents have emphasized on having the children of the previously married Blessed couples participate in the Blessing.

Also please concentrate your efforts on securing unmarried candidates through having rallies on the subject "True Parents, True Family and True Blood Lineage." Despite the victory of the Blessing of 360 million couples, each nation did not accomplish the expected responsibility of preparing enough single-blessing candidates to participate in the last Blessing. Leaders in each nation are asked to mobilize all the members of their churches to do their best to prepare unmarried 400 million couples in the year 2,000. The target number for the Blessing of unmarried people assigned to each nation is twice the number of the entire blessed couples that received the Blessing until now. In case it is hard to prepare unmarried candidates in the nation to which you are assigned, you can work in your neighboring nations and the result goes to the person who worked and to the nation of the person.

2. The Blessing candidates who could not attend the Blessing Ceremony of 360 million couples due to difficulties such as transportation or communication should receive the Blessing under the supervision of the leaders of each nation within 2 months from the date of the Blessing Ceremony.

3. The name 'Heaven and Earth Blessing' has changed to 'Spirit and Body Blessing', and people from 49 years and older will be eligible to participate in this Blessing Ceremony.

4. The qualification age for membership in the Youth Federation for World Peace has been until the age 55, but from now the qualification age will be until the age of 49 only.

5. Each nation is urged to make and distribute stickers on this year's slogan, "The Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Rooting Out of the Satanic Blood Lineage" and on the slogan "True Parents, True Family and True Blood Lineage" and expand this campaign.

6. Chung-Pyung Workshop

The Chung-Pyung Training Center will hold the following workshops to solve the resentment of seven direct ancestors. I hope many of you will attend these workshops.

a. Content: Seven direct ancestors and family (direct lines on husband's side and wife's side and their children)

b. Preparation

(1) Special Condition: Special condition needed (bowing and breakfast fasting)

(2) Special offering of gratitude

(3) Make out a list of names of the seven ancestors and bring it to Chung Pyung (but when it is hard to identify the list of the seven generations, one can establish a condition while thinking of them in one's mind)

c. Workshop schedule

(1) Two-day Workshop: March 6 ‚ 7; March 13 ‚ 14; March 20 ‚ 21; March 27 ‚ 28

(2) Ten-day Workshop: March 6 ‚ 15

[Prepare an FM radio for English translation and the book "Blessed Family and Ideal Kingdom of Heaven" (English version)]

(3) Forty-day Workshop: April 10 ‚ May 19

[Prepare an FM radio for English translation and the book "Blessed Family and Ideal Kingdom" (English version)]

* For further inquiries, please contact the Chung-Pyung Training Center at these numbers:

Tel: (82-356) 584-7076

Fax: (82-356) 584-4336

Please distribute this information to all members that you are under your leadership. 

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