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Chung Hwan Kwak
April 1980

We have just entered a new age. We now live in the decade of the 80's which our True Parents proclaimed as the decade of hope.

As foreign representatives, each of you has the honor and privilege of representing God to the people of the country in which you work. You are the true messengers enabling God's heart to flow to the world in this new age of hope.

God desires that the true relationship between God and man be restored. He longs to embrace individuals of all continents throughout the world. Yet, for this to be accomplished, he needs strong representatives everywhere.

God's representatives must be concerned with all people and become the channels through which he can restore and directly embrace them. You should be concerned with the future of your country and the eternal lives of her citizens. You can accomplish this through your life of service and by carrying on the main providential activity of Home Church.

It is absolutely essential that you follow Father's directions and establish Home Church. Naturally you will feel that your nation is your Home Church; of course, on one level this is true; however, please do not limit yourself or Heavenly Father. You must set up your own 360-house Home Church area which represents your entire nation; love and serve the people in that area as you desire to love and serve all the people of your country. Periodically check your Home Church activity as well as that of your members. You must ask yourself whether or not you are an exemplary member of the Home Church providence.

Ask yourself whether your eyes are dry or wet with tears. With tears you must long to meet and teach the people of your country. Never stop your flow of tears as you yearn for the salvation of the people of your country whom God has prepared.

Further, please monitor the degree of hard work you exert in witnessing the truth of eternal life to the peoples of your nation. You must also show them the reality of the True Parents.

I pray that you can also become a good shepherd through checking and intuiting your members' spiritual situations. You should make sure they are educated through the external education system of two, seven, twenty-one, and forty-day workshops, as this is the system which Father himself set up. Yet, internally, you must be the one who silently watches and prays for their internal growth.

Starting with this year, all countries can receive the direct benefit of world restoration. True Father can choose one country through which to restore the world. Once the foundation of victory is established in Korea for the national level and in the USA for the worldwide level, any country can be chosen as the country from which worldwide restoration will spread under True Father's direct management.

When each of us is able to fulfill his own responsibility, we will then receive the direct benefit of God's restoration work. From this year on, the world will be treated not as many individual countries but rather as a unit.

We must quickly erect the worldwide foundation for our True Parents. To do this, unity within each region is absolutely essential. You should establish close cooperation with each other and together begin to build regional foundations for education and finance. Think not only of gradual development, but rather leap to new levels in your activities. Now is the time to look beyond the borders of your own country into the borders of your region and achieve the best working relationship possible. We will no longer simply give minimal support to each country, rather this year Headquarters will begin support of regional activities. Headquarters will also support IOWC activities on the world-wide level. We will also support you with educational materials (including translations) and begin a business foundation for our worldwide activities.

I wish to reiterate the five main areas which I pray you will concentrate on:

1) Be concerned with your nation as well as with your region;

2) Be an exemplary member working in the Home Church providence;

3) Are you living your life with tears or not;

4) Strive to work your hardest in all activities; and,

5) Carefully watch over your members' level of faith and spiritual growth.

God has waited a long time for you to fulfill your responsibility. This year you must accept Heavenly Father's challenge and work to accomplish it. You should glorify the 1980's by opening your spiritual mind and spiritual senses to bring God into your daily lives and keep God's ideal in your thoughts. You must also understand how God uses his arms to embrace people and how he uses his hands to serve them. When you discover this, you must establish the same pattern in your own life of service.  

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