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Rev. Kwak Visits African Churches

April 1983

For several years, our members in Zambia have been operating a sausage factory. Presently 50 pigs and 15 cows are butchered each month to meet demands for the sausage. During Rev. Kwak's February visit to Zambia, he met with the president of the country, and two members working in the sausage business presented some of their product to the president.

Land has been bought in Zambia for a farming project, to raise livestock and grow crops. Plans are being made to establish an agricultural training school, which will offer a two-year course, beginning with Divine Principle classes, and including academic and technical subjects; the first class will be composed of our members. In addition, a medical clinic, directed by the World Medical Foundation, will offer basic medical care and teach Zambians about health care.

Rev. Kwak visited our church in Zaire. In the capital city, Kinshasa, there are now 26 Unification Church centers and 250 active home church areas. Rev. Kwak met with members and missionaries. Our members operate a typing service (two sisters are pictured in the office) and a professional school, Ecoprof, which currently has more than 300 students in attendance; the school recently received government accreditation. Agricultural projects are also being planned.

In Nigeria, Rev. Kwak met with members and also discussed plans for agricultural projects. The chief of a village has donated land for our church to use for agriculture. 

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