The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Hyun Jin Moon's Second Special 21 Day Workshop

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 10, 2001

Dear Leaders,

Hyun Jin Nun's Second Special 21 Day Workshop

1. Title: Second Special 21 Day Workshop with Hyun Jin Nim

2. Participants: All Regional and National Leaders from Western Europe

3. Period: April 19 -- May 9 (Arrival by April 18)

4. Location: Unification Theological Seminary, New York, USA

5. Workshop Fee: $800 (National HQ and Region are encouraged to support when individual's financial situation is difficult)

6. Further detailed information will become available in the near future

This historic special workshop is the process by which one qualifies to become a leader in the Settlement Age. I encourage all candidates who receive the privilege of participating in this historic workshop to prepare themselves with grateful heart, respond whole-heartedly, and substantiate this great blessing with honor.

This workshop is designed to challenge participants spiritually, mentally, and physically. True Parents have emphasized that all leaders must renew ourselves, shedding our past concepts and habits, especially after the victorious enthronement ceremony of God. Leaders in the realm of Second Generation who will take the responsibility for the Settlement Age must acquire the qualification to substantiate God's Will. One must be reborn centering on True Parents and True Family.

I pray that all participants of this special workshop who are called to become leaders in the Era of Second Generation to be victorious and substantiate great blessing from God and True Parents.

Each organization please submit confirmations of attendance by April 3rd to your continental headquarters, who will send the attendance lists to World CARP headquarters in New York by April 4th .

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

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