The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

New "Holy Wine Ceremony"

Chung Hwan Kwak
January 24, 2002
Notes from Thomas G. Walsh

Rev. Kwak leaves tomorrow for Grenada and Trinidad, returning next Tuesday. Rev. J.H. Pak and myself will assist him on this tour.

This morning before leaving DC, all the staff and Japanese Volunteer team had Hoon Dok Hae together with Rev. Kwak.

Dr. Ward had asked Rev. Kwak the night before to comment on the recent directions for a "holy wine ceremony." Rev. Kwak gave guidance on this point. Here are a few hi-lites:

Blessed Couples position after the Coronation is very significant. In God's original ideal, God would govern all things and all realms through his son and daughter.

At the Fall, God lost all authority to reign. He could not simply erase humanity, for we are eternal beings.

At the Coronation God restored the original standard or authority over all things and human beings, so the significance is tremendous.

We do not fully see this reality because out spiritual senses are not open. If we could see, we would be intoxicated in front of God, giving and receiving with God. Also, our prayer would be so deep and intense and real.

Unfortunately we do not see the dramatic change that has occurred.

After the Fall, Adam and Eve hid from God. How can they hide from God? God was to dwell 24 hours a day with Adam and Eve, but after Fall, God could not dwell there, and only the "conscience" was the base for God in Adam and Eve and descendants. Humanity denied God, and Satan came to rule. God could relate only through the conscience.

Heavenly Father's course was to restore this through indemnity, and the main target or goal was to create a new Adam and Eve, True Parents. God's sole focus is on True Parents. Even Blessed Couples, God is somewhat distant compared with True Parents.

God doesn't want to keep original authority, but pass on to Adam and Eve.

Father's authority comes from God. If we follow Father, we are free and happy.

King of Kings doesn't rule over the fallen world, but new world that is emerging.

Among Unification Church members we need to jump to a new level, and complete the total living offering.

True Father has given us the Blessing, gave us title of (tribal or national) messiah, and allows us to pray in our own name. Through indemnity condition he brought us back from Satan's side. We should never return back. Unfortunately some Blessed couples made mistakes and some second generation did not fulfill.

Holy Wine is a precious gift for all human beings and True Parents want to share it with everyone. At the Blessing of 36 couples, Father mentioned that there would be not only family Blessing, but a national and world level Blessing. The re-registration Blessing at Chung Pyung was national level, and now we are offered the chance conditionally for world level.

Now we are to resemble True Parents. Someone who links to God and True Parents faithfully at this time will develop, but those who are only externally staying on and holding their position will grow distant. Please develop.

[Sorry these notes are not good enough.]

Thank you.
Thomas G. Walsh, Ph.D.

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