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Introduction of Father at the Assembly of the World's Religions Farewell Banquet

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 20, 1985

Distinguished guests, members of the head table, ladies and gentlemen: It is my greatest pleasure to introduce Rev. Sun Myung Moon to you, at this Farewell Banquet.

I have known Rev. Moon for nearly thirty years. I can testify to the intensity of his spiritual communication with God. Rev. Moon has an insatiable appetite for a daily life of prayer. Up to this very day, at 65 years of age, he still sleeps less than three hours a night. Upon awakening, he begins his day with several hours of prayer and meditation. He not only preaches to our church members every Sunday, but he spends hours every day giving guidance and inspiration to members and guests of the Unification Church. Every activity he initiates and takes part in is done with the motivation of serving God and humanity. In all my years with Rev. Moon, I have never seen him take any vacation from his intense commitment to God.

Unlike many people today, Rev. Moon does not see God as a mere human concept. Rather, God is an existent, living being who is actively involved in our human lives. The same is true of the real existence of a substantive spiritual realm. For Rev. Moon, the affairs of the world cannot be considered apart from the presence of the Living God and the spiritual world.

Through his intense prayer, however, Rev. Moon has realized that God's heart is far from joyful. God's heart is filled with intense pain because human beings have not been able to understand Him and respond to His love. The image of Rev. Moon most deeply engraved in my heart, from my own experience, is the image of him in prayer with tears streaming down his face. His deepest motivation is to comfort the heart of God. To me he appears always as a spiritual light and the father of life.

This desire is the basis for Rev. Moon's efforts to close the gaps that exist as barriers between nations, peoples, races and religions. God must be very joyful to see this Assembly of religions and traditions from around the world here this past week. How much God must desire that future gatherings and events such as the Council for the World's Religions can bring more people to a realization of the common world which we share, and of the Creator whose children we are.

Rev. Moon invited us here for this purpose: to make a real difference in the world and in history. Thirty years ago, in a humble church in Seoul, Korea, Rev. Moon spoke of (sod bringing an Assembly such as this about, and already started to lay the foundation for interfaith and inter-religious dialogues. Since then, the first priority in his ministry has always been the efforts for the harmonious relationship among the world's religions. He clearly recognized God's hope for seeing that all religions become one in God's love. Few if anyone could believe him then; to see it realized here truly testifies to the greatness of God, and to the spiritual power of Rev. Moon. The vision he holds out to us at this moment also may not be believed by everyone here. And yet -- who can doubt the power of God? And who would deny the vision of God's kingdom?

In my experience, it is through Rev. Moon that this vision today is revealed with the greatest clarity and authority. With great happiness and thankfulness, I introduce to you, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. 

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