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God created all things to exist in order and harmony

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 1985

God originally created all things in the universe to exist in order and harmony, partaking in joyful giving-and-receiving relationships with God and with each other. Within the heart of each and every one of us, therefore, there abides an original desire to have harmonious relationships with our fellow human beings. But in reality, this world is far from harmonious. Why do we have such difficulties in substantializing what our original minds long for?

There are two reasons. The first is the existence and work of Satan. Satan has destroyed what were originally planned to be relationships of harmony between humanity and God, people and people, and human beings and the things of creation. If these relationships were restored, then Satan could not survive in his position. So, Satan always hates harmony and good relationships. He does not experience any limitations of time or space. He works constantly and he always is looking for even the smallest condition which will enable him to act. Perhaps you yourself have had the experience of wanting to make good relationships with brothers and sisters, but at a certain moment, an unexpected situation occurs and these relationships break down.

Second, we exist in a world that already has flawed or broken human relationships as its normal condition. In this fallen world, everybody is expecting love, sacrifice and care from others.

Under these circumstances, we need some kind of vehicle to induce us to give, serve, and sacrifice for others. Religion has traditionally been the vehicle through which people find the motivation and faith to restore harmony and good relationships.

Among the world's religions, which is the most central? If we look at the teachings of these religions, we can see that Judeo-Christianity has always focused deeply on God's love, and for this reason could be central in God's providence.

If God's desired result is the achievement of harmony, then the initiator of this harmony can be called an Abel figure. Thus the issue of who is to be considered Abel is not determined by position alone, but by who can create harmony through serving and loving others.

From this we can understand that Abel may not necessarily be a person, but may perhaps also be an idea or vision centering on God's ideal.

Abel should provide the motivation to love, serve, and share. Unfortunately, though Christianity has always extolled these virtues, it has not fully put them into practice. We, whom God has called to fulfill the mission of Abel, should strive to love our elder Christian brothers and sisters, and serve them untiringly. In this way Christianity can be renewed in love and commitment.

In this very special time, when we are completing our 40-year sojourn in the wilderness and are approaching Canaan, let us remember that Abel cannot enter the Kingdom of God alone, but only together with his brother Cain. We are called to create harmony with Christianity and with all humankind, and to go together with all people into the land of Canaan.

True Father has always asked Unification Church members to develop a good relationship with established churches, and to bring about harmony within all of Christianity. He has devoted his whole life to this end, for without this unity the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be built. We ought to follow Father's tradition and lifestyle when we talk with fellow Christians, become involved in their parishes, and go about all our home church activities. Let us be known and remembered for our love and sacrificial attitude,


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