The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Worldwide IIFWP Educational Program

Chung Hwan Kwak
September 10, 2000

To: Continental Directors, National Messiahs, and National Leaders
From: Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Chairman
Re: Worldwide IIFWP Educational Program
Date: September 10, 2000

Greetings on behalf of our beloved True Parents.

1. Education of 360 Leaders: During the IIFWPıs Assembly 2000 in New York, True Father gave direction for IIFWP to develop and implement a worldwide educational program reaching out to every nation in the world. Father emphasized that in each country we offer a program to educate 360 leaders in the following categories: 1) 120 youth leaders; 2) 120 religious leaders; 3) 120 political, academic and media leaders. Father also directed that we begin this program and implement seminars in at least 70 nations before the end of this year.

2. Purpose: The purpose of this program is to develop a core of leaders in each nation who understand and are dedicated to True Parents vision for world peace, and who seek to implement that vision in accordance with the ideals of the United Nations. These leaders should learn to ³live for the sake of others.² Father wants to educate a group of IIFWP and UN ³ambassadors for peace,² a kind of ³global peace corps.² For this purpose IIFWP hopes to work closely with the United Nations.

3. Curriculum: The curriculum for this program is being developed under Dr. Neil Salonenıs direction at the University of Bridgeport. The curriculum is to be based on Fatherıs vision and teachings, particularly as they relate to the global vision of the United Nations and critical global issues. The University of Bridgeport is preparing to offer a certificate for graduates of this educational program.

4. London Seminar: In London, England, on September 29-October 2, the IIFWP will sponsor an international seminar on ³Global Character Education for a Culture of Peace.² The conference will be held at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, and will function as the starting point for the worldwide educational program.

5. Core Leaders Attend: Each continent should send 3-4 of the most capable members to come to attend this program, as well as a one-day training session on October 2. These members will then form the core of the educational team that will implement the program in the nations of each continent.

6. National Participant Quotas: The following nations, listed with the recommended number of participants in parentheses, have been selected to participate in the London Seminar:

Korea 10 Japan 10 USA 40

England 40
France 10
Italy 10
Germany 10
Austria 10
Netherlands 5
Greece 5
Spain 5
Hungary 5
Czech Rep 5
Poland 5
Norway 3
Sweden 3
Finland 3
Other 10

Russia 10
China 10
Mongolia 10
Other 15

Nigeria 10
South Africa 7
Uganda 7
Kenya 7
Ghana 7
Ivory Coast 7
Zambia 7

Israel 7
Sudan 5
Jordan 5
Lebanon 5

Australia 5
Papua NG 3
Marshall Is 3
Other 3

Taiwan 5
Philippines 10
Thailand 5
Malaysia 5
India 5

Brazil 10
Uruguay 10
Argentina 10
Paraguay 10
Columbia 5
Ecuador 5
Costa Rica 5
Guatemala 5
Dom Rep 3

7. Core VIPs: Each nation according to the quotas assigned should send high-level, high-quality representatives from each of the three categories listed above. Keep in mind that some of these persons should also be your key allies, advisors and co-workers in carrying on the work of the IIFWP and in implementing this educational program in your nations. It is a good idea, for example, to send the persons currently serving as the National and Continental Chapter Chairpersons of IIFWP as participants. They will come away from this seminar fully inspired to work with you to organize a similar seminar in your nations.

8. Approval and Invitation Process: Because time is so short, each Continental Director may supervise the selection of participants for this seminar to ensure that participants are of the best quality and represent the categories requested by True Parents (described in point #1 above). The invitation letters may be sent directly from the continental headquarters or national headquarters office, according to the Continental Directorıs direction. Once a person is approved by the Continental Director, the invitation letter can be sent along with the response form. The completed response form should then be faxed or emailed to IIFWP headquarters in New York immediately in order that we can prepare the hotel list and making air travel arrangements.

This is a great opportunity for the restoration of our nations and the world.

Thank you and God bless you.

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