The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Hoon Dok Hae with Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang - June 29

Chung Hwan Kwak
June 29, 2003
Hoon Dok Hae
Sheraton National Hotel
Washington, D.C.
(Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins)

Even one word from Father is so significant. Today in the May 2nd speech he said one sentence. Did God have a wedding or not? Who could think of such a person. I've followed Father for many years and yet I don't understand so much. Man areas and points only Father alone is pioneering and he teaches us patiently over and over. In this sense how lucky we are.

6 Billion population, how distant and how many fates we have. Gradually, through Father's guidance we begin to understand. Father has repeatedly emphasized that you should know God clearly and know the Spirit world. General believers, to be faithful, must come to a point where they realize that they are unworthy. Generally and uncommonly, someone must join the way of faith.

Generally they recognize that they are fallen and need to change. Where do they go? They go to the Bible or to the scripture and seek the truth. Unificationists, we were so excited to hear the Principle. When I joined the church, I was deeply toughed by the fall of man. I understood that I would live the rest of my life as a single person. Father and all elders were single then, and family life was unthinkable. There was so much emphasis on the pure life. Absolute purity. We were young, and there were many temptations, especially internally. Then suddenly the Blessing came. It changed the environment so much.

Father educated us but in reality, how different was the blessing standard and where we were. How do we start our family life. A hotel or such a sinful environment is unthinkable. We went to family homes. Sometimes only the wife of that family supported but still we felt good to start our families there.

Now, since 2001 and the World Peace Blessing, the blessing is completely open and it is shared openly with the world. At the inauguration of the Family Party, we expected on the first day a speech from Father concerning the Korean peninsula etc. But he talked about the wedding of God.

Japan has done this now and next America must do this. Family parties main mission is the Family party. Usually a party produces policy. Since God creates all things and human society, humans have been ignorant of God's policy. Political party is unworthy to make God's policy. Without producing policy of God, what are the parties doing. They are simply managing the state and not leading the nation to God's Kingdom. Why does Father mention about God's wedding, rebirth and administration. Main role of family party, we guide and educate people to register into the heavenly kingdom. If parents could not register their marriage, they have no legal status. From God's eyes all the marriages that have been made were not registered yet except those that went to the blessing. The Family Party becomes necessary to register all people after they are blessed. We understood all blessed couples legally were blessed. They all have different registration state. The first blessing by True Parents was the blessing on the Family Level. If we join the heavenly kingdom from this point there will be a great deal of limitation. Only the family level for these couples.

Father did not explain what he was doing with the registration blessing, God's Coronation and the Cheon Il Guk Blessing. Only parents were responsible so Father was silently going forward, laying indemnity conditions to achieve all of this. Then the registration blessing was held, the Coronation ceremony, the Cheon Il Guk blessing. The registration blessing was on the national level and the Cheon Il Guk blessing was on the world and cosmos level including heaven and earth.

The message from the spirit world indicates that the founders of all the major religions are living in the realm of absolute principle centering on True Love. While on earth these saints, were humble, gentle and some even soft looking. Inside however, these saints have internal character far beyond steel. However when they get to the spirit world they find out that a strong internal Character is not enough in the spirit world. They need True Parents and the blessing.

When you register your blessing on the Cosmic level centering on the Cheon Il Guk blessing, this registration opens the door not only for your family but also for all the spirit world. This means that all the families are included. The grandparents and all generations are included.

From now the blessing that is passed on to your lineage is dependant upon your results. The inheritance that you bequeath to the following generations is dependant upon your fulfillment of Father's direction. We are so fortunate to have learned so much from Father. Now the door is open for us to gain much, much greater fortune for the same amount of attendance that you offered before. Much greater fortune is now coming for the same effort.

We don't know what Father's future direction and development will be. It is very exciting. If we share well Father's teaching and vision, then even a very important person will be moved. It doesn't matter what position they have.

Now I go to Korea and will join Father's schedule from 5 am and then in the night. Night and day are upside down from now but I will attend True Parents.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang

Recently IIFWP did an event for Ambassadors for Peace and congressmen on Capital Hill, Father was so pleased particularly because the whole movement came together as one in America. We will continue this way from now. Father made a special trinity of Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo into a special trinity. Rev. Kwak is the representative of all families and this has created a new dispensation of unity in the Elder son nation.

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