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The Unification of the Fatherland

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 1987

The motto for 1987 that Father gave us is "The Unification of the Fatherland." By the word "fatherland," he is by no means talking about an external nation like Korea, America, or any other existing nation. What Father is referring to is the ideal eternal nation that should have come about through the perfected Adam and Eve, through the multiplication of Adam's family and tribe centered on God's love. Because of the fall, we lack this ideal nation.

On January 2, at the international leaders' meeting, Father gave us instructions for 1987, which center on the unification of the individual, the family, the clan, the tribe, the nation, and the cosmos. In Father's mind, a person must unify his or her own mind and body centering on God, then, centering on that individual, a unified family, clan, tribe, and ultimately the unified fatherland can come about.

Unification cannot be achieved by making any external arrangements or creating any external government, because the process of unification is the internal process of growth toward perfection. To believe that we can just simply enter a country is a misconception. When Father speaks about the unification of the fatherland, he is thinking of the basic element that makes up the fatherland -- true love. Father's concept is that once that fatherland comes into being, it exists for eternity. Purely external efforts or results never remain for eternity.

We need to deeply reflect about Father's God's Day speech and the meaning of his instructions. First, we must focus on the internal concept of the original ideal of the fatherland. Secondly, we must focus on our own self as the subject of unification. We need to check whether we are practicing or living up to the ideals of unification as an individual and as part of our family, clan, tribe, nation, world, and cosmos. In other words, we have to evaluate our own level of love.

Although we have not accomplished personal victory on every stage, Father has laid the foundation for our victory on all levels. Therefore, as we are perfecting ourselves and our family, we are operating on the cosmic level at the same time. We should not think, "When I myself am perfect I will start perfecting my family, and when I have a perfect family I will start perfecting my clan" Restoration occurs on all levels at once. To look at it another way, a unified individual cannot ultimately survive without a unified family surrounding him, and a unified family cannot prosper without the protective environment of a unified tribe. Thus, in order for the unified fatherland to prosper, the unification of the cosmos is necessary. Ultimately it doesn't matter what level we are focusing on. The main point is -- we just have to share true love 365 days a year.

We should have the attitude to approach all people with love. We can elevate our own personality to a God-centered personality by creating unity and harmony with our brothers and sisters and with our neighbors, especially the ones in our 360-home territory, our home church. Whatever we do, we have to keep focused on the element of true love. This is our goal for 1987.

Recently I have reflected about the past 40 years of True Parents' sacrifice and hard work. Father's accomplishments have remained almost completely hidden from the world; very, very few people have recognized their importance all this time. But I feel as if a dispensational springtime has arrived. Father's activities, which cover every scope of human endeavor, are now becoming visible. A small green seedling is coming out for everyone to see, and soon the flower will blossom. This is definitely a sign of hope.

The long 40-year winter term, the serious period in which Father was carrying the responsibility all by himself with no recognition, is over. He carried on with patience, with true parental heart, and with tremendous effort, but now the time has come when we, the representatives of all mankind, can comfort him by taking responsibility.

As Father's projects become more and more visible, each individual Unification Church member will come more and more under the spotlight. Theologians, scholars, and other influential people, as well as the general public, are beginning to watch us very closely -- some with curiosity, some with fear, some with hope. But in any case, they are scrutinizing our beliefs and our lifestyle. So there should be no hiding, no more reluctance. We must share with others; we have no choice anymore.

Because of all the diverse fields our movement is becoming involved in, we are communicating with a wider and wider range of people. Thus, in a sense, we as Unification Church leaders and members are appearing in front of the world and in front of history. With this kind of exposure, we need to be concerned that our individual lifestyle reflects Father's tradition -- not merely for our own sake, but for Father's sake, for the sake of the whole dispensation.

How shall we do this? We must align our attitude with Father's motto and instructions, which are, in essence, to focus on loving for the sake of the higher purpose. This is the True Parents' tradition and main teaching. Then no matter who we are with, we will know how to relate, if we keep true love in our hearts. 

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