The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Rev. Kwak's visit to Holy Ground in New Zealand - via Dr. Walsh

Chung Hwan Kwak
August 5, 2003


Rev. Kwak visited the holy ground in Wellington, New Zealand. The first missionaries were sent there, I believe by Paul Werner, in 1973. After pledge and Hoon Dok Hae on August 1st Rev. Kwak spoke:

To raise our children we need Heavenly Father and spirit world's support, not just ourselves. The family unit needs protection and God's care, and support of spirit world. For this reason, Father teaches us to keep the Hoon Dok Hae tradition. I want to share about True Father's recent announcement. On July 13, Father announced "today is the day of the end of indemnity." Indemnity started because the human ancestors fell. If there had been no fall, there is no indemnity. We set indemnity conditions to regain our original status. On 1/13/01, with the Coronation, we begin God's regime. On July 13, we see the end of indemnity, for True Father. No more indemnity conditions are necessary.

God asked for indemnity conditions, even though God's has a complete true love nature that only wants to give and embrace. God only asked for indemnity conditions due to Satan's accusation. Satan used blood lineage and the true love ideal. He stole God's idea. Heavenly Father has no other way to go beyond Satan's accusation than through indemnity conditions. Satan has a powerful false blood lineage foundation for thousands of years, and God only had the 16 year foundation prior to A/E's fall. God is owner of love, and it is so incredible that God's foundation is so great even though he has had such a short period of its development.

After the Fall, God couldn't create a second true love origin point. God needs to keep one root, even tho it is agonizing. God worked through Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Perez and Zerah, Mary and Elizabeth, Jesus and John, etc.

Now we have the end of indemnity. Very hopeful. Now Satan is no longer accusing God and True Parents. But, my interpretation is that the end of indemnity refers only to True Parents position. End of indemnity is not for me, but for True Parents.

I want to speak of one other point, that is, True Father's explanation of the realm of the heart of exchange. God and True Parents always have a heart of exchange. True Father takes all his things and gives them to others. This is the heart of exchange. It is True Father's whole life. He never hesitates. He always wants to give or pay for an unworthy object. Father paid so much. We have received so much. How could we have overcome original sin? Only True Father's love and the grace of the Blessing. We had the re-registration ceremony, but without a nation. So Father developed Cheon Il Guk. Prior to this our Blessing was church level, but now we registered at the Cheon Il Guk level.

After the fall, Satan uses the principle to subjugate Adam and Eve.

We need to develop the heart of exchange, as in exchange marriage. True Father views everything as mixed. The first are last and the last are first. Don't think of yourself as elder or special. True Father always can push a new person forward, at any time. Everything is to be exchanged. Develop an exchange mind. First, realize that my life, love, resources, etc., at True Parents'. All I have is for True Parents. Don't try to jump ahead to the kingdom of heaven. Rather, try to exchange. Go down to a lower realm. Without a change of attitude or lifestyle, we cannot say we are Blessed Couples or that we are attending True Parents. The precious thing for True Parents is God's original love and life. If we lose our heart of exchange and a heart of gratitude, we dry up and even become satanic, focusing on self-interest. Today at the seminar, always think how we can exchange.

These seminars have two primary goals: 1. development and promotion of the UN interreligious council, 2. link the participants in an eternal life relationship with True Parents.

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