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Professors World Peace Academy: Address to Participants

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 1980

This age of history finds mankind confronted by serious dangers. The very survival of civilization is not only affected but actually threatened. No greater danger confronts us today than global war and the menace of nuclear disaster resulting from the misuse of knowledge by certain political and economic interests.

It is quite natural, therefore, for a world in crisis to turn towards its professors and intellectuals to provide answers to the basic problems challenging mankind. For if hope cannot be provided from those whose life work has been in the advancement of human wisdom, then where else can man turn in its desire for continued human progress and development?

To achieve this goal of world peace, mankind has constantly sought answers and attempted solutions. Countries have made peace treaties; nations have developed their natural resources and stockpiled war materials. Yet an internal struggle persists in man's mind. These internal and external quests for peace have been researched and discussed at numerous conferences and meetings.

At such a critical time, Reverend Sun Myung Moon felt inspired to found the International Cultural Foundation and the Professors World Peace Academy. His hope has been that such an academy could provide an organizational vehicle for the efforts of the academic community to advance the cause of world peace. Since the PWPA is composed, on an international and interdisciplinary basis, of scholars and scientists who perceive the crisis of modern civilization, it offers a unique opportunity to formulate new ideas and methods for realizing a viable world order.

Throughout history, man has so often misused the word "peace." Dictators and various national leaders have externally espoused this ideal, yet have manipulated it to gain control of their own peoples and other nations. Thus, many weaker nations have reaped a lopsided benefit of peace, when the proclaimed goal of peace has been used only as a strategy for a wholly unrighteous purpose. This kind of thinking exploits the true ideal of peace.

Before unity and peace can develop, a balance or equality between a subject and an object must exist. This equality must come to govern relationships between individuals, between societies and between countries. However, balance or equality will not be found by comparing only external characteristics. Each person is a unique individual truth body. Abilities, skills and intelligence vary among people, and there has been no absolute standard by which to judge such qualities. Thus, it is impossible to reach the goal of peace based on anything so insubstantial.

We have to understand what kind of value can bring equality among individuals. Every person, for instance, has the precious gift of life.

Some people use it, some abuse it. In addition, all are God's children; but some choose to recognize it and some to ignore it. Yet, life and God's lineage are qualities that express true value.

Furthermore, true peace can be built from true love; and true love can be experienced through recognizing the true value that binds all men together.

Members of the academic community must develop their ideas for the benefit of the world community and should actively guide mankind toward the goal of universal peace and happiness. Scholars have the energy to do research and planning, but too often in the past they have not received recognition for their hard work and effort. Although scholars have helped so much to develop the history of the world, many times mankind has not shown them enough respect or appreciated their contributions. Having a deep respect for scholars, Reverend Moon has understood this and has sought to actively help them in the pursuit of their important activities. This was one of the purposes for the establishment of the International Cultural Foundation and the Professors World Peace Academy.

Furthermore, the goal of ultimate peace embraces the whole world, because this world sustains all nations and all peoples. Yet in order for the total purpose of world peace to be achieved, no single field of research can exist by itself or provide a sufficient solution to man's needs. These fields need to be coordinated.

However, under present circumstances, scholars are divided into national groupings and innumerable academic disciplines. There is no consistent support for efforts to work together with other branches of knowledge. In other words, present conditions are not conducive to finding a working base for the necessary coordination of efforts.

The range of mankind's knowledge has become too broad for one scholar to be able to master all the details. Even one generation is not sufficient to meet all the needs of our rapidly advancing technological world. Besides, foundations that support research often impose limitations. It is imperative, then, that scholars from everywhere engage in joint research which can be continued generation after generation.

Reverend Moon began the PWPA for this purpose as well: to be an academy of professors researching world peace. Recognizing that so many problems are caused by national boundaries, PWPA feels that within the true academic community, no national boundaries exist.

Reverend Moon further envisions the PWPA as the foundation on which to build an international university. He strongly believes that the PWPA can educate scholars and find a way to make this international university a practical reality.

The International Cultural Foundation sponsors these annual ICUS, but the true goals of ICUS cannot be attained within a three day conference. After the conferences, many issues need continuing research. The consensus of the ICUS participants is clear: we need to put ideas into practice. This might take the form of guiding mankind by teaching true standards or influencing the direction of society.

Reverend Moon hopes that in the future ICUS will receive constant nurture and support from the scholars of the PWPA. There is no single method by which the PWPA should guide mankind toward the goal of peace. Each country, as well as every field of endeavor, has unique circumstances. Even though every national PWPA strives to understand and address itself to its particular needs, I want to re-emphasize the importance of international coordination and cooperation.

My hope and belief is that you will form long-term plans based on such universal ideas as have been discussed in this conference and focus on them, while you continue to research problems in detail and then guide others in attaining short-term goals.

Reverend Moon believes that the destiny of the world and civilization lies in the manner in which we meet the challenges confronting us today.

Our conviction is that there can be real peace, and that our world can reach the goal through God-centered ideas and methodologies. God is indeed with us, and so is the hope of history and the desire of all mankind. 

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