Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

CIS and Baltic Nations' Missionary Meeting

Rev. C. H. Kwak Moscow, CIS January 14, 1993

Following their direction from Father in Kodiak the overseas missionaries from seventy-two nations returned to their mission countries and prepared to fulfill their new assignment to the CIS and Baltic nations.

After being with True Parents in Korea on God's Day, Rev. Kwak met with those missionaries who had assembled in Moscow. This is his address.

This year, 1993, is a very important year for us and our movement, especially centering on God's Day, when Father proclaimed the hopeful message that this is the first year of the Completed Testament Age. After Father proclaimed this I said to him that I had understood that the first year of the Completed Testament Age was 1960, the year of the Holy Wedding. Father explained that before the Completed Testament Age began, he had to complete the victorious foundation together with Mother. As you know, Mother's worldwide rallies that began April 10, 1992, have a very significant meaning. Mother inherited Father's victorious foundation. Father's whole past lifetime and foundation have been passed on to Mother.

Until God's Day this year, whenever we met True Parents we bowed twice, to Father and Mother. From now on we need only to bow once to True Parents, because True Parents are completely united in their victorious foundation. However, please maintain the tradition of bowing three times at pledge service. Pledge service is different.

If you are alone, remember that your spouse is symbolically beside you. As a couple, in your inner consciousness, you should always be together.

Mother plans to go to Pyongyang in March. Already she has gained all the victory. She inherited all the conditions from Father, through Father and Mother's victorious foundations.

This year is a dividing point in history. The period before Jacob was the pre-Old Testament Era. Based on Jacob's foundation the Old Testament Era began. That era laid the foundation to resurrect people to the first stage. Based on Jesus' activities, the New Testament Era began. It is not at all simple, but it is the condition for the first stage of resurrection in human restoration.

The second stage of resurrection is a historical transformation according to the merit or benefit of the age. Conditions before 1993 and after 1993 are entirely different. All heavenly fortune and God's dispensation have progressed centering on 1993. All humankind is now under the great beneficial era of the completed restoration. It is an amazing year.

The original nature of all humankind automatically has to adapt to True Parents; it is forced in the direction of True Parents. So, since the Completed Testament Age is related to attendance, all mankind has to attend True Parents. This is the last condition of restoration.

Because of this, Father's status and Mother's status and foundation is different as of January 1, 1993. Satan has no condition to directly attack or oppose True Parents. Satan has only a small hole through which to attack True Parents, through indirect conditions (through the environment).

The year of the True Children

Father proclaimed 1993 the year of the second generation. You may remember Father emphasizing the second generation. Please understand clearly. Many of the younger generation or blessed couples misunderstand, thinking, "From now it is our era." Many people think the era of the second generation, centering on the young people, is their era. Rather it is the era of the True Children. Therefore, before you think of the younger generation or the second generation blessed couples, first think that the era of the second generation means the era of True Children.

The heavenly schedule starts from the True Children, and all the second generation have to unite with the True Children. Only on this condition can they consider their own generation. Without this relationship to the True Children, nobody can uphold their own generation. It is an absolute condition. Always think of the dispensational or providential progress. First think of the mainstream, always centering on True Parents and the True Family. The real era of the second generation begins now, with the True Children. All your children have to completely unite with the True Children.

The meaning of this year's motto

This year's motto is "The New Family and the Unified Fatherland." What is the meaning of the "new family"? Your family? The thirty thousand couples? It means the True Family. This is the year of True Parents' family. It includes all the other blessed couples only on the condition that the blessed couples completely unite with, attend, and adopt the True Family. Then the blessed couples are included in the new family. This applies to both first and second generation blessed couples.

Centering on this year's motto, all blessed couples have to think how to completely unite with and attend the True Family. This is important. All the Unification Church members' desire is first to receive the blessing and then to completely unite with True Parents.

What does "unified fatherland" mean? The unified Korean peninsula? No; it means the dispensational fatherland. Automatically it is not divided. "Unified fatherland" means one unified nation, the dispensational, original fatherland, the ideal fatherland, and eternal fatherland. It is not any specific location or any specific people. It stands for the ultimate ideal of the fatherland. You have to understand it in this sense.

Already the ideal family is established. Centering on the True Family you have to build the ideal fatherland. It doesn't matter whether you are in Zaire, Chile, a small Pacific island, or here in the CIS. Always your desire is focused on the True Family and the original ideal fatherland.

Your twenty-one-year public course

Many times since 1989, Father has emphasized the tribal messiah responsibility. He speaks of the mission of tribal messiah all the time. In all of your missions, how are your activities related to tribal messiah? How does your present mission in the CIS relate to tribal messiahship?

How many years have you been a missionary? Eighteen years, since 1975. You have to think about and plan your twenty-one-year public course ending three years from now. Father first completed his own victorious foundation in the seven-year course from 1945 to 1952. Unfortunately, Father was not accepted at that time. Since 1952, when Father began his dispensational activities, until 1992, forty years have elapsed. Now 1993 begins on this foundation. Then how are your activities related to True Father's public course?

The year 1995 will be an important dispensational year. In 1992 all was fulfilled. These coming three years 1993, 1994, and 1995 are very important in connection with your twenty-one-year course. Think about your activities during the past eighteen years. Maybe you have grown a lot and overcome many miserable situations. In these eighteen years you passed through a difficult course. All of you probably recognize this.

If you had stayed in your home country and had not been selected as a missionary, what would your present situation be? Many of you have good parents, and you would have had a more comfortable life. But what about your inner spirit or condition and your present situation? Through your mission activities, you have learned a lot, and you have had especially precious experiences.

Centering on God and True Parents' expectation, we have to accomplish not only the sung sang aspect of spiritual growth but also external results. Most of you have probably repented that your external result is not enough. Don't you think so? If we had followed True Parents' tradition exactly, if we had worked in our mission country with Father's tradition and activity, the result would be completely different.

This is a land of opportunity

Now True Parents have given you new circumstances; you have now arrived here in the CIS, where you have a new opportunity. Many of you are concerned about your future, because Father mobilized you for six months. You wonder what to do about your mission country or your family. I want to share some wisdom with you: don't be concerned about your future. If you are concerned and check up on these things, the result will be the same anyway.

Why not stay here the rest of your life? This is a land of opportunity. Don't you think so? Every month we should accomplish the goal of 1:1:1, gaining eighty-one spiritual children in all. You have not yet fulfilled this. You have not yet finished your task. This land is a wonderful opportunity. From now on never think about when you will return to your mission country. Do you understand me? This land is your land. This land is your place of activity.

The winter in this country is too warm! I expected it to be minus forty degrees. When I visited this country in 1974 or 1976, it was that cold.

Anyhow, don't think about returning to your mission country. You are mobilized here. From now on you have one direction: don't go back. Is it a problem for you? Your concept is a problem. Do you follow me or are you against me? What is your decision? [Follow!] It is the best choice. [Everybody laughs]. You received a new mission area and a new city.

The CIS is the best place for witnessing and restoring your past unfulfilled mission. Usually 1:1:1 implies one new member per month. From now on your goal is 1:1:1 per week. I don't like the normal 1:1:1. You have to pay a penalty for your past eighteen years. Your past 1:1:1 standard is compressed to a weekly interval. In this country it is possible. Where else can you find a place with such good potential?

After I listened to Father's direction, I saw that Father gave you an amazingly beneficial opportunity. As missionaries, without a victorious foundation you have no freedom to retire. Your internal condition is always guilty; you feel unworthy, not only on earth but in the spiritual world. How precious is the title "missionary" under True Parents' name? It is a precious, precious title. Without a victorious foundation, what shall we do? It is a very important condition. I was asked by many people, "What shall we do after these six months?" I didn't answer clearly. Maybe you are concerned about your mission country. Don't worry. Your concern for this country is enough.

Keep thinking, "I came here for this." Whatever kind of mission or activities you do, the most important aspect is your inner motivation. With what kind of motivation do you start? Are you concerned about your family or your mission? Heavenly Father's support is based on your motivation. First clean up your inner motivation and then purely dedicate in this country.

Raise up core leaders and core members

In this country we need core leaders. There are thousands of trainees and young students. The future of this country really depends on core members and leaders. Your mission is to educate these native younger leaders as core members. Teach them True Parents' real tradition and the core essence of Divine Principle and True Parents' heart.

I received many amazing reports containing exciting news about the Unification family in this country. Always my concern and deep thinking is the need for core people. Without core leaders and core members, our movement cannot endure. Especially in this country the younger generation is seeking in many directions. Mostly their interest is focused on external things and external benefits. They need an inner revolution centering on God's heart and True Parents. In other words they need a true life experience.

As you know, you can only share the true life, one by one, going through living experiences centering on God and True Parents' heart. There is absolutely no other way. Of course you missionaries have to witness. Also you have to deeply educate this country's young members.

This country has had an especially strong hierarchy. The previous young generation had a bad experience with the hierarchy. They are now the older generation and need to be liberated from this hierarchy, centering on True Parents' heart and the ideal of true love, not through an external system of hierarchy. The true love system is not necessarily a hierarchy.

You have to approach them through True Parents' warm heart. Give them life, not other conditions. They need to be completely liberated by true love and heart. Share your life with them. They need that kind of testimony. They want a good example. The younger generation wants to learn from the example of others. But unfortunately they have no experience. You have to guide and educate them and they have to create themselves. They have to recognize a new world, a completely different system, a love world. In other words, many young members in this country will look to missionaries for their first inspiration.

In their past experience, people high up were not simple to approach. If you had some doubt or question, you could not approach someone above you in the hierarchy. As a result of this hard system, the people's heart always has one side that is like a shadow. They are looking for some question or mistake or doubt. Negative conditions spread so quickly.

People were able to survive only through some horizontal acquaintance. It is may be difficult for you to survive. Your lifestyle is different. Rumors spread quickly and are difficult to restore.

Open your mind and heart to members

Share with young members and new members from the beginning. Please completely open your mind with deep true love. You should make yourself easily approachable to them, even young members, at any time and under any circumstances. Give them one-on-one attention. They need it. They need experiences centering on true love. I urge you to focus your eighteen years of experience on these young people in this country, centering on heartle and love.

Follow True Parents' method. For Father there is no limit of early morning or nighttime; for even one member, he will spend endless hours talking with them and guiding them, focusing all his energy and effort on even one single member. Everybody knows how little Father sleeps. Why does Father sleep so little? Father's desire is always to share everything more completely with everybody.

Father asks about parents, family situation, and future plans. Father is praying for members. In dreams members received messages from Father. Early members had dreams of Father every day. Father was praying for them. Father was concerned for the new members. He was always praying for them. He was always concerned for their eternal life, so the young members had spiritual experiences. All of us, especially the leaders, have to follow Father's tradition, and show Father's example to the members.

If you have confidence that you fulfilled everything during these eighteen years, then you can enjoy a vacation here. Yet if your past leadership or past attitude toward members was not enough, count this past as unworthy, and please offer these three years.

Follow Father's tradition exactly

Sometimes I think about Father's heart toward you missionaries. Father waited more than twenty-one years. Think seriously about these twenty-one years until 1995. You have to bring them to their final conclusion. You have to bring an exemplary result. Therefore, you must follow Father's tradition. If you follow Father's tradition exactly, then all the young members will have dreams and spiritual experiences that will establish heartistic relationships and communication with you, and attain eternal life.

I heard from Eastern European missionaries about so many miserable situations among the younger generation in the former Communist countries. They indulge in free sex and immorality; their standard is so bad. Probably in this country, too, the future of the younger generation is not so bright. Your position is truly that of the second Messiah. Think about it.

What did Father mean by ordering all the missionaries to come to the CIS. Doesn't Father care about other countries? You have to focus on this country's younger generation. I envision that many of this country's younger generation will study the Divine Principle from now on.

When we sent out the invitations to help with the CIS providence, many American members arrived here to work, but few of them had been leaders. Unfortunately, probably most of the staff is unworthy. They never show the example of truthful life. I know the background of many of the members who came here from the U.S. and other countries. You have to establish the tradition. It is up to you! Heavenly Father needs you to establish and build the new tradition.

Think how to link with True Parents' tradition every aspect of your daily life, what you think, what you talk about, how you share, your lifestyle itself. It is really True Parents' plan to send you here to share and establish the real Unification tradition: Father's tradition.

Because of this reason, first, you need to clean up yourself, especially your motivation, your goal, and your purpose for working here. Please adopt True Parents' pure tradition. Attend one hundred percent True Parents' purpose for which all missionaries were sent to this country.

Keep a diary of your activities. Your public determination or public life is important. I am urging you to do this because I want to guide you more directly how to be successful in your twenty-one year course.

These coming three years will be the essence of your life as a missionary. It will be transmitted to your descendants and this country's future. You have to establish the tradition. This is a precious life here.

This is the year of attendance

Since this is the year of attendance, all the young members will easily receive True Parents' inspiration. All that is needed is someone to initiate and nurture their motivation. Please test how powerful the Principle is and how effectively the Completed Testament Age is working. There will be great opportunities.

Also, this year, as you know, is the Completed Testament year or year of attendance. All blessed couples have to change through three stages. You have to change your blood lineage. The blessing ceremony effects the change of blood lineage. The second and third transformations are that of ownership and heart. All blessed couples undergo the first stage of transformation through the blessing. We have not yet changed ownership and heart.

Beginning with this year, the year of the Completed Testament Age and attendance, we should experience the transformation of ownership and transformation of heart. Most important is your motivation and your thinking. You need to change completely in order to become God's son.

You need to practice changing. It is not simple, but we must keep trying, because our whole past experience was not completely centered on God. We were centered on Satan, and not completely on God's side. Practice every moment, in every action, all the time. Internally, in your actions, and in sharing your lifestyle, be completely centered on God at all times.

With this new year, truly I am confident, excited, and filled with hope. My mission in Korea is still in the foundation stage; last year I had many difficulties and serious problems. Anyhow I overcame. This year external conditions are managed better, and we have clear direction, so I have confidence that this year's situation will be much better. I am just concerned about one point: the political situation. Next month the government will change, and we will probably have a new president, who is not pro-Unification Church. This is one important situation I have to overcome.

The external situation or political environment doesn't matter. It is not important. Most important is the showdown between God and Satan. What kind of situation are we in now? In 1993, God's work and support for us is completely different from the past. So if our leaders and the Unification Church members have determination, pure dedication, and make conditions, God and spirit world will really work.

This is not only true in Korea but in this country also. Please have confidence in your leadership in this country. The only condition you have to check is whether your internal motivation is purely dedicated to God's desire and direction. In this new era, your result will be completely different from before: it will depend on the purity of your dedication.

Before you are elevated to the spiritual world, you need to have a spiritual experience. So this year is a good opportunity. Please test how Heavenly Father and spiritual world are working. It is a good chance. It depends on your preparation. You can easily recognize how spirit world is assisting you. Please test it.

If necessary, your wife can stay in the mission country, but bring her here, if possible. If you are determined to purely dedicate your lives to God, Satan will tempt you. But you have been practicing for almost twenty years how to overcome any dangerous circumstances, so it will be no problem, right? Do your best to fulfill your goal in six months.

True Parents returned to America on January 4. Father and Mother are staying in the New York area. I will stay one week in the Ukraine; after that I will visit the Grand Mufti and then return to Korea. I will go to New York for True Parents' birthday celebration and report to Father about our meeting.

I think you do not need any more guidance or speeches. You have already received so much! You realize the important things: Establish and practice. Please focus for three years and conclude your mission. Make precious results. God bless you!


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