The Words The Kwak Family

Questions and Answers on Our Life of Faith

Chung Hwan Kwak
August 1987

Question: If attacked by negative spirits -- for example, in a dream -- isn't the name of True Parents very powerful if said three times? What can we do to stop having give and take with negative spirits in our daily lives?

Answer: Because each person's spiritual situation and conditions are different, it is difficult to give one answer to this question. However, we must recognize that even Satan can use True Parents' name. Most important is that you maintain a strong Principle base and absolutely keep a pure mind. Then Satan can attack no more than three times.

Question: If it is true that people have a certain lifespan that is relatively fixed from the time of birth, under what circumstances is this time shortened or lengthened?

Answer: Your lifespan depends on how well you exercise your responsibility to make conditions that will allow your body to receive good spirit elements, and on how well you observe the physical laws of health and safety. Spirit elements are generated through the interaction of vitality elements (from good actions of the physical body) and life elements (from good vertical relationships, especially with God).

Your Blessing also greatly affects your destiny, because after you are blessed, Heavenly Father counts you not singly but as a pair; then your relationship with your spouse becomes vital. No matter what type of person you are, or what your individual potential is, if you make a harmonious relationship with your spouse, it can only help your destiny.

Question: If masculinity and femininity are two co-existing principles within God, such that one cannot exist without the other, why didn't God create female angels?

Answer: We actually don't know whether God has created female angels or not. From the Principle, we can imagine that there are or will be female angels. Although Father has not yet fully explained the angelic world, we know there should be subject and object in the spiritual world as in the rest of God's creation. After human beings are finally perfected as lords of creation and masters of the angelic world, the subject and object relationship in the angelic world may come or be seen to exist. 

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