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Why Father Holds Conferences

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 1982

Closing remarks to the participants in the conference on God: The Contemporary Discussion.

I have known Reverend Moon for 24 years. Never have I met anyone who loves God as passionately as he does, nor anyone who has talked about God as much as he has. He has tried his best to make God the center of his life and to act according to God's will. Yet, as you all know, there are many people in the world today who do not love God. Many of them think that God is irrelevant or non-existent, and that it is a waste of time even to discuss God. Under such circumstances, conferences on secular matters are often well funded, while the contemporary discussion of God, by comparison, receives little substantial support. Therefore, in defense of the central importance of God in our lives, Reverend Moon has been happy to support this conference.

Furthermore, many discussions of God have previously taken place in the context of particular religious traditions, some of which have even taught that God's love is limited only to their own members. However, in line with the teachings of the greatest prophets and religious leaders, Reverend Moon has constantly criticized the narrow vision of sectarianism and taught that God's love embraces the whole world. Since the Kingdom of Heaven would include the entire human family under the parenthood of God, Reverend Moon has been especially happy to support the broadly ecumenical discussions which have taken place at this conference.

You may still wonder why Reverend Moon gives such high priority to a scholarly discussion. Some people might even object that such a discussion is not worth supporting because scholars do not possess sufficient power and influence. But 1 think that this objection misses the point. Reverend Moon is a man who has devoted his life to the search for truth, and he therefore respects scholars, such as yourselves, who dedicate their lives to overcoming ignorance, prejudice and misconceptions.

Of course, Reverend Moon knows that the ideals of scholarly dedication and objectivity are not always realized in practice; but he also knows that many of you have sacrificed possible careers in more lucrative occupations in order to devote yourselves to the attempt. Out of his respect for your dedication, and confident that your discussions will help to overcome the prejudices and misconceptions which still divide the human family, Reverend Moon has been happy to support your participation in this conference.

There will be many more conferences like this one. And because of his love for God, his commitment to ecumenical dialogue, and his recognition of your scholarly efforts, Reverend Moon will continue to support them. 

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