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The midpoint of the three-year providential period following the victorious completion of True Parents' 40-year wilderness course in 1985

Chung Hwan Kwak
January 1988

The year 1987 was the midpoint of the three-year providential period following the victorious completion of True Parents' 40-year wilderness course in 1985. The second year is always decisive, and many significant and meaningful events occurred in 1987.

Among the most important annual events were the Fifth God Conference, the First Summit Council for World Peace, the Second Religious Youth Service in Portugal, a number of Council for the World's Religions conferences, and the historical Fourth CARP Convention held in Berlin, with Hyo Jin Nim bravely leading the demonstration at the Berlin Wall.

The highly successful Third International Professors World Peace Academy Congress was held in the Philippines; important leaders in the media field gathered in Seoul for the Ninth World Media Conference; and the World Media Association's fact- finding tour to the Soviet Union was a great success [see next month's issue]. Many eminent scholars from all over the world attended the 16th ICUS in Atlanta, at which Father delivered two addresses. In True Parents' family, the Holy Wedding of Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim was a very significant event dispensationally.

From a providential point of view, since 1987 the world has been under True Parents' guidance, spiritually and practically, in many ways. From now on, important events, especially those involving the dispensationally central countries of Korea, Japan, and America, must be connected to the will and heart of God and True Parents. From last God's Day, many American members have been working with a patriotic spirit for the sake of the future of this country. Early in 1987, Father emphasized posting CAUSA USA posters proclaiming: "One World Under God: Let Us Unite and Save Our Country"; continuing CAUSA seminars; and educating ministers through the ICC in Korea and Japan. Father also encouraged the renewal of home church activities. All this is in preparation for God's special dispensation for this country.

On the internal side, Father initiated a series of revitalizing 40-day Leadership Training Seminars. Also very valuable has been Heung Jin Nim's detailed and wise heavenly guidance to many members all over the world. Not only through mediums, but also through his returning resurrection, Heung Jin Nim has given us God's amazing grace -- the opportunity to confess our sins -- and is significantly helping us to purify ourselves and grow toward a truly divine standard. We are very grateful for this.

In Korea, Father founded the vitally important Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland. Dr. Bo Hi Pak and I conducted a successful speaking tour in April, lecturing at many major Korean universities about the need for the reunification of North and South Korea. The Korean regional leaders returned from America to work in Korea, and the Korean blessed wives were also mobilized. All are working for this great purpose of unification. In turn, Korean professors came to America and had an educational tour of our movement's activities in Alaska, New York, and Washington DC. These activities are also a substantial part of the dispensational preparation.

We must begin 1988 internally different from the way we were in 1987. The year 1988 is the concluding or harvesting time of the three-year period, and is thus very important. It will become increasingly clear that current and future world events cannot fully be understood without comprehending True Parents' focus and vision. It is critical that decisions of world importance be made to fulfill Heavenly Father's purpose and True Parents' desire. God expects True Parents to be the guiding force of this world, and Heavenly Father's dispensational view is that, internally, all events should happen according to True Parents' purpose and direction. All of the important activities of 1987 have laid a foundation for the accomplishment of two main goals: 1) the unification of the Fatherland and 2) the cooperation of the primary countries of Korea, Japan, and America, centering on God and True Parents.

We are deeply thankful for and appreciative of God's grace and True Parents' guidance. It is only through Father's insight that we can understand the significant meaning of this era and year. The Unification movement made unbelievable progress in 1987, accomplishing impossible tasks and overcoming extraordinary barriers and challenges, by means of True Parents' guidance. This past year's result is not our own, but truly belongs to True Parents and their phenomenal effort and sacrifice. 

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