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The movement in the Fatherland has been experiencing amazing developments

Chung Hwan Kwak
April 1988

Greetings to each of you. I am writing this letter from Korea, where I have been with our True Parents since well before God's Day.

With True Father's presence here, and his daily guidance, the movement in the Fatherland has been experiencing amazing developments. To begin with, the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland (CFUF) has laid a foundation throughout the entire nation on the county, city, town, and community levels, even down to the level of 10-home blocks. You cannot imagine how powerful this is for the unification of our Fatherland.

Through the CFUF, we are educating concerned and influential people who have an interest in current social issues, but above and beyond addressing the common concern for development in the democratic South, we are stressing the unification of the Fatherland, or the "two Koreas." Father wants each person to understand the meaning of true patriotism. The CFUF movement centers on this most providentially crucial purpose. Our efforts are not confined to communities alone, but include much on-campus work with students, teachers, and professors. As well, our lectures are reaching the labor community, war veterans, and even congressmen.

We have been holding a series of National Leaders' Seminars. So far, 619 people -- including congressmen, former congressmen, and current National Assembly candidates -- have attended the three-day seminars, held in a hotel in the Seoul area. Prominent at the bottom of the invitation letter is Father's signature, and I have noticed that the invitees are very accepting of the letter because of this.

The seminars include lectures on the Principle worldview (taught by myself), on overcoming communism, and on Father's proposal for the unification of Korea. As a lecturer in these significant seminars, I have been moved by the excellent response to the lectures by the participants. Even though many attendees are in the middle of busy campaign schedules, they fully participated with genuine interest and sincerity. They respect Father in a natural and open way.

Recently I've been reflecting on some of my experiences lecturing 20 or 30 years ago; I recall what it was like to mention Father's name even once in my presentation. With even a slight reference to Father, I remember how people were so ready to react negatively. Those were difficult years.

Now many audiences are open to Father and his worldwide foundation and vision. The people's hopes are more and more concretely linked with True Parents. After attending the National Leaders' Seminar, many participants commented on how much the presentations clarified their understanding of Korean unification and have re-energized their hopes.

Honestly, many Koreans, even though they desire the unification of the peninsula, have had no idea when or how such a dream could be fulfilled. Now, Father's precise understanding shows a practical way to accomplish this, and here is the source of the hope.

In September of this year, the first issue of the Sae Gae Times of Korea will be published. Preparation is already in full swing. There is, of course, much more to explain, but I will start by sharing that I feel it is a great blessing that I have been named the president and publisher. In truth, the Sae Gae Times' daily publication is an amazing and meaningful historical event. In the past 25 or 30 years, the Korean government has not actually allowed the publication of any new major daily newspapers. Again, there is a new attitude of openness toward Father's work in many areas.

During these past months in Korea, I've met a large number of my old friends, school alumni, and so on. Many of these individuals now have good positions or are important national figures in many areas of Korean society. Repeatedly, they've commented that I remain young looking and bright in contrast to them. To you I can say it is only because of True Parents; I am so proud of Father and Mother and proud of True Father's victorious foundation. I constantly give thanks to God that I can stand with them.

Dear worldwide brothers and sisters, once again we should recognize our treasure and pride and the source of our life and happiness -- we have our True Parents. As we follow them and learn to stand on their foundation, we will find it to be the source of our joy and our life's meaning. If you or I should lose that foundation, we would have no true purpose.

Check your own heart, your internal state of affairs: Are you standing 24 hours a day on True Parents' foundation? There is no more important issue in your life than this. God bless you. 

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