The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Remarks on the Occasion of the Birthday Anniversary of True Parents

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 17, 2002
Chairman of WCSF 2002
Olympic Fencing Stadium
Seoul, Korea

Respected and distinguished domestic and international guests; representatives of 185 nations in the world who are here; brothers and sisters in the world who are participating in this ceremony through satellite and Internet communication; and ladies and gentlemen!

Today, with saints and sages centered on Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world being together with us, and with heaven and earth watching us, we are on a happy occasion to celebrate the 82nd birthday of True Father, the Messiah, and the 59th birthday of True Mother.

They are True Parents, who indomitably pioneered the Will of Heaven as the embodiments of loyalty and filial piety to Heaven, offered the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship, and proclaimed the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unification (Chun Il Guk). In actuality, they have perfected God's providence and accomplished the original Will of Creation. In this significant place of celebrating their solemn lives of substantial victory, however, we who are not qualified are gathered together and holding an event of celebration which falls far short of the standard of Heaven.

True Father was born with a mysterious sign of fortune on January 6, 1920, according to the lunar calendar, in Sang-sa-ri, Chung-ju, Pyung-an-buk-do. Because his birth itself is providential, it is not the life of one individual person at all. It has been a life course of establishing the Path of Heaven by indemnifying the whole legacy of the fall through his blood and tears. Because the religious groups prepared by Heaven could not fulfill their responsibilities and committed faithlessness and betrayal, True Father went through an ordeal of coming and going across the boundary of life and death.

The entire history of the world of the 20th century was the final stage of God's providence of restoration centering on True Father. Connected all with True Parents directly or indirectly were: unprecedented tensions and wars of a worldwide scale; ideological conflicts of East and West and the Cold War system; the rise and fall of Christianity; international organizations centering on the UN and their desire for peace; and the development of information, communication and scientific technology and the trend of globalization. In a similar vein, the destiny of humanity in the 21st century also will have to be foreseen and solved centering on True Parents and the Will of Heaven.

True Father received a calling from God in a deep prayer on the Easter morning at the age of 16. Jesus gave him the mission of the Messiah, by conveying to him the providence of salvation and God's Will to realize an ideal world of creation.

True Parents clarified the whole of fundamental truth on life, cosmos and history, which no one could ever clarify since history started. It was the lonely path of a pioneer without any teacher or guide. But it was a victory won through prayers and devotions of blood and tears he offered in fighting a bloody battle with Satan and in thoroughly investigating the spirit world, the world of essence, in communication with God. Only after going through the public approval from the spiritual world, the unlimited and eternal world of essence, different from the limited and temporary world of phenomena, and only after receiving God's seal of approval, did he announce the truth. Even now, he is directing the world in heaven, educating spirits there, breaking down walls which block the spirit world, and receiving testimonies and messages from saints and sages.

We have not only his Divine Principle, but also 350 published volumes of his Collection of Speeches, which teaches about God and humans, the Messiah and providential history, the meaning of the existence and mutual relationship of all things, and the reality of the spirit world, our homeland.

True Father is actualizing the truth he clarified. He has taught that humans are substantial children of God who is the invisible True Parent, True Teacher, True King, and Lord. The fundamental of the truth is practice of true love. He by himself pioneered the path of True Parent, True Teacher, True King, and Lord, and consistently walked the path of true love to show a substantial model. According to his teaching, goodness consists in living for one's family more than for oneself, for one's society and nation more than for one's family, for the world more than for one's nation, for the cosmos more than for the world, and for God more than for the cosmos, namely, living altruistically for bigger things. Following God's direction, True Father has been living only perfectly altruistically for God and humanity. He gave all his possessions to all humanity, by first sacrificing himself as a living offering and then sacrificing his own children. And he taught about the path the Unification Church should walk to give things to other religions and the path Korea and each nation should walk to love and give things to the world. And by having this point as the top priority, he has been practicing it in his sacrificial life.

After founding the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity in 1954, True Father has founded and led more than 100 worldwide organizations. His creativity brought forth diversity and inclusiveness to connect history, world, and spirit world, and through this he established a historical record. Especially we are only amazed that his organizations are consistently world-level, international and providential in order to realize a peaceful and unified world of true love, which is God's Will.

And, none of his organizations was founded with the help of any nation or any already existing religious organization or any wealthy sponsor. Only at the request of God's Will did he by himself make this accomplishment based on his altruistic sacrifices. So, now the time has come when all humanity must return to him their heartfelt gratitude and help.

True Father has no barriers of nations, of humanity, and of religions. He has always taught and practiced by heartistically representing God who has been carrying out his providence internationally, interracially and interreligiously. The world today is shaking because of interracial and interreligious conflicts. Youth are wandering about because of the collapse of the standard of moral and spiritual values and because of immorality and family break-down; so, humanity cannot have a promising future. Because of the increase of religious egotism and of environmental and ecological destruction, the planet earth is faced with a crisis of survival. Without knowing God correctly and without knowing the spirit world and God's providence, this kind of difficult problem cannot be solved.

Humanity already knows through its experiences that man-centered sovereignties, isms, and thoughts or external conditions cannot generate answers to solve problems. True Father clearly testified to definite answers about a living God, the Will of God, and the spirit world. On that basis, humanity has been enabled to find a sacred world of freedom, peace, unification and happiness.

Representative of True Parents' accomplishments are: education on the reality of the spirit world and eternal life; a movement to live as citizens of the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unification by serving the living God as the King; education on the idea of peace through the head-wing though; a purity movement and character education for youth; an ideal family movement through Blessed Marriage; a faith movement of life of practice beyond boundaries of religions; an interreligious and international movement for world peace; a peace and service movement of world university students; a world NGOs association movement; a movement to renew the United Nations; a true love movement through Ambassadors of Peace; a world relief movement and supportive service activities; a movement to enhance the responsible media respecting values; a poverty eradication movement by helping the ocean and developing agriculture; a fundamental AIDS prevention movement through true love and purity; and a movement to protect ecological environment and support island nations. We can say that each and every one of them is a monumental accomplishment as a movement to save the world, which any other individual human cannot easily imitate. Humanity, by realizing its past faithlessness, ignorance, and attitude of spectators, should return praise to True Parents and actively participate in their will.

Beloved True Mother! We again congratulate you on your birthday. Because you are Mother who was, even before all generations, prepared for the accomplishment and glory of True Father, even your birthday became the same as True Father's, thus not being able to receive special glory for itself. True Father busies himself in chasing away storms under the direction of Heaven, valuing every minute and every second, and determines the destiny of God and humanity by freely penetrating history, world and spirit world round-the-clock; so, how difficult it would be for you to follow his footmarks, accompanying him! Whose life in the world would be comparable with True Mother's! Even so, you have always been a queen of benevolence who consoles the original mind of all humanity with a pure and elegant smile. True Mother! You are adored by all humanity in the cosmos because you always give warmth, hope and joy. Even if you may stand far from us, you still make us happy. You are True Mother of nobility, Holy Mother of truthfulness for all humanity.

As splendid and great True Mother, you gave birth to 14 True Children and educated them, thus solidifying the foundation of God's completed providence. Go will love, console, embrace and protect you from the bottom of his heart, we believe.

Externally as well, you as the co-founder of the Family Federation, as the world president of the Women's Federation, as the chairperson of the International Relief Friendship Foundation, as the co-founder of the Little Angels and of the Universal Ballet, as the co-founder of the Sun Moon Foundation which has elementary, middle, high school and college level education, and as the co-founder of the University of Bridgeport, have led and educated many areas in the world, and your accomplishments are shining. And, through your innate leadership, you represented True Father as you visited the six continents every year for more than 10 years to widely educate and lead for the realization of world peace which is God's Will. You made hundreds of speeches as when you were invited to speak at the headquarters of the United Nations and the Congresses of nations such as America and Japan. Those speeches also include your keynote speeches at important international conferences. You were also invited to speak for religious organizations in various nations. Through your wide-angled leadership all this is now changing the world in front of God's Will. Even externally, True Mother already quite a long time ago established a record quantitatively and qualitatively incomparable with the activity of any other renowned female leader in the world.

Although during the whole time True Mother has always been composed in front of us, nevertheless she walked a thorny path of endurance which we do not know. How steep her course to win victory in the path has been! True Mother has overcome the cross of heart which we do not know. We offer our unlimited gratitude and praise to such a great True Mother. Because providential foundations prepared by Heaven were destroyed due to faithlessness, because of the history of betrayal, and because of an evil environment, the True Family received too much wound and damage so far. The heart of True Mother of original truth, goodness and beauty has wrinkles caused by humanity and us who are infilial. We have no way to apologize for it.

We cannot guess True Parents' path of having to embrace, forgive and regenerate all humanity nurtured by false love and all the complications of fallen history. We will only dedicate ourselves sincerely until the day when their han of heart is completely liberated.

Respected True Mother! As the perfect object partner of heart for True Father, you are the only True Mother in heaven and on earth to offer original comfort and joy to him. Only because of your presence, True Father, who leads a lonely way in following the Path of Heaven, can gain the joy of true love and harmony in his heart and rest in happiness and worthiness. Our True Mother of nobility, we thank you.

Respected True Parents! On this joyful day, we stand in front of you without having any accomplishment to be returned to you. We want to rejoice on this day only with our determination to testify to True Parents in the whole world by maintaining the lineage of purity, giving true love for others, and observing the Path of Heaven. And we will become Blessed Central Families resembling True Parents, build the Chung Il Guk through the path of original filial children, loyal subjects, saints, and holy sons and daughters, and attend you as liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth.

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