The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Reflections on the WCSF

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 5, 2002

This is from a report given on True Parents arrival at East Garden, March 5, 2002. Translation by Rev. J.P. Hong, notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins.

The World Culture and Sports Festival was attended by representatives of over 185 nations. NGO representatives, former presidents and the current president of Palau. Also the worlds religious leaders, Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist Confucian and many others.

Many former presidents participated in True Parentsí birthday party. All leaders respect and love True Parents. More special this time than ever. Now it is time to harvest the love.

The academic leaders from all over the world were of the highest quality. The 9/11 tragedy brought such a huge conflict on the religious side. Now the UN has become much more serious about the role to bring religions together.

When people see the blessing ceremony their hearts are moved. This blessing ceremony was in Olympic stadium. 3,500 Couples joined of all races, nations, religions and cultures. One of the Jewish Rabbi gave the prayer at the blessing. He realized how beautiful and high in spirit was the blessing ceremony. He realized that this truly is the basis of peace for the world.

We donít need to explain all those ideas. Now all the world is focused on True Parents.

Another point is that we are now using True Family Values. People are looking for respectable teachers and exemplary parents. Now you are preparing for the 144,000 Clergy Blessing. Not only America but the whole world can tune to the 144,000 Blessing. Now we can be proud of what our True Parents have done to prepare all the foundation for the world to receive the Blessing.

At the WCSF festival a new dispensation occurred in which True Mother introduced True Father and testified to the love of True Father. Now we can spread True Motherís testimony (see February Unification News). That is a model of how True Mother has shown the way of True Love and respect for her husband.

CARP and the Youth Federation developed a very new program. Service for Peace was introduced successfully. Hyun Jin Nim is the founder of the Service for Peace movement.

Our Family Federation members are meant to serve others. Especially in Korea. The CARP students world wide are now offering their service to move the hearts of the leaders. CARP served the handicapped and helped them to do a fundraiser to held them participate in the Handicapped Olympics. Hyun Jin Nim did not ask them to do media PR but asked them to serve the people. They didnít do any press conference. The media was moved by what they did and gave a very positive article on the CARP activity. All family members of every organization should participate in the Service For Peace activity. True Love Actionizing is the idea that Father has added. The whole world will follow this idea.

The goal is to establish the idea of World Peace. Father guided us with the central theme of WCSF. This sports activity is not just to win medals of gold, bronze and silver. It is to show all the characters and talents of all of humanity. Then through this we can show the glory of God and give back to God the highest joy and love. Centered on the heartistic love relationship. True Parents will give us that kind of guidance. That way we can set up the new tradition. Soon we will start this True Love Olympic worldwide -- a religious olympics.

Next year when we do the WCSF it will be even greater than ever!

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