The Words of Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

The Meaning of the Nation of the 4th Israel (1)

Chung Hwan Kwak
November 10, 2003

The providential meaning of an Israel For the first time in history, True Parents clarified the reason for the rise and fall of the Israel who was entrusted with God's providence, especially mentioning the responsibility of Israel related with Jesus and its failure.

Father does not see Israel as a specific race or nation in blood lineage. From Father's viewpoint, Israel means the called race or nation that won a victory in faith or who has to bring a victory in faith. In other words, it means the elder-son race or nation who has a responsibility in front of God's providence and who could stand in the position of glory if they fulfill the responsibility.

In order to continue God's providence of restoration, a called people as an Israel are always necessary in front of God. An Israel who cannot fulfill its responsibility cannot become a real Israel, and God calls a successor for the mission for His providence.

The 1st Israel disbelieved and rejected Jesus who was the center of the providence, so the mission of Israel moved to Christianity which believes and follows Jesus. Then, Christianity became the 2nd Israel. However, Christianity could not believe the Lord of the Second Advent, True Parents. Therefore, Korea, centering the Unification Church, succeeded the mission as the 3rd Israel. Father said, "The renewal movement for the peace and unification of the realm of the 1st Israel is the ideal of the establishment of God's fatherland." God's providence centering on the 1st Israel was to establish God's fatherland, but it was not fulfilled. How big God's disappointment and regret was! However, God's ideal had to be succeeded to the 2nd Israel, and it should be fulfilled at any cost. At the same time, God's regret that was caused at the failure of the 1st Israel has to be liberated. Therefore, Father has not been able to live apart from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israelis who were related with God's regret.

Father has lived bearing the burden, which is God's regret related with the 1st Israel, on his shoulder. Then, Father is leading the present providence on earth embracing the responsibility of the 2nd Israel. Furthermore, he promotes the design of God's ideal in the future, enduring the insufficiency of the 3rd Israel.

True Parents stand on the focus point which connects the past, present, and future through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israel. Then they practice the life of "Settlement at Noon" even in difficulty.

Jerusalem Declaration, Washington Declaration, Seoul Declaration the worldwide wilderness course of True Parents is the height of suffering and the course of indemnity with blood and tears. However, True Parents paid indemnity conditions through the vertical and horizontal 8 stages, and stood in the position free of accusation from Satan. It was a miraculous victory.

On January 13, 2001, they dedicated "The Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship." In 2002, they extended the realm of the dominion of God's love to the cosmos through "The Rally for the Settlement of Peace and Unity of Cosmos" and "The Rally for the Reconciliation and Unity of the Spirit World and Physical World." Then, through "The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, Opening the Gate to the Cheon Il Guk" and "The Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the Peace and Unity of the Heavenly Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth" on 2/6, 2003, they secured the substantial foundation of the Parentship and Kingship on earth.

Now, these cosmic victories, which God blessed and recognized officially with no accusation from Satan, should be substantiated and developed by the support from those on earth. In this meaning, the 3 declarations which are vertically and historically related with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israelis have an important meaning.

The 1st declaration is the Jerusalem Declaration on 5/18. The representatives of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam gathered in Jerusalem. Christianity and Judaism were divided centering on Jesus' crucifixion, and Islam was born within this division. The representatives of 3 religions took down the cross, and were reconciled with each other under God's love and True Parents' thought. They declared their determination to contribute to the interreligious peace movement.

The 2nd declaration is the Washington Declaration on 6/29. Washington D. C. is the capital of America which represents world Christianity as the 2nd Israel.

The representatives of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israel, and the worldwide leaders of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shitoism, Sikhism, etc, and leaders in the Middle East gathered and declared the Washington Declaration.

The 3rd declaration is Seoul Declaration on 8/15. Seoul is the capital of Korea, the 3rd Israel. 360 leaders of religions, politics, and the academic world from 120 nations had a summit council, and adopted this declaration.

Actually, there were representatives of 10 religions, and also former and present heads of nations. There were various thoughts and opinions. However, in front of the precious thought and tremendous achievements of True Parents, they could present this historical declaration with one heart.

900 representatives of young people from Korea, America, Japan, Russia, and China also participated in this declaration. They are the representatives of the future.

All participants expressed their gratitude toward True Parents' actual achievements which no one else has attained, and listened to True Parents' proposal for improving the United Nations (which is to set up the Interreligious Council like the Senate of the UN). Moreover, everyone praised Hon. Jose C. De Venecia, Jr., Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines who is preparing the proposal to the UN being inspired with True Parents' idea. He sent one member of the House of Representatives as his representative to report what is going on. The content of the Seoul Declaration is very deep. There are 3 premises in this declaration: 1) God is the invisible parent of human beings. 2) Father is the Savior, Messiah, True Parent as the 5 Saints in the spirit world testified. 3) The spirit world surely exists. We should be related to the world through giving and taking and make the ideal of the unification of these two worlds real.

This declaration is connected with God's providence of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israel, and also related with the Jerusalem Declaration and Washington Declaration. They adopted 4 issues; First, it is impossible to attain world peace without Interreligious reconciliation. Second, from God's viewpoint, the unit of starting the ideal of peace is the family. So, the marriage blessing is very precious. Third, we have to repent for the past history of division, eliminate boundaries, and bring unity between us. Fourth, we agree with True Parents' proposal to improve the UN which True Parents have suggested since 1998, and support the proposal of Hon. De Venecia.

The Owner of Re-Creation

At the Seoul Declaration, Father gave a speech of encouragement titled "The Owner of Re-Creation." It is the internal and essential speech focusing on the center of the providence.

In particular, it includes many difficult contents for religious leaders to accept. For example: 1) Judaism committed a historical sin in front of Jesus, so Jewish people experienced the Holocaust under Hitler. Without God's permission, would it really have been possible for Hitler to do such a massacre? 2) Islam is a religion which originally should not have come into being. 3) There are a lot of things which Christianity could not fulfill their responsibility for. 4) God's marriage registration and God's birth registration, etc. There was a splendid array of world leaders at Father's speech. I felt that no one would have stayed quietly upon listening to Father's speech which nobody ever understands. However, even if they could not understand details, they understood Father's general idea and achievements, and they yielded to Father's achievements.

Considerate people can understand that Father lives and leads the world transcending religions while they are living in one limited religion. It is really true. For Father, there is only the heart and will of God who transcends all religions and nations. The reason why Father pointed out historical failures of religions is to clarify the providential history and to correct it. His purpose is not just to criticize them. Father gave the speech titled "The Owner of Re-Creation," and taught that the one who has to be responsible for the history of restoration - the history of re-creation - are True Parents, who stand in the position of Adam, and True Families: not God or Satan. Moreover, we also have to resemble True Parents and inherit the victory from True Parents. Then, Father emphasized the surprising truth that each of us and our families have to fulfill the history of re-creation.

(To be continued)
(from October issue of the monthly magazine, "Tongil Segye" in Korea)

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