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Report on True Parents' activities in Korea

Chung Hwan Kwak
March 26, 1986
Speech at Leaders' Conference
World Mission Center
New York, USA

Father speaking in Seoul at the PWPA banquet.

First of all, I give my thanks to all of you for fulfilling your prayer conditions every day, and for working hard centering on your CAUSA activities.

In February Father urged Pres. Durst to convey to the American members his request for a special prayer condition. Please continue to focus on this prayer condition because our activities absolutely need a spiritual foundation. Especially all leaders should stand on the front line to lay a spiritual foundation for America.

You may remember that when Father was released from Danbury, he knew that within four months he had to go back to Korea and connect his worldwide victory with the central dispensational country. True Parents arrived in Korea in December 1985. The last time I came back to America for a leaders' meeting [January 28], I reported to you the main events surrounding our True Parents there. On a couple of occasions, Father mentioned to me that he would have to stay in Korea for a minimum of four months after his arrival there; then True Parents will be free to return to America.

Focused on Embracing Cain

Of course, Father is not staying in Korea merely to fulfill a dispensational time period; he is laying very important conditions in front of God. Because of the urgency of the dispensation, his schedule is very tight and focused. He is mainly concerned with the question of how to completely embrace Cain -- the Korean people. After True Parents had been in Korea for several weeks, many Korean church leaders and members felt concerned because Father and Mother hadn't visited any local church centers or even the regional headquarters. This kind of thing never happened when True Parents came to Korea before. True Parents have spent almost all their time with people outside the church -- national and local IFVOC leaders, PWPA professors, and others.

The only time Father speaks to members is every Sunday morning, when he gives a sermon at the headquarters church in Seoul. This is the only opportunity for the members to receive internal guidance from him. He told the leaders, "Many of you are wondering about my schedule, but actually I came back to Korea this time mainly because God expected me to quickly embrace the Cain figures in Korea. If I had started focusing my activities on church and Abel figures as soon as I came back, the Cain figures would have felt resentment"

Through Father's worldwide victory the true positions of elder son and younger son have been established. In the Unification Church, the blessed couples are in the restored elder son's position, and other members are in the restored younger son's position. If Father focused only on church activities and church members, then all the people of Korea would automatically be in the Cain position, and there would be no way for them to stand in either the elder son's or the younger son's position. There would only be room for them to be in the adopted son's or stepson's position. Thus the people of Korea could easily become negative or distant. This would be a big minus for God's dispensation.

Because of this, Father has not focused on church activities or the members; rather, he has focused completely on the Cain figures as his real sons and daughters. On several occasions Father invited the national IFVOC leaders to the house where he stays to give them advice. He met frequently with professors and also with business leaders. But he never even once invited a local church leader to his house.

Father addresses professors in Pusan as part of his five-city PWPA speaking tour.

Father Broke Down the Walls

When Father met with the IFVOC leaders he told them, 'Actually, I wanted to meet you 40 years ago. Now after 40 years have passed, I can finally meet with you.' For 40 years they had not been open to him. Now they have changed and are sincerely interested. Father wants to share his best heart with them.

In addition to the 17 IFVOC district leaders and the 600 town-level leaders that have already been appointed, Father selected 12,800 community- level IFVOC leaders for the Seoul area. He met with them six times at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center. They thought Father would speak on the security of Korea and the unification of South. Id North, but Father never even mentioned the subject. Instead he addressed them as if they were members, speaking about his special area -- love. He was very direct with them. Some of them were very shocked, and a small percentage left the lecture. But Father didn't mind. He had thought deeply about the contents of his speech beforehand. In his heart he really wanted to embrace them. So far, Father has only been able to relate to IFVOC members on the CAUSA level, but he wants to embrace them on a much deeper level now -- the level of the Principle.

Father practically broke down the walls that exist between the church and IFVOC. Many IFVOC core leaders were surprised. Usually they have wanted to keep some distance, because it is convenient for their activities not to mention that they are related to a church. Father knew their feelings very well, but he spoke frankly with them. After Father was about 20 minutes into his speech, they began to understand his desperate heart. They could see that the church and IFVOC are actually one in spirit. Father was so sure of himself during his speech. He broadly embraced the audience with his sweeping gestures, which delighted everyone. The ones who stayed for the whole speech have no problem with the Unification Church now. They recognize that Father is so different from their previous understanding of him; they feel that he is at a much higher level than theirs.

Even though 7 million people have signed IFVOC membership, many of them have not been seriously connected to the church. But this time many could deeply relate to Father's life story and his heart.

Father asked the 12,800 community leaders in Seoul to educate 120,000 people to be section leaders. He explained that each section leader should be responsible for an average of 20 homes. The 20 families are to meet together regularly. Father wants to visit 10 or 20 of these home meetings and personally educate the people gathered there. This is his latest goal. Father asked the leaders to establish these home meetings by April 10.

Father also wants 1,000 PWPA professors to speak at these home meetings. He suggested the same thing to CARP members and members of the International Christian Student Association (ICSA).

One day 600 village leaders from the southern part of Jeju Island met in Seoul for training. Father was not scheduled to attend, but he showed up at their meeting. He spoke to them in tears and sweat for a couple of hours. Through this event the tiny villages from an isolated island could be connected to the capital city of Seoul, representing the whole country. He prayed with them and loved them and embraced them.

Through these activities Father wants his love and vision to reach the small communities all over Korea. If this can be achieved, Father will have accomplished his responsibility in Korea.

At the completion of their five- city tour, True Parents receive a celebration cake from the PWPA professors. Left to right: Hang Nyung Lee, president of PWPA in Korea, Dr. Eum Wook Kim, Father, Mother, and Dr. Se Won Youn.

The Hope of the 21st Century

These past few months Father has met with Korean PWPA professors several times -- during professors' meetings and at the two-year anniversary of the signing of the Proclamation for the New Cultural Revolution on December 18, 1983. Fifty PWPA professors recently created 12 teams that went out to teach in 166 communities around Korea. They gave lectures entitled: "The Hope of the 21st Century and Rev. Moon's Unification Movement" This tour brought incredible results.

In the outlying provinces, there are some small and middle-sized communities and cities where professors do not often speak. In 100 of the towns they visited, no professor had ever lectured there before.

The 50 professors' names were printed on the brochures that were given out in every community they visited. Because of the status of these eminent and well-known scholars, many local opinion makers, teachers, and other important persons in the communities came to recognize Father's value.

By lecturing on this topic, the professors were not only paying respect to Father but were actually standing on the front line for God. They greatly elevated their own faith and spirit through teaching on behalf of Father.

Recently Father gave special lectures to PWPA professors in five major cities -- Taejon, Kwangju, Taegu, Pusan, and Seoul. On March 20, at the Seoul meeting, 2000 professors attended. I was very moved to see so many people. I thought back to the time when we organized PWPA 14 years ago, when it was so difficult to find interested scholars. But now, everywhere, professors are eager to see Father and listen to his speeches.

Father's lectures were entitled: "The Vision of the 21st Century and the Unification of South and North Korea'." I'm sure almost all of the professors were interested in Father's theory about this topic. But his lectures actually had a completely different theme. Father declared:

"I know you expect me to talk about the unification of South and North Korea, and it is indeed one of the most important issues of this country. But let me ask you, if our country did become completely united, what then? Could you live confidently in a unified Korea?

My major focus is not just the unification of South and North. I am concerned about Korea's position in Asia after it is unified. And the next step to be concerned about is world unification. Furthermore, as I said, who can live confidently in a unified world? Are your own mind and body united? Are you completely united within yourself?"

Father urged the professors not only to teach, but most importantly to act upon their words. He expects them to establish 100 middle and high schools in Korea in which all lecturers and teachers would work on a voluntary basis rather than receive a salary.

And then Father started a revival meeting! Even though there was a podium prepared for him, he didn't use it at all. He walked around on stage and slapped the professors on the shoulder, sometimes using even harsh words. And every night after the meetings Father asked the professors to sing a song or offer testimonies. I believe they learned a lot about Father from these meetings.

Later, some of the professors testified about what they felt from Father. We were curious what their response would be. Most of them felt that Rev. Moon was not in the same category as they were, that he was far beyond their level. Father felt very good when he heard this.

Tense Situation in Korea

Generally, people think that South Korea is a very good example of a strong anti-communist country, but the current situation in Korea is actually very serious. Even though our IFVOC movement is strong there, South Korean students are very much influenced by leftist thinking. The communists have a well-developed strategy for infiltrating the campuses and even the villages where the farmers and industrial workers live.

Nowadays almost everyone living in the villages has a telephone and a television. And because of the villagers' pure and simple minds, they can easily be approached by communists with their theories on the capitalists' exploitation of the poor. So Father is urging the PWPA professors to start dealing with this problem of communist influence through working closely with the students in their own cities.

Father is also concerned about what may happen around the time of the 1988 Olympic Games. He is worried that Kim Il Sung will try to encourage the South Koreans to agree upon joint elections with North Korea. Kim Il Sung has sent his representatives into every South Korean village to investigate and to influence the villagers. It is impossible for the South Korean government to also send out representatives to each village, because of the restrictions caused by a two-party system. The situation is tense, that is why Father is so serious about creating a heartistic link with the people of South Korea.

Among other places, Father visited the new Olympic highway and a famous site for a new dam under construction. At the sites he prayed deeply. I realized that Father, in his prayer, not only wants to link his heart with the people of Korea but also with the land and even with important modernization that is going on. In this way he embraces the whole country.

The day after True Parents' Birthday, Father broke the ground for a' new church headquarters building in Seoul -- the Do Won Building. Do means capital. Won stands for origin. The Do Won Building will have 15 floors above ground and three floors below ground. With the government's permission, we also started the Seunghwa Theological Seminary, which is located one hour from Seoul. It's an interdenominational seminary which will provide four years of theological education and is not only for our members. The first group of students already began classes this month.

Also, just before I came back to America this time, Father finally visited each of our regional churches, giving guidance to the members.

In conclusion, I want all American members to know about Father's busy schedule and how changed the general Korean atmosphere is -- how the Korean people, especially the opinion makers, are growing close to Father. I myself am amazed. If all American members can also link with True Parents' spiritual foundation, then the world can quickly embrace the true tradition of the future. 

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