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1985 Marks the End of Father's 40-Year Wilderness Course

Chung Hwan Kwak
February 1986

As we know, True Parents are not simply the leaders of a church; they are responsible for furthering God's providence on earth. Therefore, Father's actions are always connected with the providence. We should start 1986 by understanding Father's foundation up through 1985 and meditating deeply upon the results of his work.

The year 1985 marks the end of Father's 40-year wilderness course. Father, as the representative of heaven, had to totally direct the heavenly providence in a world dominated by Satan, and so he has received endless opposition from Satan. In every way possible, Satan has been trying to oppress and destroy Father on his path toward fulfilling the will of God. In such circumstances, Father walked the way of indemnity alone, brought complete victory, and succeeded in overcoming Satan's accusation.

Indeed, True Parents had to endure incredible external suffering, but they also suffered internally very much in making their offerings and sacrifices, a suffering too deep to even express. In the midst of these difficulties, Father laid the foundation for world peace and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, which has never been attempted before in history in such dimensions. He laid a foundation in four major areas: ideology and faith; science and technology; finance and commerce; and media.

Mankind's history started from a wrong relationship among Adam and Eve and the archangel. So the Last Days is the time to establish true relationships Among the Adam, Eve, and archangel nations, on a worldwide level. The historical failure has to be resolved. To conclude his 40 years of wilderness victoriously, Father had to make a providential condition in the Adam nation within 120 days of his release from Danbury. Since the providence started in the Adam nation, the 40 years of establishing a victorious foundation on the world level has to be connected with the Adam nation, and the final condition has to be made there, including deep conditions of prayer.

True Parents arrived in Korea on December 10, and on December 11 a victorious homecoming banquet was held, which 2100 VIPs attended -- government leaders, several heads of state, world religious leaders, and eminent scholars. December 16 was the day of the victorious IFVOC rally to welcome Father, which 40,000 people attended.

On December 18 a PWPA meeting was held, which marked the two- year anniversary of the Seoul Declaration of 1983. This declaration had been proclaimed on December 18, 1983, in Seoul, Korea, on the occasion of the First International Congress of the Professors World Peace Academy, by a contingent of PWPA presidents and vice-presidents from 72 countries. In this Declaration the scholars affirmed the pursuit of a harmonious world civilization founded upon love and heart centering on True Parents' New Cultural Revolution.

All these activities are the victorious fruits of Father's 40-year wilderness course. Also during these days, Father met many important Korean leaders. However, Father has often expressed the crucial responsibility of not just Korea but Japan, America, and Germany for the establishment of world peace.

World Unification Church members are witnesses to True Parents' providence, their miracles, and God's work in this world. We should not just be moved by and enjoy these miracles, but we should testify about the meaning of these miracles to the hearts of all men and women throughout the world.

Until 1985 the Unification movement has been like the people of Israel in the Old Testament, wandering without a home during their 40-year wilderness course. Now as we enter the year 1986, because of Father's victory we have victoriously crossed the Jordan River into Canaan. An extremely important part of our responsibility in 1986 is to be bold and strong and become completely united in the new land of Canaan. We need to bring down the walls of Jericho.

It is our task until 1988 to clean up the situation in Canaan and organize Canaan according to heavenly principles and without fear. It is very important that we march forward with total confidence. If we who are on God's side are fearless, God and spirit world will surely assist us in accomplishing this goal. 

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