Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

The Blessing of 120 Million Couples:

To: Continental Directors, Regional Leaders, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From: FFWPU International President (Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak)
Date: June 18, 1998

Dear Leaders,

I want to share my gratitude of heart to each of the leaders and members around the world who invested in the accomplishment and victory of the 120 million-couple Blessing. On the victory of this foundation, Heavenly Father and True Parents shared grace with the spiritual world and the Unification Movement.

I wish to convey to you the content of the International Leaders Meeting and Father's directions, as recorded below. Please do your utmost to implement them.

1. The Blessing of 120 Million Couples: Four Significant Points

A. With more than 143 million couples from a total of 195 nations having received the pre-blessing, 120 million couples received the Holy Blessing on June 13, 1998. This means that 23 million couples remain for the next Blessing Ceremony. Many ministers and churches cooperated beyond denominational boundaries to make the Blessing Ceremony a success. Churches from around the United States sent their choirs to make a wonderful joint choir of two thousand people.

B. On this victorious foundation True Parents liberated the spiritual world including hell. Heavenly Father and True Parents' original mind is not to judge but to embrace everyone with true love. Through embracing, forgiving and digesting with true love even those souls living in hell, True Parents have opened the gate for them to make a new beginning.

C. True Parents blessed a total of 34 representatives from the spiritual world on June 13 including 4 saints and even evil leaders from history. A vast number of both good and evil spirits were blessed. This is the amazing providence of True Parents on earth to liberate the spiritual world.

D. On the condition of True Parents' love reaching out to all people on earth and in the spirit world, they gave special forgiveness to the Unification Movement.

True Parents' love and forgiveness made it possible for many individuals and blessed couples who had made various mistakes to receive special forgiveness through attending the Blessing Ceremony. Special Forgiveness Ceremony: The leaders of each nation should make and report a name list of all couples and second generation who attended the Blessing Ceremony in their nation to receive forgiveness. True Father has not shared yet the categories or the content of the forgiveness ceremony but True Father did ask for this list, which should be sent to my Seoul office.

2. Blessing Goals:

I will give each Continental Director a goal specially adapted for their continent based on its population and the number of couples already blessed in each nation.

3. Special Conditions and Reporting:

Please continue to invest everything with the same devotion and effort as you have for the past month so that the goal for pre-blessed couples can be accomplished within two or three months. Please guide your leaders and members to invest the same spirit and the same heart as before. To accomplish the goal I am directing the implementation of three 21-day conditions for special activity. 1. June 14 to July 4 (Goal: to accomplish one third of the total goal) 2. July 8 to July 28 (Goal: to accomplish one third of the total goal) 3. August 1 to August 21 (Goal: to accomplish one third of the total goal)

The purpose of these three 21-day periods is to find pre-blessing couples, and during these special conditions you must report on Tuesday and Friday every week by 8:00 p.m. Korean time. The first report should be offered by 8:00 p.m. on June 19. The number count for couples receiving pre-blessing should begin again from zero following the final report given on June 12. On this foundation of newly pre-blessed couples we will then focus on reaching out to single candidates for the matching. The goal of single blessing candidates is one third of the total goal. It is a really great honor to be matched by True Parents in the glorious time when we greet the era of the fourth Adam. In this period, please find young candidates to participate in this great grace. True Parents have said that a matching can be held at any time after 10,000 matching candidates have been registered. Father has said that payment of the blessing fee is one condition for receiving the matching.

4. Special National Messiah Training:

The lottery to decide which National Messiahs should attend the different special training sessions in Brazil took place on June 14th at East Garden. The first training session will begin from June 23. The remaining sessions will be announced at a later date. Lake Pantanou already has become one of the world's holy places as it is deeply related to our True Parents' heart, sacrificial life and dispensational plan. Father has said that participating in this training session is a precious grace. Those invited should attend and receive God's prepared grace.

5. Next Blessing:

The next Blessing is set for February 3, 1999. The main candidate cities for the location of the Blessing are Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Manila, London, Sao Paulo and Moscow. From among these locations Father will select one city that has prepared well.

The entire event to be held will follow the same structure as WCSF '98 in New York. There will be a Special Convocation. However, it will be larger than the one in New York. Each nation should link with each federation sponsoring the convocation and select a minimum of one VIP participant. The final list of those to participate will be worked out in relation with WCSF Headquarters.

Due to the recent blessing of the spiritual world blessings and of religious founders, from now the workings of the spirit world will be more active and will support our activities. Please invest yourself with great conviction.

6. Member Education:

According to True Father's direction, our members' education and also newly blessed couples' education always should be through hoon dok hae. Please keep True Father's tradition of hoon dok hae.Dr. Sang Hun Lee's book on the spiritual world is one of the important books to be included in hoon dok hae. True Father directed that our worldwide membership should study and learn about the spiritual world through Dr. Lee's book. This is very important.

7. Special Donations:

According to True Father's direction, each nation must make a clear report of the following:

a. Total of Blessing donations sent
b. Total of Save the Nation donations sent

This report should be prepared before June 30 of this year. Father is urging us to complete these donations by the end of July. If it is impossible to make these donations by the end of July, the leadership of each nation must, by the end of June, send a report of an installment payment plan.

8. Continental Training Center:

True Father has directed that each continent prepare a continental training center. This center would be a branch of Chung Pyung.

9. Federation to Save the New Nation for World Peace:

Each nation should establish the Federation to Save the New Nation for World Peace (FSNWP). You need at least 33 VIPS and at least 780 women leaders to establish FSNWP. One of the important activities of this organization is linked with blessed couples. In cooperation with the Family Federation, FSNWP should sponsor true love and true family campaigns and marches focusing on anti-AIDS, anti-immorality and anti-drugs.

10. Global Mobile Team:

A new global team will be launched from August 1, 1998.

1. First Stage: Each nation in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, each state in the United States, and Japan's 47 prefectures, should each mobilize 20 persons and one vehicle (van) to work under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Takeru Kamiyama.

2. Second Stage: The fifteen provincial-level regions of Korea and the remaining nations of the world in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Northeast and Oceania should each provide one such team.

11. Continental Leadership: The Continental Directors currently working in their continents will continue in their position as Continental Director.

12. National Messiah Evaluation: True Father will evaluate the National Messiahs' activities, results and the standard of their internal life. Some changes in these positions will be made following this evaluation.

I pray for all levels of leadership to fulfill the many responsibilities given to you.


Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak
FFWPU International President

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