40 Years in America

 Table of Contents

Foreword Most of the book in a big pdf file


Creating the Elder Son Nation

The Pioneers Vision for the West - Remarks by the Late Dr. Young Oon Kim on Her Farewell from America

Reflections on Life in America - Dr. David S.C. Kim

America Will Always Be Home - Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 1

The Early Mission

The Early Mission 1959-1971

The Unified Family

Rebecca (Boyd) Salonen

Barbara Mikesell

Mary Fleming

Vivien Barron

Beverly Bayne

Miss Young Oon Kim

List Of Holy Grounds In The United States

Ernie Stewart

David S.C. Kim

Diane Fernsler

United Faith, Inc.

HSA-UWC, Arlington, Virginia

Gary Fleisher

The International Re-Education Foundation

Rev. Moon’s World Tours

Talent in Father’s House

Neil Albert Salonen

Ken Weber

Los Angeles Church

Connecticut Church

Dr. Joseph Sheftick

Nora Spurgin

Nanette Doroski

Betsy Jones

Laura Taylor Hayashi

With Father in the Early Days - Mike Leone

God’s Work in the Northwest - Vernon Pearson

Chapter 2

A National Movement Emerges

The New Future of Christianity

A National Movement Emerges 1972-74

Farley Jones

The Third World Tour

Pioneering America in the early 70s

Pioneering the State of Louisiana

One World Crusade

Mobile Fundraising Teams (MFT)

"Forgive, Love, Unite!"

First ICUS Conference

Paulette Wiesinger

Meeting American Leadership

A National Movement Emerges

Day of Hope and Celebration of Life Tours

Cristen Quinn

Hisako Watanabe

Nancy Hanna

Nanette Doroski

Day of Hope - Mary Cloutier Yasuda

The Watergate Crisis

Sydelle V. Enyeart

Larry R. Moffitt

Madison Square Garden

"The Time Bomb Is Ticking"

Mary Cloutier Yasuda

Clark Eberly

William H. Shields III

Alice (Cheney) Boutte

Olivia Vossa, IOWC 1973

Going to Misery

Coming From Japan

Early MFT Days

Acts Of Faith

John Williams

And Restless Are Our Hearts

You Will Meet Omma Under A Full Moon By The Bay

Early Memories

Tyler O. Hendricks

Musical Chairs

On the Road

Chapter 3

Launching the World Mission

America And God’s Will

Launching the World Mission 1975–76

Kathryn Coman

Susan Felsenthal

Ed (Ralph) Branch

Barrytown Pioneer Training

Brothers Must Be Leaders

Paul Rosenbaum

Pamela Valente Kulhmann

Mary Ann Schaffer-Wigton

David Balise

Problems at Home


Wendy Helander Abduction

The Providential Year of 1976

You Are My Sunshine

Clowns and Yankee Stadium

Washington Monument

From Norfolk, VA To Washington Monument

Susan Janer

Wesley Samuel

Dan Fefferman

Louise Strait

The New Beginning Of The History Of God

Bill Selig

To the Kingdom on a Cookie

Michael Hentrich

Kate Tucker Moore

Ray Sabo

Bruce Dubuque

UC Reflections

The Delaware Experience

The Blessing

First Love

The First Blow


Chapter 4 - Prolongation of the American Providence

Farewell Speech

Prolongation of the American Providence 1977–1985

40-Day Pioneer Witnessing Experience

Michael Hentrich

Home Church Is My Kingdom Of Heaven

The Oakland Family

From One Strange World to Another

Joining in Oakland

The Heart of the Missionary

John R. Williams

From The Oakland Family To Koreanization

Madison Square Garden -- 2,075 Couples


CARP - Howard Self

Eric Bobrycki

Mark E. Lincoln

Reflections on the Tiger

Utmost Sincerity Moves Heaven

"Reverend Beatrice Clyburn"

Academic and Inter-religious Outreach

Life at Barrytown

Fishing at UTS

Seminary Life

Pamela Valente Kuhlmann

New ERA Ecumenical Conferences

Business Ventures

Ralph Schell

Gus (Larry) Alden

Larry Moffitt and Scott Avery

Will Couweleers

D. Payer

Heather Lykes Partis

Laura Hornbeck

Susan Felsenthal Janer

Paul Rosenbaum

An Angel from Heaven

Mark Anderson

Linda Feher

The Day My Feet Left The Ground

The Night Heaven Sang

Bob Gauper

Major Economic Ventures

The Ocean Providence

Catching a Giant Tuna

Karen Judd Smith

Gerhard Peemoeller

Creating an Alternative Media Network

E. Pierson

Maureen Spagnolo

Nick Bikkal

Ideological Armament

CAUSA International

Legal Gains


Richard L. Lewis

The Danbury Course

Mr. Kamiyama’s Diary

Shinji and Helen Kashiwa

Allan J. Ballinger

Reflections on Danbury

Grassroots Support

Teresa Ledesma

Celeste Vlasic

Denis Collins

Sandra Lowen


The Most Joyful Day in My Life

Thank You to My Ancestors

An MFT Halloween

The Lord Is Always Welcome!

Peter Giossi

Victoria Clevenger

Paul Carlson

Sole Mates

The Life of Adventure - Ocean Church

Building Boats

Alice Boutte

Chapter 5 - Beyond the Wilderness

The Reappearance Of The True Parents And The Ideal Family

Beyond the Wilderness Course 1986–1992

The Ten Million CAUSA Signature Drive

In The Public Arena

The Moscow Rally

Victory in Moscow

Seven Weeks in the Last Days of the Soviet Union

Justice Prevails

Educating Soviet Leaders and Youth

The First National Divine Principle Workshop in the Soviet Union

Sign-up Campaigns

Sacrifices of the Staff

Fundraising Victories

Hope and Tears

The Coup and Its Aftermath

Resurrection and New Life

International Conferences for Clergy

Interdemoninational Conferences for Clergy

Reflections on the ICC

Meeting Kim Il Sung

Declaration of Messiahship

Meeting the Mufti

Rev. And Mrs. Moon's Declaration Of Messiahship

Spiritual Revival

Seung Hwa Experiences

Coming Home -- Linna Mae Rapkins

Hometown -- Jan Ota’s Last Mission

Heung Jin Nim's Spiritual Work

The Love of the Second Generation

Registering Tribal Messiahs

The Honorable Marjorie B.

To America’s Heartland

The Homeless in Madrid

Everyday Living is a Challenge in India

Planting Seeds in Lithuania

Lost and Found

Paulette Weisinger

Barbara Minett


My Journey with God as a Unification Academician

Twenty-One Years: Anniversary and Reflections

Reflecting on Our Marriage

God’s Offering

A Tribute to the Performing Arts

Chapter 6 - The Completed Testament Age

True Parents And The Completed Testament Age

The Completed Testament Age 1993-1999

Federations for World Peace and Unification

Sisterhood Ceremonies

Nora Spurgin

Beyond The Dream

Bridge of Peace

A Bridge of Love

The Globalization of the Blessing

Blessing ‘95

Blessing ’97

800 Ministers Attend DC True Family Values Conferences

Blessing the World

Blessing My Hometown

Norman Presley

Officiating the Blessing

Reflections on the Dispensation of Performing Arts

Blessing ’98

Blessing 30,000

30,000 Blessing Ceremony

The 2,000-Voice Choir

Blessing ’99

Blessing 2000

4,000 Gather in Chicago to Embrace True Mother

2000 Blessing of Single People

To Japan and Korea

Japanese Sisters Descend On America

M.J. Yasuko Bang

Building a Heartisitic World

God’s Sweet Grace


James Hammond Robinson

An 8-Year-Old Explains God

Special Grace

Museum of True Love

Blessed Life

Chapter 7 - Signposts to the Future

Everybody Wants True Love

Signposts To The Future

Perils Facing the Unification Community

Growing Up with True Parents

Parents and Children

Life in the Spirit World and on Earth

Through a Glass Clearly - A Testimony of God’s Liberation Through Dae Mo Nim

Nation Messiah Workshop Held at Chung Pyung Lake

In Search of the Origin of the Universe

A UTS Graduate in Brazil

Edy Iverson

Marilyn Angelucci

Educating the Second Generation

"One Love! One Life! One Man! One Wife!"

Reflection on the "Love Alive March"

Reflection on a 21-Day Condition and PLA

Elder Sonship

The Eternal Pioneer

1999, A New Start

Familial Love at Kodiak

An Unforgettable Era

Crown of Glory

Edited by Michael Inglis
Historical text by Michael Mickler
Design by Jonathan Gullery
Testimonies collected and edited by Kim B. and Debby Gullery

ISBN 1-910621-99-3

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