40 Years in America

Wesley Samuel

This campaign was more rewarding than all the others. We really did bring victory in just 40 days, but the odds were against us. With the spirit of God and True Parents, we marched and held rallies throughout the metropolitan area. We visited every home, inviting people to the monument. As we campaigned, parents were kidnapping their children. One brother was taken right at dinnertime. It was such a commotion, we thought people were fighting, but it was this brotherís parents kidnapping him! He managed to escape within a few days, and rejoined the campaign. Finally the big day came. We organized buses to pick everyone up. When the buses arrived at the Monument, however, they were far from full. God worked though. By 10:30 a.m., people began to arrive on foot. By 5:00 p.m. all you could see were people in every direction. Then Father approached the stage with a big smile, and we knew it was a victory. 300,000 people had gathered to hear this momentous speech.

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