40 Years in America

Mary Fleming

New Age Frontiers, August, 1966

While there is much going on in the Washington area, this report is to tell you about one recent event here. Unfortunately, it is not pleasant news.

While returning from witnessing at a local coffeehouse about 10 p.m. Saturday, Bill Smith (Caucasian) and Martha Vertreace (Negro) were attacked by two young white men who disapproved of integration. Martha escaped to call the Fellowship House for help, but Bill did not fare so well. He was kicked in the face and the bone holding his right eye was broken. Fortunately, he managed to get rid of his glasses and they were not broken. However, the eye itself slipped because of losing its support, and yesterday he underwent surgery to build up the bone and protect his vision.

Heís doing fine and expects to be home by the end of the week. Billís spirit is strong and undaunted. He feels that this accident will be used by (Heavenly) Father to serve a purpose in the national restoration, and is happy that it happened to him rather than to any of his brothers and sisters. As soon as he is released from the hospital, he will be recuperating at the Fellowship House.

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