40 Years in America

The Early Mission

Rev, Moon creating the Washington, D.C. Holy Ground on March 14, 1965. It is next to a large evergreen in the middle of the lawn, west of the Capitol Building.

The Master Speaks
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

These questions and answers have been transcribed from tapes made during our Leaderís sessions with members and guests at Centers throughout the United States during his trip in March and April 1965

Since God is the source of life, power, happiness and joy, you always long to go to Him. If God chose an instrument, an agency on earth to dwell with Him and be with Him to a greater extent than any other person, would your spirit not long to be with that one? In this way, the hearts of the people of the whole world will be turned to one center. When you long to see a man or a woman, any human being, your longing or your love is one-sided. But when you long to see God or His representative, or the being with whom God dwells, then your feeling would be that of joy and love, a harmonious feeling with the world, and a mysterious joy and power within yourself. It is a universal feeling directed to all people and all things, not just toward one man or one woman. When your longing to be with one with whom God dwells is strong, then your spiritual experiences start. In our group, we do not make any effort to develop our psychic abilities. We develop only our longing. Then everything happens. We just pray and try to love God more. People of the world have no idea of such lives. They have no idea of the spirit world, which is more realistic, more substantial than this physical world. Once you find such a world, which would be more precious to you? I wish I could tell you something of the spirit world, but it is so vast it is hard to know where to start.

How does one get closer to God? What is prayer and what is meditation? How can I increase my activities in putting the Principles to use?

By witnessing or working for this cause, you can find the value of the message. As you understand the message more and more, you will know how to apply it to your daily life. You will realize what a wonderful change has come about in you. A reformation or recreation of life will occur within you. If this message can transform you, it can transform everyone. It can transform the whole world. In that way, you will understand how to apply it to life, to the lives of people in order to re-make them. In that way, you can use the message. As you teach others, you learn more. As you teach and come across questions, you still struggle to learn. Then, through your intuition, the questions will be answered. The spirit world will help you to understand, through dreams, through visions, or through other people.

When a person prays earnestly for understanding, should he not listen and be guided by the answers and revelations he receives?

Yes, he should. As Christians, we prayed in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. Now we should pray in the name of the True Parents. Jesus came in the position of the True Father, and the Holy Spirit in the position of the True Mother. Now we pray in the name of both. When Christians ask you why you pray in the name of the True Parents, tell them we pray in the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When you have new people, Christians, coming to hear the Principles, and they ask these things, tell them clearly. But they must ask first!

Jesus taught men to call God "Father." Is there something else we should be calling Him in this stage?

So, God was to be the mind of Adam, or the heart of Adam, or the spirit of Adam. Jesus said, "I am in the Father, and the Father is in me." That relationship of spirit and body is like husband and wife. When you have some deep experience, you will hear from God: "You are my wife," or "I am your husband." Spiritually, you will be told by God, "I am your husband," or again, "I am your Father." When he says, "I am your husband," that only means a close relationship of love. However, since He is the Creator and we are the created, the relationship is that of Father and child. The child is born of the Father.

Now that the Holy Ground is established in this area, what can we do to use it in the most valuable way?

Pray there often. Meditate there often. Sometimes the presence of God is sensed as wind, or power, or energy. It is not in visible form.

Some people try to grow spiritually, develop their own spiritual life and reach God through meditation, self-discipline, etc. This is very stupid. The one who goes to God fastest and achieves the closest position is the one who loves others and witnesses to them in order to bring them to God. You can grow much faster and develop much more quickly. Donít just meditate for your own sake and for your own spirit. You may draw some spirits, but not God. No matter how much you pray, it doesnít do much good if you are only centered upon yourself. Always love others.

If you have an important problem to solve, pray most earnestly for three days. Then you will receive the answer. The spirit world is to help you with your problems and help you with the Divine Principles, because I have already subjugated Satan on the spirit side. I have talked with many, many masters, including Jesus, on questions of life and the universe and creation and Godís dispensation, and many other things. They have subjected themselves to me in terms of wisdom. After winning the victory, they surrendered. With this foundation of victory, the spirit world is responsible to teach and reply to your questions, and to help you with your problems.

Rev. Moon in San Francisco with some of the early Bay Area members, 1965

What can you do to get the most help from the spirit world?

Go to the farthermost front line in witnessing, fight with Satan, and gladly be persecuted and laughed at and rejected. Then the spirits are destined to help you. If you just stay quietly where you are, they will not help. If you have only a 30% capacity, but wish to do 100%, the spirit world is required to help you the other 70%. Do things with faith. Sometimes it is good to be blind with faith. The spirit world, then, will add to your power, and you can do much greater work than your own capacity. Often things are impossible in human eyes, but quite possible in Godís eyes.

I would like to advise you who are studying the Principle. I have shed so many tears in discovering the Principle, particularly with such historical figures as Adam, Cain, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and so on. In finding those events and the persons who played roles in the fulfillment of Godís dispensations and failed, and in finding the history of the providence of Godís restoration, I shed so many tears. I not only understood the Principle, but lived it. When I came to the fall of Adam and Eve, I felt as if it were my own concern. I felt the sorrow of God to see Adamís fall. I felt Adamís sorrow in himself.

It was not Adamís story, but mine. I felt the story of Cain and Abel as my own. Through their mistake, God felt so much sorrow, and I felt the same. Likewise with Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus. In each event, I put myself in the position of those involved and felt with them, and with God, all through the history. It is not someone elseís history, but my own life.

The history of restoration is a chain of sacrificial altars erected by Godís servants. You must build an altar of sacrifice, an altar of tears. Many servants of God, patriarchs and prophets sacrificed their lives to fulfill Godís will in their own field. They prayed so much and shed so many tears that you could say they built an altar of tears. Thus, the history of Godís providence of restoration is, after all, the chain of such altars. Whenever His servants erected such an altar with their tears, Godís tears were shed with theirs. They were His agency, so their sacrifice was the Fatherís sacrifice, their tears were Fatherís tears. If you go to a spiritualist church or to spiritually gifted people, they will testify to you. They will tell you who you are and what message you are studying.

[Miss Kim:] When I went to Chicago to visit two Methodist ministers, I took them to a medium. At first the medium refused to see us, but one of the ministers said, "I have a lady from Korea whose name is Miss Kim." Then the medium said, "May I see her? Please come." Later the medium told us, "My spirit guide jumped in and said, ĎInvite her!í" The medium was so happy to have me there, and said, "The message you are carrying is higher than Mosesí Ten Commandments." I asked him if he would ask his spirit guide if it were even higher than the New Testament. He said, "Yes, it is!" Then he said, "I donít know this, but my spirit guide told me." You will have situations like this too. Many of us have had them.

[Master:] We are not interested except in one thing: How much oneís ancestors worry about you. If you turn away from the Divine Principle, they will not receive any benefit. If you receive the message and follow it the proper way, you donít know how many of your ancestors will receive benefit. If you are a good worker, a greater number of your ancestors can be liberated by you and through you. You on earth donít understand how greatly they would be saddened if you were to turn away, and how anxious they are for you to succeed. Your money, your power, your education -- all these things are nothing. Your ancestors donít care about those things. They will say to you, "Give up these things and accept the Principle." We blame Adam and Eve for the state of the world. But if you do not fulfill your responsibility, you will be blamed just as they are.

Do you know that many Oriental spirits come to you these days? Since so many religions began in the East, many Oriental spirits have achieved a very high spiritual goal of religion and philosophy. They know that they have to reach the point where they must participate in world restoration. Therefore, they are coming to you who are engaged in world restoration. They will influence you to make you familiar with Oriental thought -- philosophy and religion. Many saints in Christian history will also come to you.

The most important thing is to have wisdom, right judgment and discernment. You must be able to discern the message or phenomena you receive. Therefore, there is no difference whether you are spiritually gifted or not. Ultimately, you have to judge everything by your wisdom. If you just receive what they give and never ask questions to clarify things, they wonít tell you. They will not tell you more than you ask. You have to find explanations and resolve these questions on earth rather than on the spirit side. Therefore, you need the Lord to come to you.

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