40 Years in America

Blessing the World

Sun Willett

In November 1994, my son, Sunder, was one-year-old when Father directed us to do tribal messiah work. We had just received a stroller from Sunderís grandma and when I was cleaning it, I received an inspiration.

"Why am I washing the stroller?" Then I felt, "Tomorrow! You must go out witnessing. Right away!" So rain, snow or sunshine, every day I went out with Sunder in the stroller to talk to students and teachers in Georgetown (KY). This went on for several months until Father said to bring ministers to the 30,000-couple Blessing in Korea. I began searching the telephone books in Lexington, Kentucky and central Kentucky. They had about 400 churches listed. I began cold calling to invite them to this event. I worried I might be missing many ministers, so then I checked the white pages from A-Z for Reverends. It took another week, but I found 250 more not listed with churches.

We were grateful for the three ministers who responded to go on the trip. The one Muslim minister said, "I have never been invited to anything like this before. I will go!" I was still frustrated with our results and prayed to Heavenly Father, please give me the wisdom to break through! When Father directed us to spread the Holy Wine blessing to 160 other couples, I was excited.

One day our regional leader, Rev. Won Suk Kang, called me to encourage us to help our region become the champion region in giving the Blessing. At that moment I was so excited, because I thought, "I can do it!" We had our first Blessing of eight couples in a Chinese restaurant. A black Baptist minister played holy songs. We had 3 Vietnamese couples, 3 black couples, 1 Chinese and 1 American couple. Our pastor performed the pre-Blessing at the second dinner. A Palestinian couple invited 4 couples among their brothers and sisters. The final total was 49 international couples at 4 dinners. Rev. Wooley and the church community made these events possible.

I wanted to go back and start giving the blessing in my community of Georgetown, Kentucky. Sunder by then was very large and heavy at 3 years and 9 months old. I had to push him, walking all over the hills of our town in the stroller.

Every day after lunch until nighttime, I visited homes to invite people to come to a Blessing dinner. Thirty people said yes. The day before our big Blessing I revisited these 30 people to make sure they would come. Rev. Wooley and some ministers traveled from Louisville, Kentucky, to help. We bought 30 take-out dinners to be served at the hall we rented for the Blessings. We waited and waited and no one showed up. I was so frustrated, and I talked to God desperately, "Heavenly Father, what happened? We were so close to them in their homes! How come nobody came? What can I do now?" At this lowest point I said to God, "If you were me, what would you do? Give me some wisdom!" Then it occurred to me, why donít we visit their homes and give the Blessing there? I suggested this to Rev. Wooley and he said, "Why not?"

We visited those who had promised to come and performed the first door-to-door Blessing. In one hour, six were Blessed. Rev. Wooley said he felt this was powerful and reported this to Rev. Kang and Rev. Joong Hyun Pak, who were visiting our region. Rev. Park said, "This is Godís revelation! We should all do this!"

I strongly felt from this experience that God does not show the way too easily. We have to find out, and we canít give up. We have to hold onto God until the end. We have to overcome! When we really feel Godís will, then God and the spiritual world are really with us. Also, God is looking for the person to give inspiration to others. True Mother appeared in my dreams, driving a school bus with members on the bus. She turned to us and said, "What are you thinking now, and what are you doing for Godís will?" In my mind I thought that I was working hard, but then I determined that I had to work harder.

One of our first Blessings was a couple who had lost their home in a flood, and were in public housing. They stood to receive the Blessing, but this older farmer smoked his cigar right through the Blessing! I had to run to the bathroom to throw up twice, but we persevered!

Another time, Joe stopped at this street and didnít know why. We looked around in this run-down neighborhood and there was a couple that pulled up in front of the worst house on the street. They looked so forlorn, looking at this house with a padlock on the front door that Joe hesitated to disturb them. I went up to them and gave them the Blessing. We discovered that he had just lost his job and his house, but I told them, "Because of this Blessing, you will prosper!" He brightened and said, "Yes, today I got a new job." As we left them, Joe felt that because of their ancestors, some people had to pay so much indemnity to receive the Blessing. When we first started door-to-door Blessings, Joe and I Blessed one or two couples an evening. Sometimes four couples. The weekends were better. One weekend we went out for nine hours straight. It was very hot. I was very thirsty but I thought, I have to forget about thirst, and just give the Blessing to one more couple. That day nine couples were Blessed.

We pulled up in front of one house just as a woman was about to pull away. We leapt out of our car to Bless her just as her husband greeted her in the front yard. She had been driving non-stop for 18 hours from Texas to meet her husband at that moment, and receive the Blessing! It seemed that no matter how hard we worked; God was working harder to prepare people for us to Bless. We were amazed.

On Valentineís Day I had baked over 2,000 cookies and handed them out to the whole town -- schools, businesses, teachers and students. When True Parents heard about our Blessing efforts, they gave us money to buy some clothes and go on a speaking tour to many eastern and mid-western cities to speak about how to bless couples. One of my most precious memories is a dream of True Mother coming to hold and comfort me. We received a great deal of Blessing from True Parents and our regional leader, Rev. Won Suk Kang. He inspired me at the right time in the right way to do Godís will.

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