40 Years in America

CARP - Howard Self

Rev. Moon signing the newly-printed "Green Level 4" books at East Garden, May, 1980, for CARP leaders. Tiger Park is standing next to Father.

In my over 11 years of full time CARP activities I remember most vividly Tiger Park. He was the most outrageous person I have ever known. His main mission was to show us the fighting spirit! CARP had many famous battles during the Tiger era (’78–’83). Tiger Park didn’t just take responsibility for confrontations, he relished them; he loved them; he was never happier than when in the middle of the fray.

I first met Tiger Park in the middle of a demonstration on the CCNY campus in April, 1979. After graduation from UTS and leading a Home Church team in England for nine months, Father had assigned me to CARP, which was just starting to create a lot of waves both inside the movement and out.

At CCNY, we were in the process of shutting down a "student newspaper" which was receiving funding from student fees. The editor of this leftist rag had pictured herself in its pages, dressed as a nun, masturbating with a crucifix. The Marxists and their cronies had become used to doing whatever they wanted on certain campuses by the mid-seventies; there was no organized opposition to them. Their agenda called for breaking down existing morals or principles. This would lead to societal chaos and that would lead to the final struggle from which the inevitable revolution would emerge. Thus, religion was their favorite target. And CARP was their worst nightmare. CARP circulated a petition for the students to cut off funding and held rallies on the issue. A lot of media, police and Marxist counter-demonstrators came to this particular event. Hundreds of extremely angry leftists were determined to shut down our rally. As our protest got underway, they surged forward en masse toward our rather small group as we held our signs and banners and denounced the vile rag with one voice through chants and slogans.

Indeed, like a tiger springing on its prey, Tiger Park leapt into the middle of the Marxists. Now the power of Tiger Park’s voice is well recorded. No one who ever heard that voice in full power can ever forget it. All CARP members from that era will tell of how that voice changed their lives. He once told me that his name "Chong Goo" was given to him by his grandfather and meant "loud noise across the sky." Using his voice as his weapon, Tiger drew the Marxist leaders and TV cameras to himself, where within one inch of their noses, he yelled the truth of the situation. And that truth set CCNY free. We got the issue into the next ballot and when the votes were counted, that "student newspaper" was no more.

The rest of us neophyte CARP members just followed his example...in that rally and in many more which followed. We learned to throw ourselves into the fray, knowing that God was with us. Later we would face tens of thousands in the streets of Washington, D.C. Some went on together with Tiger Park to take on hundreds of thousands in Europe.

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