40 Years in America

Susan Felsenthal

I was a cook at Barrytown in 1975. Hyo Jin was running around all over the place there. He ran into the kitchen with something in his hand. He handed it to a few other sisters who got grossed out by whatever it was he had. Then he went out and got some more and came back to me. He handed it to me with a very mischievous and sneaky look on his face. I said, "What’s this?" He said, "Squid." I took it still warm from his hand and said, "Thank you." He suddenly looked so disappointed and continued on looking for his next victim to gross out.

I think this happened around 1975. It was the time before Barrytown was a Seminary. The time was just before the missionaries went to the foreign countries, and Rev. Sudo was giving 120-day training.

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