40 Years in America

Joining in Oakland

Patti Callaghan Couweleers

I met my spiritual father while I was traveling. He was an Oakland member fundraising. I was in an airport in Saskatoon, Satchkatchewan. I met this American guy, and we were both going to Northern BC. There was a change of planes in Edmonton. Another brother was with him. They talked to me -- I was reading the life of St. Teresa of Avilla. They were really friendly; they said they were from a Christian community -- I was looking out for things like that.

They said, maybe you could visit -- for a week. I was on my way to go to visit my friend. It was outlandish...they talked again and convinced me it was a special opportunity.

I phoned my friend to see if she was nonchalant about my going, so I could check this out for a week. She didnít mind; she said it would give her a chance to clean up her house. I couldnít back down, because I said that I would go if it was okay with my friend. This was so unlike her. I prayed, God, if anything happens to me... But the brother and I flew to San Francisco. I got off the plane in 70-degree weather and I had a big fur coat on. So bizarre.

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