40 Years in America

Ed (Ralph) Branch

Barrytown International Training Center, later to become the Unification Theological Seminary

I was in Barrytown for the 120-day training in 1975. This was the first time I actually saw True Father in person. I was about 50 yards away on the outer fringes of a crowd of about 250 brothers and sisters who were crowded around the doorway where True Father emerged to get into his car and depart Barrytown.

I had a spiritual experience that I can only describe as this: My impression of True Father was that I somehow understood that this man was the only really natural person I had ever laid eyes upon, i.e., True Father is the only person who really fits into this world completely without question. He is as natural here as any tree you walk up to in the deep natural woods. You would never walk up to a tree in the woods and ask out loud, "OK, who put this here? Donít you know it should be standing over there, three yards from where it now stands?!" That is a completely ridiculous thought, of course, but thatís exactly how natural I perceived True Father to be. He belongs here on this planet as naturally as I accept a tree I see standing in the woods. Both are without question, natural, normal and perfect existences.

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