40 Years in America

Sign-up Campaigns

In preparation for the summer seminars, members in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Tashkent began extensive re-contacting campaigns to invite every person who had attended Principle seminars in America, as well as people who had been to any Principle lectures in the Soviet Union. In Moscow, a separate full-time office was manned by new members who answered inquiries and signed up dozens of students for seminars every day. In Kiev our members held large meetings where hundreds of students who had been on the tours registered. In St. Petersburg our staff organized two shifts of students who volunteered to call and invite all our contacts to attend the summer workshops.

Altogether, over two thousand students, parents and professors participated, invited from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Donetzk, Odessa, Yaroslavl, Tver, Nizhny Novgorod and Tashkent. Twenty-four workshops were scheduled from July 7 until August 30: one Baltic student five-day, four general five-day, two professorsí ten-day, one parentsí five-day, and two forty-day actionizing programs.

Students who had been listening to lectures in the cities and those who had attended lectures on the tours in America were invited to the ten-day seminars. There students listened to seven-day Divine Principle content, again with extra time for an outing and for opportunities to develop relationships. The goal of the ten-day seminar was for them to gain a clear and deep understanding of the Divine Principle and commit to attending the twenty- one-day seminar. Throughout the summer two simultaneous ten-day seminars were held five times, involving approximately one thousand students.

Students who had already heard seven-day content in the cities were invited directly to attend a twenty-one day workshop. As the summer progressed, these students were joined by ten-day graduates. The goal of the twenty- one-day was to even more deeply understand the Principle and to develop a personal relationship with God, in addition to making a commitment to attend the actionizing program.

Graduates from the twenty-one-day entered the forty-day actionizing program, where they had a chance to attend Principle Life Guidance lectures, do lecture practice and fundraising. They developed a genuine prayer life, offering both public and personal prayers "In True Parentsí Name." During this time the students were able to experience Unification lifestyle directly, learn about the Blessing, and be willing to follow the formula course.

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