40 Years in America

D. Payer

I was a fundraising leader in Western New York, outside of Buffalo. We had 13 guys in a van when we went out and it was quite a family experience. One of the most memorable was when we visited towns that were not too friendly to our being there.

This was 1977. I had a new high-tech device to help me -- a voice pager. Team members could call in, leave a message and it would be broadcast to me. They would tell me where they were and I could find them in the evenings better that way.

One night we had a bit of a problem. Several of our team were stopped by the police for fundraising. I had to go into the police station and take responsibility for them. As I was discussing the situation with the sergeant, his assistant and our three members, I got a beep on my pager. It was Tom Iversen shouting: "The police have been looking all over for me but I ditched them! Iíll see you at 9:00!!"

I turned several shades of red, acted like it never happened and walked out with my teammates. (Thatís my story and Iím stickiní to it!)

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