40 Years in America

Miss Young Oon Kim

New Age Frontiers, April, 1968

To be a leader, you have to have many qualities. You must have 100 percent dedication and an exemplary life in all aspects. Because you cannot raise people higher than what you are, you must strive to be exemplary. If you are not clean, neat, diligent and orderly, you cannot make others clean, neat, diligent and orderly. Being stubborn and disobedient to the Father, you cannot make your followers obedient and responsive to you. Therefore, you must be an example to others in all respects. You must be a good organizer and administrator to direct even a small number. Organization is constantly needed in activities of your group life. If you are a poor organizer, your followers will not trust your ability in your work. You must be constantly self-motivated and a source of inspiration. They may express frustration and depression at times, but you should be firm that in these times you are a source of their stimulation and determination. Therefore, you must endure and persevere far more than your followers. When you donít have all these qualities, you cannot bring a successful result. If you donít bring successful results, you would often feel more frustration and depression. Can you examine yourself to see where you stand? It is important to have cheerful and comfortable surroundings, even physically. Cold, damp and terribly inconvenient surroundings cause constant depression. Why should one have such unnecessary adversity to overcome constantly, thus wasting energy? Besides, who will come to find spiritual rest and comfort where you donít find them yourself?

Our leader likes clean, neat, cheerful and comfortable surroundings and personalities. He doesnít make any exception on this matter. He always stresses personal cleanliness and good grooming. This is very typical of our Leader. He wants all of us to feel the same way. Because our body is the temple of the Father and we are the children of the Most High, we have to reflect our Father in every aspect of our physical life.

You may think of the life of St. Francis or that of John the Baptist and consider it is saintly to neglect physical care. But this is a mistake. Our time is different from their time. Physical restoration and physical manifestation of Godís will is an important aspect at this time.

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