40 Years in America

Mark E. Lincoln

I was a CARP member in Texas in the early 80s when Communist rebels were trying to take over El Salvador. CISPES (Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) was holding a rally and march at the state capitol in Austin. Texas CARP, under the leadership of Denny Jamison, decided to hold a counter-rally and march right behind them. We assembled our 25 or so members, and when they figured out who we were they were livid! I never got to participate in the march because one of their security forces (known as the Brown Berets) cracked me over the head with a pole, knocking me unconscious. Before the march even started, I was off to the hospital in Denny’s little red Datsun, with David Toner driving, to get stitched up. I heard later that we did a good job getting our point of view across.

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