40 Years in America

Heather Lykes Partis

Probably the most dramatic experience I ever had on MFT was around the year 1982. I was working in Houston, Texas under Commander Tsujimura. During my first year I had pushed my body very hard, even though I had rheumatoid arthritis. I ended up working in a wheelchair for the next year. At some point, I just physically couldn’t keep up with the tough schedule even though I had been off and on, on challenge teams.

My body felt like it just broke down. I worked half days, or only the nights on the weekends. I repented deeply every day that I couldn’t work harder. I wanted SO MUCH to pay indemnity for America. That desire burned inside of me. I was so sorry to God that I wasn’t more useful for Him. Anyway, one Friday night I went first to sit outside of a very classy restaurant, and I did surprisingly well. After that I went to my usual weekend nightclub restaurant, a place that I liked and where I was known to the owners and security guard. I believe the place was called "Harlowe’s." Early on, a cowboy came up and started talking intensely to me; I don’t think he was really making sense. Then all of a sudden he pulled out his wallet and (one at a time) handed me four hundred- dollar bills. I offered him my bucket of flowers, but all he wanted was one rose. Imagine that. The power of God’s presence was electrifying.

Later on that weekend I counted the days from my initial collapse to that night. Guess what? It was exactly forty. My health improved after that. Plus my experiences with God during that time had been many and deep. I value those years with all of my heart. I often bless my brothers and sisters whom I worked with during those times. We sacrificed and prayed and worked so hard for God, America and the World.

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