40 Years in America

E. Pierson

My sister and I were two of the youngest "cubs" called to work at The News World. I was in Norfolk, undecided about my future, when I received a letter saying I had been selected based on interests and experiences (high school yearbook and newspaper editor) that I had put on my UC membership application (or whatever it was called then). We were both pleasantly surprised to see the other at the quickie orientation in New York. It was the beginning of an extraordinary adventure as we got ready to put out a daily newspaper in New York by the end of the year. I still remember that first night when the paper was "done" up there on the eleventh floor of the New Yorker Hotel. To have made it that far was the miracle of a lot of sweat, prayer, teamwork, and just plain insanity...as I look back now.

And for me personally, it was the fulfillment of a dream that I had shortly before or after my sister had followed me into the movement: My sister and I were in Rome together...tall columns on either side of us...and at that moment in time True Parents were welcomed...and we were there side-by-side to welcome them and witness the spectacle. It was a great beginning and to a certain degree I keep this idealism alive in my heart.

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