40 Years in America

James Hammond Robinson

I joined in May 1972, in Kansas City. It hasnít been easy being a black, American Principle-ian. With all the cultural baggage Iíve had to carry, the Divine Principle offered a challenge that was nearly overwhelming. The biggest challenge was to remember that I was in training, and therefore shouldnít take any experiences personally, while at the same time recognizing that everything I experienced was somehow meant for me. Between the years of 1972 and 2000 I experienced many things, and learned many more. Strangely enough, those lessons made me the person I am today -- a well-trained son for God, ready to influence the world. Here is a list, probably incomplete and out of order, of my missions:

MFT/Belvedere Condition; Belvedere 120-Day Trainee under Young Whi Kim; State Representative for Missouri; Ministersí Witnessing Team with Helen Danby, Rose Chapman, and Pastor Wm. Luke in upstate New York; the Prison Program in New Jersey under Mr. Kamiyama; VOC Pioneer/FLF Field Representative in (New Orleans) Louisiana; member of Ron Pepperís IOWC; News World Communications -- Misc. projects, Harlem Weekly, Assistant Managing Editor, UFOs and Other Cosmic Phenomena weekly tabloid; IOWC Assistant Commander Team #30; Blessed at Madison Square Garden in 1981; launched the World and I under Dong Moon Joo; and founded the American Space Culture Foundation.

One re-occurring theme encountered during my life has been outer space. This theme was first noticed shortly after I joined the HSA, and was visible in church teachings; it then reappeared at various times, from various places -- becoming stronger with each appearance. The DP provides concrete answers to the more tricky questions concerning outer space.

Meanwhile, in my Home Church area, Iíve been working to build a personal foundation to stand on while attempting to influence the Armour Blvd. neighborhood. I returned to my hometown, Kansas City, in early 1993 and began community work: Midtown Managers Association Against Crime (later to become the Metropolitan Managers Against Crime when I became president of the organization); Armour Boulevard Neighborhood Taskforce (ABNeT), Armour Boulevard Resource Center at the Bainbridge Apts; teaching classes on how to use the internet for Elderhostle/SPARK at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Now Iím striving to accomplish as much as possible on developing new habits. The immaterial side has been dominated; all attention is focused on external development. Itís an exciting adventure because Iím having to do things Iíve never done before. Everything changes when you see the cosmos from Godís point of view -- there are no mysteries.

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