40 Years in America

Meeting American Leadership

Meeting elected officials and U.S. leaders was equally important. The movement was, in Rev. Moonís words, "preparing on two fronts." As he described them, "one was to work to unify Christianity, i.e., the evangelical movement, the Divine Principle movement. The other was "to prepare for the fight against Communism, i.e., the Anti-Communist movement." In America, the Freedom Leadership Foundation (FLF) had spearheaded the movementís Victory Over Communism (VOC) effort since 1969. It was through this organization that Rev. Moon met numerous United States senators and congressmen in the early months of 1973.

These meetings provided an opportunity to clearly outline the movementís opposition to Marxism. As one member present during these meetings noted, "Rev. Moon discussed national and international problems, stressing the danger of communism. He often mentioned that the United States was still the communistsí main target. The meetings also enhanced the movementís internal solidarity and versatility. In meeting with Congressional leaders, Rev. Moon legitimated FLFís anti-communist activity, which was still a sore point for some members. Further, as members were responsible for public relations arrangements, coverage and follow-up, the meetings once again enhanced the movementís versatility and sophistication.

Having made numerous contacts through public demonstrations, forums and, most importantly, through bi-weekly publication of The Rising Tide, billed as "Americaís Fastest Growing Freedom Newspaper," FLF arranged for Rev. Moon in February, 1973, to meet Senators Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts; Jesse Helms (R), North Carolina; Hubert Humphrey (D), Minnesota; Strom Thurmond (R), South Carolina; William Brock (R), Tennessee; and James Buckley (Conservative), New York; and representatives Richard Ichord (D), Missouri; William Mailliard (R), California; Earl Landgrebe (R), Indiana; Guy Vander Jagt (R), California; Floyd Spencer (R), South Carolina; Philip Crane (R), Illinois; and Trent Lott (R), Mississippi. On April 5, 1973, Rev. Moon met with the visiting President of South Vietnam, Nguyen Van Thieu. According to FLF Special Assistant, Mike Leone, "The meetings were very, very successful.... All ran over their allotted half hour, many lasted for an hour."

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