40 Years in America

Diane Fernsler

The Way of the World Magazine, June, 1970

The founders of our "City of Brotherly Love" were Quakers, and in line with that tradition, the first Heavenly Soldiers were also Quakers. In 1965, George Fernsler and Diane Giffin (now Fernsler), made contact with the Unified Family in Washington, D.C. Diane moved away soon to another center, returning only after the blessing in 1969. George continued alone -- so new to the Principle but unshakable in his determination. After two years, Barbara Mikesell came to Philadelphia to join forces with George. Many hear the Principle through them; many came and went until finally one brother, and then a second, joined the Family. The blessing was followed by a whole new wave of members: Philadelphia was on the move!

Among younger Americans today there is considerable interest in means of dissolving barriers between persons, in group dynamics and communal living. Thus the fact that our center functions as a commune is of prime interest to many. Often we are able to draw people to the lectures on this basis alone. The several existing communes around the University of Pennsylvania are among some 30,000 in the USA. To people who are familiar with communes, we are able to speak convincingly of the importance of the Principle as a basis for group living.

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